Friday Favorites: Easter Edition

Happy Friday!  Well, we survived our first week back to school after Spring Break & I can report that not only has it gone just fine, but the week FLEW by!  I just hope that the rest of them do the same as I am back to work daily (but only 1/2 days)!  This week has had GORGEOUS weather, too, so that’s helped!  We are anxious to head into Easter weekend here – warm weather, family & fun!  In fact, how about a few favorite things I’m going to look forward to over EASTER weekend?

Our Annual Lamb Cake:  My mom and I started a fun tradition of baking a traditional “Lamb Cake” with Parker for Easter.  We always have so much fun making this cake (and laughing about how worried we get about the head falling off)!  Parker enjoys the “decorating” part of the cake – meaning, she can nibble on jelly beans as we cautiously cover the cake with coconut & attempt to make our little lambie look cute!  Here’s a pic of the cake from last year: Brunch / Egg Hunting with Family:  This year we’re doing an Easter egg hunt AND brunch at my parent’s house on Easter Sunday.  Parker is already counting down the days because the girl LOVES Easter with a passion!  It’s next to Christmas for her!  Me?  I’m excited about enjoying mimosas with my sister-in-law and hanging with the family on Sunday morning!  As much as I am NOT a huge breakfast fan, I DO enjoy brunch.  Weird, I know.  My mom is planning an egg frittata, berry French Toast casserole, bacon (my kiddies LOVE bacon), cinnamon rolls, coffee, (and mimosas)!  Can’t wait!  Annual Easter (POWER) Walk With My Mom:  Fingers crossed the weather cooperates because my mom and I have a “fitting” tradition of talking a long “power” walk on Easter Sunday!  Once we’re done with egg hunts, church, brunch, etc., we toss our Easter outfits to the side & pull on our workout clothes (that usually end up staying on for the rest of the day)!  I love that my mom is a fellow fitness lover!  As you can see, she looks amazing!  LOTS of time outside & LOTS of golf carting:  It’s safe to say that we’re all enjoying our new toy (the golf cart)!  Whether it’s a quick trip to the golf course, a fishing excursion or to pick up a forgotten item at Fresh Thyme, goodness it’s come in handy & been such fun!  Last night Park & Daddy took off on a little pre-dinner cruise together – so cute!  Maybe we’ll even take it to get pizza tonight?  Teddy’s First Easter:  It’ll be my sweet nephew’s FIRST Easter & we all know what a huge blessing that little guy has been to our family!  Every “first” we get to spend with him will be so special! 


I hope you all have a blessed Easter weekend – enjoy lots of time with family & friends!  Until then, though, who’s tried the new Toasted Coconut Cold Brew from Starbucks?  It’s been calling my name since I heard about it AND it’s our weekly family Starbucks run, soooooo……… maybe I should give it a whirl?  I AM working all day today…..

xoxo – Jamie


(Shopper’s) Therapy Thursday: Swimsuits (again)!

Okay, I promise that this could be my very last post about swimsuits!  As you know, I’ve purchased several over the last couple of months & have, for the most past, liked every single one!  When does that ever happen?  I DID end up sending THIS one back last week – not that it was poor quality or a bad fit.  It just wasn’t my style: Thanks to Amazon Prime’s lovely return policy, sending this back was a breeze AND allowed me to get right back online & purchase another suit in this ones place!  Good thing because I had seen the cutest one piece on several Instagram accounts AND knew I could find a duplicate of the expensive (like, silly expensive) Anthropologie version easily.  Hey, I’ve gotten quite good at replicating outfits and just finding BETTER deals!  Sooo, ironically not long after I discovered the SUPER cute suit I mentioned above, I also saw a VERY similar style on Target’s website – like, crazy similar.  Then, because I can’t go without giving Amazon a chance, I did a little searching & discovered an even LESS expensive, almost IDENTICAL style being sold!  I read the reviews (always a good thing to do) & decided why not give the Amazon version a whirl?  I already knew how easy it would be to return the suit if anything was amiss!  I’m already planning on ordering the navy (and maybe even the floral – who knows?) version if the black and ivory fits well.  For the price (under $20), you seriously can’t beat it!

Now, for the funny part – do YOU want to try to guess (without clicking the links above) which suit is Anthro, Target and Amazon?  Here’s a pic of the three suits together – which is which?Crazy, right?  I was even told by one of my friends that she ordered both the Anthro AND Target suits at the same time & ended up liking the Target version much better.  How great is that?   Fingers crossed that I have the same luck with my Amazon find!  It’s shipped, so I’ll keep you guys posted!

Until then…..less swimsuit talking, I promise!

Happy Thursday! 

Easter posts to come….

xoxo – Jamie


Friday Favorites

Who knew I’d be chanting “TGIF, TGIF!” during Spring Break!!?  Sadly, that is exactly what I’m doing because the weather here in Indiana has managed to be pretty terrible the entire week we’ve been off!  Boo!  If you’re anything like me, the thought of doing something out and about on a cold, windy day is quickly met with a thumbs down & then you bury yourself under a blanket indoors!  Dragging the kiddies around in nasty weather is just not something I find necessary or enjoyable, sooo we have spent a lot of time at home.  On Wednesday I tackled the tedious task of cleaning out both kids’ closets!  Fun, right?  Thankfully both kids were willing and helpful with this project!

That all said, we’re heading into what they predict to be a “nicer” weekend, so my fingers are crossed for better times here.  The hubs will be home (after spending very long hours at his new office all week), we are attending our first Indy Fuel game tonight AND of course the Masters will be playing all weekend!  Fingers crossed that things will start looking up!  In the meantime, how about a little list of Friday Favorites?  I mean, why not?

Hats!  Who knew that I’d turn into a hat girl?  I wear one whenever I workout!  I throw back to when I used to live and workout in Los Angeles because I ALWAYS wore a hat to the gym (sure wish I had a pic)!  If you’ve seen any of my pre or post workout selfies on Instagram, you’ll see that I’m sporting a hat (and braid).  My hat wearing is not reserved for working out – I tend to pull on hats when the weather stinks (um, like this week) or I need a little extra sun protection.  I have a few faves & with the exception of my Peyton Manning Denver Broncos hat, they are all golf hats.  My absolute fave?  Easy – my camo Titleist!  Do I have one on my wish list?  Yes!  A non-golf hat!  I really like this one!  What do you think?  My two fave colors:  gray & black!THIS Old Navy cover up – perfect for (all of) my black swimsuits!  Seriously, I have an (inexpensive) swim suit buying addiction!  I can’t stop myself AND I’m loving how “in” one piece suits are this year!  That makes me so happy!  Anywho…..I scooped up this cute cover up that ended up being LESS than $10 after using promo code and Old Navy bucks – score!  Palm print is where it’s at, people!  Love this so much!   I can’t wait to wear it….in June!  SPEAKING of swim suits….I’m giving this one a whirl!  It should arrive today or tomorrow (as I ordered via Amazon this time around)!  What do you think?  All of the other suits I’ve purchased recently have had straps & I needed more of a bandeau style for a different tan option!  It’s definitely not a style I’d call “in my comfort zone”, but I’ll give it a whirl!  Love the return policy via Amazon – just in case!  You know I have another one in mind (and in my “saved for later”) just in case this one doesn’t work!  Then, I’m done.  Promise.Masters-watching this weekend!  As you know, we are what I’d like to call a “golf family, ” soooo Masters week(end) is always something we look forward to here!  Of course, a bucket list item is ATTENDING the Masters one year, but until that happens….we’ll continue to watch from home!  Going into this week we all picked golfers to win (originally my pick was Dustin Johnson….which I’ve since changed, of course)!  The run down goes a little like this:  Chris – Jason Day, Jamie – Phil Mickleson, Mac – Justin Rose, Parker – Rory McIlroy.  Yesterday’s coverage started at 3pm & since the weather was perfect for plenty of TV-watching, we watched solidly from 3 until 7!  In fact, at one point our “power saving” mode came across the screen due to “inactivity!”  Haha!  Here’s a look & much more of this to come over the weekend!  Go Phil!  (One of my fave players to watch live – the crowds LOVE him!)

My goodness it took a while for me to get this one out!  I’ve been up since 6 & now the treadmill is calling!  Hope everyone continues to enjoy their Spring Breaks – fingers crossed ours starts looking up as we go into the weekend!  We’re back to work & school next week!

xoxo – Jamie


WANTED: Kitchen Inspiration

It’s been a while since I’ve shared any foodie blog posts – mainly because I feel like ever since my surgery (about 2 weeks ago), I feel like my appetite has been really screwy.  For the first week I had ZERO appetite (very unlike me) & guzzled water like crazy.  Moving into week two, I “started” getting hungry, but had (and currently have) zero inspiration in the kitchen!  Ugh!  Again, so NOT like me!  I started back on my 2 eggs in a mug breakfast this week (my “go to” after my morning workout & before I head into school), but have still been struggling with lunch (I graze!) and hate the thought of dinner-making!  My poor family!  That said, I’m vowing to get back into the kitchen (and back into my gym routine – fingers crossed) with my usual enthusiasm when the kids and I go back to school next week.

Want to check out a few newbie recipes I plan on making?  Please hold me accountable!!!  These sound SO good!

Vodka Sauce Chicken Zucchini Noodles – The hubs and I LOVE zucchini noodles or “zoodles”, and who doesn’t love vodka sauce?  I’ll serve over gluten free pasta for the kiddies….they’re not quite on the zucchini noodle train yet!   Paleo Bang Bang Shrimp Tacos – Do you guys buy the 2 pound bags of frozen shrimp from Fresh Thyme?  It seems like it is on sale at least every other week there & I stock up because it’s SUCH an amazing deal & has also provided us with so many quick & healthy dinners!  We have to try this one because Bang Bang Shrimp at Bonefish is always a must, right?  Whole30 Zuppa Toscana – Since it has yet to really feel like spring here in the Midwest this month, why not try another soup recipe?  This one calls for a can of coconut milk & while I’ve USED the carton version in coffee, etc., I’m assuming this is the real deal, full fat version?  That should be interesting…but delicious!  Asian Chopped Salad with Peanut Dressing – I LOVE a good Asian salad!  I get them whenever it’s an option….lunch or dinner!  Last week I made zoodles with peanut sauce to go with teriyaki baked chicken thighs & they turned out pretty amazing!  Right now my FAVE salad at Panera is one of their newer ones – the Chinese Citrus Chicken & Cashew Salad.  It is SO good – def. try it next time you’re there!  1/2 size is seriously enough, too!  This recipe looks SO easy thanks to the bagged coleslaw mix!  Genius!  IF you have any healthy dinner suggestions – PLEASE feel free to send them my way!  In the meantime, I’ll make sure I get what I need to make these next week when our schedule is back to normal (we’re on “Spring Break” this week)!  As you know, I am sloooooowwwwwwly getting back into my workout routine AS we prepare to head to Florida for 3 glorious weeks this summer, so I’m trying to keep things light & “swimsuit-friendly!”

Happy Tuesday friends!

xoxo – Jamie


In honor of Spring Break starting here AND in not-so-secret anticipation of our summer vacation, I thought I’d do a Friday:  Florida Edition post!  Why?  Well, our family LOVES Florida (with a passion)!  It is easily one of my husband’s favorite places because for him FL living means two of his favorite past times are always accessible:  golf & fishing!  For me it’s more the sunshine, amazing beaches, fresh seafood & memories we’ve made there! The kiddies?  Well, for them, it’s all sand & surf (with plenty of pool time)!  One of our first Florida vacations Chris & I took together was when I was 20 weeks pregnant with Mac & we stayed at the beautiful Longboat Key Club Resort. At 5 months Mac got his first dose of Florida when we vacationed in Naples with my parents for a week!  You’ll learn quickly that Naples is my favorite city in Florida!  Would I move there if the opportunity arose?  You bet!  We returned to Naples when our little golfer Mac was about 18 months old with my parents, brother & at that time Ted’s girlfriend Anne (now my lovely sister-in-law)!!!  Def. one of my favorite trips – we enjoyed LOTS of Pinot Grigio on the beautiful balcony!  Since we’ve done Disney two times with my in-laws (amazing) & enjoyed life at the Grand Floridian, celebrated my brother & sister-in-law’s beautiful wedding at the gorgeous Sandestin Resort, family vacationed (my mom included) at St. Pete Beach & then I was lucky enough to enjoy a long weekend mother-daughter trip last summer in NaplesWe debated between St. Pete and Naples for our summer vacation this year – we love both places so much!  When it came down to it, we were going to be able to stay LONGER in Naples, so Naples for almost 3 weeks it will be!  I’ll be taking the kiddies down first to meet up with my mom & her cousin (who have vacationed there together for a few years), then the hubs will join us for our last week & fly back to Indy with us!  Our flights are BOOKED (Southwest you ROCK with your awesome prices!) & we are counting down the days until we see that gorgeous beach, enjoy that beautiful view from the balcony, visit the amazing Farmer’s Market, take countless beach walks, shop, fish, golf, lounge & just ENJOY our time together in beautiful Florida!

Are you a fellow Florida lover?  If so, where’s your fave spot to visit?

Happy Friday!

xoxo – Jamie

Welcome Back (Shopper’s) Therapy Thursday!

Good Morning!  I used to share a (Shopper’s) Therapy Thursday post every week, but fell out of the routine a while back & am thinking about bringing it back again – thoughts?  First off, please know that I do NOT shop a lot & when I do, you better believe there is a sale or I have a discount code, etc.  I follow lots of (lucky) ladies who seem to shop constantly – this is not me!  While it’s no secret I love a good Nordstrom trip, if there’s not a sale, I stick to some of my budget-friendly-mama-favorite stores like:  Target, Old Navy, Gap, Nordstrom Rack, DSW, Hautelook, (my online go-to), and several boutiques around Indy (Dottie Couture, Blue Peppermint, Karisma… name a few!)  That said, in these Thursday features I’d love to share reviews of any purchases I’ve made and/or highlight any new stores from which I’ve purchased clothing/shoes/ accessories.  Mark my words – these items WILL be budget-friendly!  You won’t catch plugging a pair of $800 boots & telling you all to rush out and buy them because they are “perfect for every day!”  Haha!  That said….I have 2 reviews to share with you this morning!  Ready?

Cupshe SwimwearIf you’ve been reading my blog for a bit, you know that 1.  I ordered 2 swimsuits from this company about a month ago and 2.  I’m traveling to FL for a few weeks with my family this summer (so I NEED a few swimsuits for our trip).  I saw a Facebook ad for Cupshe & thought the suit in the pic looked cute, so once I realized that several of my girlfriends had liked the page, I went to check it out!  I had been looking at a few suits online (all ridiculously priced – like who wants to spend over $100 on a swimsuit?) and was trying to convince myself that this would be the only way to find a “good” swimsuit (spend a ton of money).  I was FIRST excited to find a palm print one piece suit on Cupshe’s website.  I’m obsessed with palm print!  And, if you haven’t noticed one piece suits are HOT right now (thank GOD)!!!!  I don’t know about you, but when you are busy on the beach or in the pool with young children, a 2 piece is just not your friend!  I had it in my mind that I’d rock some really cute one piece suits this summer (hello comfort!), so seeing a lace up, strappy palm print one piece just made my day.  I quickly added it to my cart – it was only $24!!!  Then, who can resist a black suit?  You guys know I LOVE black, so I found another lace up black suit (also cut really cute – not a typical “mom suit” – trust me) & added that to my cart.  Two CUTE swimsuits for UNDER $50 were headed my way!   The black suit arrived relatively quick – but the lovely palm print got held up in customs, so it took a little longer (no biggie – I have until June!)  Of course, when I finally had both suits (to try on), I was just recovering from my surgery, so it was NOT a good time to be seen in swimwear!  Haha!  Now that I’m feeling better (and my “pot belly has gone away), I can report that I’ve tried on the suits (like WITHOUT A SPRAY TAN or MAKEUP…yikes!) & LOVE them!  I feel like they fit true to size (I got a comfy medium in both b/c that’s how I roll for just about everything!) & are NOT “mom suits” at all!  The lace up / cut outs and the general shape of the suits is flattering & lets you show of your “best assets” in a tasteful way!  I love these two & will definitely order a few more before our trip in June!  136153B1-0D68-479E-A759-C7D29A15265E

THIS Wrap Maxi Dress from – Who doesn’t love a good maxi dress?  I had been eyeing this dress (featured on Jane on and off for a few months) & finally pulled the plug on the navy print while sitting on a school bus on a field trip with 3rd graders!  I figured I needed a reward for spending a morning with 60+ 9 year olds – right?  As with any Jane purchase I’ve ever made, the dress arrived quickly & the print is beautiful in person!  What I loved most about seeing this in person was the fact that it really doesn’t “wrap” with all of the usual long ties/sashes.  It’s cut like a wrap & then has the tie around the waist – genius!  I finally had an excuse to wear this the other day when my family attended my nephew’s adoption ceremony (yay!)!!!  It was perfect as I still had some tenderness from my surgery (in my belly) and nothing about this dress would rub against my incisions.  Despite the fact that it’s a tad too long (nothing a good hem session can’t fix), it’s an amazing dress!  I worried about the deep V-neck staying put, but it didn’t budge!  Perfection!  If you shop Jane – def. consider this dress!  It would be perfect for Easter!b8f7c6e03e2d4b848bc9e610fbf74cc1

Here’s a pic from our family’s big day (I’m standing next to my sister-in-law….in the dress!) IMG_0459

The other quickie review I have is on those CUTE Lucky Brand open toe booties I purchased about a month ago (again….with a coupon AND discount promo, so a GREAT deal for less than $50 at DSW)!  I wore them for the first time on Tuesday (again, for my nephew’s ceremony) & that must have been my “break in” period b/c my feet hurt by the end of the day!  I gave ’em a whirl yesterday when I went back to work & they were great!  Great spring purchase!  Super cute with skinny jeans!


Okay…now that you’ve read this – get online & get shopping!  Happy Thursday (before Spring Break) friends!

xoxo – Jamie

P.S.  Did you guys take advantage of Gap or Gap Factory’s “Friends & Family” sale last week?  You know I did!  I scored on some GREAT things for the kiddies (for Easter & summer) and also picked up another suit (navy & white halter-style), my fave “Always Skinny” jeans & a long gray cardi (because a girl can never have too many cardigans, right?)  Here’s a look at our “good mail day!”  C3A46BAF-8983-430E-AFE2-F0A648E2150D


Weekend Thoughts…

Happy Sunday friends!  I’ve been awake for the last hour listening to the rain.  We’ve been blessed with two gorgeous, very spring-like days here in Indy, so the rain isn’t too much of a bummer!  I actually think we need a good lazy day here so that I can get caught up on some of the house stuff I have neglected to do since my surgery last week.  That said, I AM feeling better!  YAY!  I go for my follow up with the surgeon tomorrow & my fingers are crossed that she’ll release me to get back to some type of weight training (even if they are just wimpy hand weights)!  A girl’s gotta get back in shape because WE BOOKED OUR SUMMER VACATION!!!  Seriously, probably the best thing that happened this weekend & we are all SO excited!  I randomly checked Southwest flights on Friday afternoon (not normally a “low fare” time) & was surprised to find the flights I had wanted had both gone DOWN in price!  I took this as my sign to pull the trigger, texted the hubs & he wrote back “BUY THEM!”  Hey, you don’t have to tell me twice, mister!  I cannot, cannot wait for our kiddies to convert back into beach bums and enjoy this LONG vacation!  Naples, Florida is one of my favorite places – ever. In other news, there are TWO things I am interested in trying & have yet to pull the plug on either – – 1.  Third Love (you know you’ve seen their ads on Facebook, etc.)  and 2.  Stitch Fix.  If you have used either, can you please let me know your thoughts?  I hear rave reviews about Stitch Fix, but my only concern is…..some of that stuff is WAY more than I’d normally spend.  You guys know I love a good shopping trip, but I really don’t spend a TON on my clothes.  I make things work!  Same goes for Third Love – while you can’t beat a really good bra, the last one I bought from Victoria’s Secret was UNDER $40!  Forking over $70+ (loving the racerback style that is new), better make the girls look amazing!  Haha!  So, what do you guys think?

With that….I’ll leave you with a fun pic we snapped on a family cart ride to Fresh Thyme last night to pick up much-needed waffle fries to go with our burgers!  We are obsessed with Alexia brand frozen fries (and have tried just about every variation).  I like to convince myself that because they go into the oven that they are always “baked” rather than fried!  Haha!  Last night we picked up the seasoned waffle fries & they did NOT disappoint!  Try ’em!

Happy Sunday!  xoxo – Jamie

Friday Faves: #sidelined Edition


Happy Friday friends!  I’m trying a new editor for my blog post this morning, so bear with me!  If you read my post from earlier this week, you also know that I am slowly, but surely recovering from the inguinal hernia surgery I had last Friday.  Wow!  It’s already been a week since that lovely experience!  Since I’ve been off work all week, I thought for sure this week would drag by, but surprisingly it’s FLOWN!  Hmmm….what’s that telling me?  Somehow I’ve managed to fill my days here away from school, which I was really quite worried about!  Of course filling my days has consisted of LOTS of rest, LOTS of Netflix and LOTS of still feeling quite sore and yucky.  I think that if I felt 100% I’d definitely have a harder time “staying home” like I have.  That all said, I have managed to come up with a few favorites for the past week – let’s call this my “#sidelined Edition” because these are some lazy favorites!  If you follow me on Facebook or even Instagram, you’ve seen bits and pieces of these favorites throughout the week.  I hope to do better next week (because fingers crossed I’m feeling more like myself.  You know I am DYING to get back to my workouts (in fact, I picked a walk OVER Patachou this morning….that’s how badly I need exercise in my life)!!!  Now onto the faves…..

Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte WITH Almond Milk:  Yesterday was my first day driving in a WEEK and my first time driving since my surgery, soooo I treated myself (and I mean TREATED b/c this baby was not cheap….a far cry from my usual “dark roast with room”) to a latte at Starbucks.  I’m still not eating a ton, so this just sounded GOOD to me.  Holy smokes – it did not disappoint!  SO good!  Before I really started watching my dairy intake (and budget), I would order regular (with nonfat milk) Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Lattes all the time.  I had forgotten how delicious that cinnamon dolce flavor is!  Since they will now do your drinks with coconut or almond milk, I thought – HEY let’s give this a whirl!  It was amazing!  I highly recommend this on your next Starbucks run! (Yes, I’m sure there are tons of “make at home” recipes for this too – they are just never the same!)12-04-01-skinnycinnamondolcelatte-starbucks

OPI’s Pompeii Purple Polish:  My OTHER goal destination yesterday was to get my nails done (I do gel manicures.) & I was in the mood for a “springy” new color….definitely a pink.  I went through the hundreds of color samples & came across one I loved & when I located the bottle to read the name of the color I had to laugh – I am such a creature of habit!  This was one that I’ve used and LOVED before….probably even last summer & I had totally forgotten about it!  Pompeii Purple!  I don’t think there’s anything “purple” about this color – it’s just PERFECT!  I went ahead and did my toes too since it’s going to be over 70 here today (yay)!!!!  I’m loving it!

pompeii purple

Halo Top Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream:  All I have to say about this is HURRY OUT & PICK UP THIS FLAVOR IMMEDIATELY!  Ignore the almost $6 price tag because it is 100% worth every penny!  I’m not a huge dessert lover, but I have been known to replace a meal here or there with frozen yogurt (dealing with the belly issues afterwards)!  We’ve done several other flavors of Halo Top (and loved each and every one….Mint Chip, Birthday Cake, Lemon Cake), but this is a peanut butter lover’s dream!  Despite the fact that the entire container is only 320 calories, I eat this in the tiniest portions as to make it last as long as possible!  It’s a great after dinner treat….again, in small portions!  I’ll never give Arctic Zero a second glance….Halo Top is where it’s at!  IMG_0381

Camo Joggers:  Confession…..I actually bought these pants about a year ago, wore them 1x and said “never again.”  I just thought they made someone with athletic/muscular legs (like myself) look weird.  The cuff at the ankle just wasn’t working for me (back then).  I had a change of heart this past week as I dug through my drawers looking for something, anything that would be cute & comfortable to wear post surgery.  I have 3 small incisions in my stomach from the laparoscopic procedure (super cute).  I pulled these out & decided to give them another chance since it seems like everyone is sporting joggers (and looking cute in them).  I’m not sure how my body has changed over the past year, but surprisingly I put them on & adjusted the waist band (rolled it over to shorten the leg/make the waist smaller) & voila – they were super cute & comfy!  Who knew?  I’m eating my words about “never wearing joggers” right now b/c I totally rocked these pants for 2 days!  Now, of course I bought the pair I own at Target & they no longer carry them.  I did, however, find a VERY similar pair by Z Supply – check ’em out!   5f631179ca44f6168d68c73494f2fe7b


My (super) cute nephew Teddy:  I mean, seriously….was he not the cutest visitor I had all week?  This baby just melts my heart!  IMG_0361

Now that you are all smiling…..I mean, how could you not be?  Have a GREAT Friday into an even better weekend!  It’s a long overdue “hair day” for me & you bet I’ll be (carefully) skipping into my stylist’s salon!  Back to blonde today, baby!  Can’t wait!  See….things ARE looking up!

xoxo – Jamie


Hi friends!  I’m sharing a quick post as it’s super uncomfortable for me to sit up in a regular chair for long periods of time!!  That said, YES – I had my hernia repair surgery on Friday & NO I’m still not feeling great – unfortunately!  So much for that painless “minor” surgery that hoped for, right?  Ugh!  Here’s a quick recap of my surgery day on Friday (oh, Happy St. Patty’s Day to me):

  1.  Wake up at 6:30.  NO coffee or food after midnight, so I powered thru kid’s lunch-packing & hopped in the shower.  There was a “no makeup” rule also for the surgery, so I quickly got ready with the tiniest bit of contraband applied (a little under eye concealer, bronzer & lipstick).  We got the kiddies ready & shipped them to the neighbor’s house so that we could be out the door by 8am.
  2. 8:30am check in at the hospital where they did all the standard stuff – checked vitals (where I backed onto the scale and warned them “not to tell me” like I normally do), had me change into that lovely hospital gown & super sexy “no slip” socks, and started an IV (my least fave part of surgery).
  3. 9:15 surgeon check in to see if I had any questions (was she SURE she couldn’t just go ahead and do a tummy tuck while she was in there?) & meeting with the anesthesiologist (a guy this time – great.) where he asked me not once but twice if I had any dental issues or cracked teeth?  Weird!
  4. 10am – they wheeled me back to the surgery “suite” where they did a bunch of weird things, covered me with a warm blanket, gave me some oxygen & the rest was history b/c I feel into that lovely, deep sleep.
  5. 10:45am – I wake up, request a Diet Coke, eat a few graham crackers, pop a pain pill & the hubs and I are sent home.  We are home by 12:00!!
  6. Rest of the day Friday – I’m continue to be surprised by just how much pain I’m in despite the pain medication they gave me (Norco).  Whoever said it was best to “walk” didn’t consider that when it feels like you’ve had your stomach punched a million times, the best you can do is shuffle everywhere.  Not to mention, the “getting up/down” process might be the most difficult of all.  Oh, and try NOT using your stomach muscles for just about everything.  It’s really easy.  Not

Soooo, since Friday I’ve proceeded to:  eat the equivalent of maaaaaaybe 2 meals, shuffle around the house here and there trying to attempt to do something/anything productive that doesn’t involve lifting or pushing (nearly impossible), pop pain meds, watch excessive amounts of Netflix, drink copious amounts of water and sleep.  I’m super thankful for all the help I’ve had around here with the kiddies, meals, etc.  I had no idea I would be THIS incapacitated from this “minor” surgery.  That week she insisted that I would need to take off from work…..yep, I get it now.

To all my fellow fitness lovers – pick up those weights mindfully!  I have no idea what I was doing so oddly that day I felt this happen, maybe just something slightly off, but it sure took its toll!

I’m hoping to be back to classes / cardio in 2 weeks, and until then….I’ll be shuffling around here, trying to heal & get better.  (Oh, and it’s also been #straighthairdontcare here for days……)

xoxo – Jamie

The List….

It would figure that JUST as I start really ramping up my workouts that I’d be sidelined by something else…..The culprit, as I’ve mentioned in a previous post is an annoying sports (inguinal) hernia (probably from lifting something weird).  I’m set to have surgery this Friday (prayers & good wishes appreciated) morning & will then begin a 2 week recovery period.  From what my surgeon tells me, I’ll be pretty sore and won’t feel like doing much next week.  In fact, I won’t be working at all next week!  Yikes!  I’m hoping for brighter news post surgery, however – you know, maybe the hernia is tiny & they foresee a very small window of recovery before I’m back to being my active self!  Wishful thinking never hurt anyone, right?  That said, with Friday quickly approaching, I’m starting to think about WHAT THE HECK I’ll do all next week!  I mean, it’s no secret that I’m a self-proclaimed Netflix-lover!  I can binge watch like the best of them, BUT the problem is….I have watched just about EVERY series I’ve been told to watch!  No joke!  Want to see my list?  (In order from FAVORITE to least fave……)

  1.  House of Cards (watched 2x) – it’s seriously just THAT good.  Kevin Spacey & Robin Wright are INCREDIBLE.
  2. Breaking Bad – Who doesn’t love Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul)? 
  3. Sons of Anarchy – Another one I’ve watched 2x!  So good!   
  4. Bloodline – Coach Taylor is amazing as John Rayburn! 
  5. The Killing – super dark, but super incredible! 
  6. Dexter
  7. The Following – Kevin Bacon…so good!
  8. Friday Night Lights – Because….Coach Taylor!
  9. Prison Break
  10. Orange Is The New Black
  11. The Crown
  12. Wentworth

Goodness, there are probably even a few I might have forgotten.  See!  I told you it was a long, but beautiful, list!  If you are show-hunting, I highly recommend ALL of these for different reasons!

So now that you know my list, I need YOUR HELP –  what can’t I live without watching next week??  Suggestions need to be Netflix-only.  So….ready, set, GO!!!!  I can’t wait to hear your suggestions!

Thanks friends!

xoxo – Jamie