Friday Favorites

Well, so much for focusing on the blog this week!  I had good intentions of rolling out some ideas for daily themes, so stay tuned for those in the days to come!  My Friday Favorites post is and always will be my favorite!  I love sharing these!

Sooo… we go!

  1.  L’Oreal’s Infallible Pro Matte Foundation:  I know I raved about It Cosmetics “Your Skin But Better” CC cream, but I started to feel like it was “melting” off by midday.  I did a little test with a near empty tube of the Infallible Pro Matte I had in my makeup case & was thrilled to realize that this (less expensive) foundation had the same GREAT coverage, but lasted ALL DAY (and didn’t feel/look melted or greasy).  I rushed out to pick up more & will keep the CC for backup!  Cos21s_1_pack-shot
  2. OPI’s Aurora Berry-alis Gel Nail Color:  I wasn’t quite ready for a light springy color when I went in to get my gel redone this past week, buuuuuut I did know that I was OVER my dark grey nails & wanted something that would transition well into spring.  I picked OPI’s Aurora Berry-alis (a color that was new to me) & couldn’t love it more!  I tend to stick with a color I like for several weeks, and I’ll def. go back to this one next time!  Love it!  That said, I’d love to try white nails this summer (when I have some color), but am scared about them getting “dirty” looking.  For those of you who regularly do white, do you have to get the gel redone sooner than 2 weeks?  Curious.  OPI_ICELAND-COLLECTION-Fall-Winter-2017_Aurora-Berry-alis_GCI64_ISLI64_NLI64_350x320
  3. Crest Whitestrips:  The other day at ballet one of the gals pulled me aside and asked me how my teeth were so white!  A HUGE compliment to me because I am OBSESSED with teeth.  There are those who say they notice someone’s eyes first, then there’s me who looks/notices teeth IMMEDIATELY.  But, let me go back a bit because when I say I notice teeth, I MOSTLY just notice (and am completely side-tracked by) NICE teeth.  My kids can vouch for me because they’ve definitely heard me say (out loud) “My goodness they have amazing teeth!” a few hundred times.  I mean, did you watch Breaking Bad & fall in love with Jessie Pinkman (actor Aaron Paul) because of his teeth?  I did.  If you or someone in your family is a fishing fan, or maybe even watches fishing shows, how about Peter Miller’s teeth? Also have you seen Jesse Palmer?  Those TEETH.  I’m obsessed.  That said, my not-so-secret whitening method is Crest Whitestrips.  I order them via Amazon & my teeth always look incredible in just a few days!  Promise!  Grab ’em!  910OzNAQtOL._SX522_
  4. Big Little Lies:  I know most of you have already seen this, but I had to actually add HBO to my account just to watch this.  I FLEW through the entire season in just a few days & was IN LOVE.  First, I wanted to pack up (immediately) and move to southern California.  Second, I wanted to be friends with Reese Witherspoon’s (Madeline Martha Mackenzie) character.  Third, I was SO GLAD it ended how it did (good riddance Perry).  That was GENIUS.  I have no idea how they will pull a second season from this considering this season WAS the entire book (give or take), but I’m sure I’ll have to watch that too.  What started as a freebie 5 day trial to HBO has now turned into a $10.99 per month subscription because I’m now deeply involved with Game of Thrones.  Sigh.  613_1024x411
  5. The 2018 Winter Olympics:  We have LOVED watching the Winter Olympics as a family this year!  I’ll be so sad when they are over this weekend!  It’s rare that our entire family enjoys the same thing on TV anymore, soooo watching the prime time Olympic events has been so much fun for us!  Anyone else?  Our family’s favorite events have been snowboarding half pipe, snowboarding big air, short track skiing, downhill skiing, figure skating, and 2-man bobsledding.  winterolympics

Sooooo, that’s about it from here today!  The hubs is currently on his way home from South Carolina & I look forward to having a pretty low key weekend!  I’ve worked all week (except Monday since the kiddies were out of school for President’s Day) & our house needs some serious attention.  They are predicting another FULL DAY of RAIN tomorrow, so I am predicting a lazy morning…..after 8:30 barre class of course!  If I’m lucky, too, the hubby will make dinner on Saturday night & prepare his famous spicy tuna sashimi stacks.  I’m prettttttty sure his recipe is a secret.  Click HERE for a similar version.  They are AMAZING (and look so pretty too)!

I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!  Stay tuned for those special “theme” days that I’ll be rolling out……soon.

xoxo – Jamie


Swimwear (in February?)

Last year I embraced the one piece swimsuit with open arms……and I’m pretty sure I’m never going back!  (See below…I LIVED in these suits while in Naples last summer!)


THANK GOD one piece swimsuits have become both POPULAR and even more FLATTERING over the past couple of years.  Now, why the heck am I talking about swimsuits in early February?  Um, why not?  It’s 24 degrees here today, and I can’t help but think about SUMMERTIME WEATHER and FLORIDA!  Sooo, I went ahead threw several suits my (online) shopping carts & thought I’d share a few with you!  We are NOT planning a warm weather spring break trip this year (I hate crowds and traffic!), but I know many of you are getting away in a few months, soooo check these cute suits out!


I have this suit in black (see above middle pic) & will def. order the navy for this summer.  I was super impressed with the quality, fit and PRICE of this one considering Anthropologie had a very similar suit for a price I’d never pay!  I ordered a medium (as I would with most one piece suits) & it was perfect!  mitang suit amazonThen this one is VERY similar (just cut lower which I like) & by Cupshe.  More on them in a few…..I’ll def. give this one a whirl:cupshe via amazon


I actually saw this suit in store & then on Instagram not too long ago & it is ADORABLE!  The backside looks a tad bit “cheeky,” but I don’t think it would be too out of the question (better cram the barre classes in)!   I’ll probably give it a whirl… a medium, of course! target stripes suitAnother cute one….love the crochet details, but I’m curious about what your tan might look like?  Can’t go wrong in a black suit, though…..ever.  mossimo suitLastly….this lace plunge suit is SUPER cute!  I sure wish it came in black! lace plunge suit


I ordered several suits from Cupshe last summer.  My favorite ended up being the one on the far left in the pics above.  It was a cute floral print halter style with a super deep plunging neckline (my normal size – medium).  Since we stay at a very conservative, mostly older community when we go to Naples, I was a tiny bit nervous about how this suit would be received around the pool deck.  And, to my surprise, I got TONS of compliments!  The gals all loved it!  Phew!  year of flowers suitAs for THIS YEAR….I plan on trying this one:true joy cupshe.jpgAnd this one….pink cupsheThen maaaaaybe this one….lADPBbCc1ULjqt7NC9DNC9A_3024_3024

The navy striped halter suit I’m wearing in the far right pic at the top is randomly from Gap Factory & it’s STILL available online!  I wasn’t sure if I’d love this suit, but I ended up loving it thanks to the ruching in the middle & along sides.  It’s a super comfy & flattering suit!  And, at just $26, it’s hard to pass up!

If you are a one piece convert like me, I’d LOVE to hear about some of your faves!  Please comment below with links!   I’d love to hear about other one piece styles/brands!  I’ll keep you posted on my suit wish list & let you know if/when I’ve ordered some of these!  We aren’t planning to be anywhere warm until June, but if that changes….I’ll need a few of these STAT!

xoxo – Jamie

P.S.  Don’t forget to stock up on my favorite sunless tanner (Fake Bake Flawless) when you can because it’s been SELLING OUT on Amazon.  I’m telling you, this stuff is GENIUS (in addition to being foolproof & stink-proof)!  81o5QqZgpZL._SX522_

Friday Favorites: January

I’m attempting to write this post on our Apple computer, so it should be interesting.  I’d love to eventually move everything over from my current laptop to this one, but I can’t even begin to think how long that would take, so here goes my first post from it (with no pictures saved, etc.)!!!

Some current, quickie “faves” for you:

Foodie:  This is going to be a weird one, but I have been faithfully been eating rice cakes since the beginning of time.  I just discovered THESE at my local Kroger & have bought them weekly since making that discovery.  They are SO good!  As much as I try to shy away from loads of carbs and “snack” types of foods, I eat rice cakes pretty much guilt-free (as long as I’m not eating the entire bag)!  I could totally see myself spreading these with hummus & stacking turkey/tomatoes on top for lunches next week while I’m at school, too!  Try ’em!  71zRiy5sf1L._SL1500_

Fashion:  Okay, you know I haven’t dressed up much AT ALL since having my surgery last Wednesday!  In fact, I’ve basically gone between my PJ pants and favorite Zella leggings since then!  Because my stomach still looks a little swollen, I have yet to pull on jeans, but I’m sure I will very soon!  That said, I DID go into State of Grace yesterday to visit with my gals and pick out my “Thursday 3” from the store!  Goodness there were SO MANY cute new things in the store that it was very hard to pick, but here’s what caught my eye:27500563_10215494494259636_7620732334535446124_o

  1.  The Off The Shoulder Black & White Striped Top (with a bit of a bell sleeve this one is oh so good!)  2.  The Olive Utility Jacket (another spring / fall ESSENTIAL & would look SO GOOD with both of these basics).  3.  Roll Sleeve V-Neck (basic, comfy, flattering & also ESSENTIAL.  It comes in black, gray, white & a red/burgundy stripe)  Be sure to follow State of Grace Boutique Fishers on Instagram for updates on new goods!

FITNESS:  Yep, not even sure what to say here.  So I’ve been walking on the treadmill every day for 30 – 60 minutes & am SO thankful for someone recommending Broadchurch on Netflix (because I quickly finished all 4 seasons of Peaky Blinders while on the couch after surgery)!  I swear that’s gotten me through the sheer boredom that comes with being on a treadmill…..walking.  Stay tuned for updates on how making the switch to cardio goes next week (cleared to RUN next Wednesday)!  Again, not my FAVORITE way to workout, but I’ll take what I can get until I’m free and clear to return to barre!  1200x630bb

Fun:  Again, I’m not sure there’s much “fun” in recovering from a surgery, but thank goodness my mom was here to help while Chris was away this past week for work!  We really did have fun together, especially since I had hit the turning point with my soreness post surgery & by Sunday was feeling good enough for a glass of wine (yay)!!!  Since she hadn’t seen The Greatest Showman yet, we decided to go on Tuesday afternoon while the kids were still in school.  I have NEVER been to a movie during the school week before & it was CRAZY what a ghost town the theater was!  We ended up being 2 of only 7 in the 11:30 showing!  It was awesome & I swear I loved The Greatest Showman even more the second time around!  What an AMAZING movie!  The singing + dancing is just mesmerizing!  We have the soundtrack on repeat here at home now too!  IMG_4697

Sorry for a pretty lame Friday Favorites!  I promise next week will be better as I get back to normal here with work, etc.  I’m looking forward to being out of the house between subbing and working at the boutique every day except Monday next week!  I figure if I can keep myself busy, I’ll do less stressing / dwelling on my LACK of working out and hopefully the next couple of weeks will fly by quickly!  I miss my barre gals desperately & also know that my abs and booty are already feeling the absence of barre!  Boo!

Oh, another thing – THANK YOU to everyone who gave suggestions on dry shampoo this morning!  Can you believe I’ve never tried it?  I am a firm believer in having to wash my hair EVERY DAY…..unless I really don’t have to?!?!?  I gave a cheapie brand a whirl this morning (clearance from Target….Herbal Essences, I think) & I don’t think it did a great job.  The brand I think I’ll try next is Batiste as it comes highly recommended AND is a decent price point.  If I fall in love, it’s possible I will try the famous Living Proof that also comes highly recommended.  It’s just a bit more of an investment… my Pureology shampoo!

Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!  How about these temps in the 50’s here in Indy?  Feels amazing!

xoxo – Jamie






One Week Down, Three To Go!

It’s hard to believe that my surgery was one week ago today!  At this time last week, I was laying in a hazy, painkiller-induced, post surgery fog on my couch watching multiple episodes of Barefoot Contessa & Pioneer Woman!!  For those of you reading this who don’t know, I had an umbilical hernia repaired – – my SECOND hernia surgery in less than 2 years!  Can you believe it?  If you remember, I had an inguinal hernia repaired last March via laparoscopy (ouch) & I started noticing this lovely number making an appearance towards the end of the summer.  I knew immediately it was going to cause trouble!  Sooooo, just like the last surgery, this one was to be an outpatient procedure where I checked in bright & early (after a very strict “no coffee, no water, no food” past midnight warning), had the quickie surgery (under 30 minutes) & was on my merry way! The hubs took me to check in (taking business calls & sending emails the entire time) & my mom met us before I went back to surgery.  The nurses at the surgery center couldn’t have been nicer, and, in fact, several of them gathered in my room at one point (while I was getting my IV placed….worst part of the whole hospital experience) to hear about State of Grace Boutique AND the self-tanner (Fake Bake Flawless of course!) I was wearing!  What gems!  Loved those ladies!  They made me feel so comfortable!  Next I met with my anesthesiologist who ended up being the same from last year’s surgery!  He took GREAT care of me & the last things I remember about the operating room were 1.  The compliments on my nail color.  2.  Telling everyone that I just wanted a “really cute belly button” and 3.  Garth Brooks playing in the background (his choice)!  When I woke up (which felt like minutes later), I sucked down a Diet Coke, ate a few graham crackers, rolled off the bed (with a lot of soreness), and away we went!  I could already tell that I felt SO MUCH better after this surgery than the last one!  Although they made it sound like the laparoscopic route would be easy, I could quickly tell you that the open surgery was less painful & I had so much less discomfort afterwards.  The rest of my day, like I mentioned above, was a haze of TV/Netflix-watching, Norco-popping & learning the best ways to get up and off the couch!  Day 2 was, as expected, pretty rough.  I took 2 Norco every 4 hours (even during the night), and was pretty uncomfortable all day.  The silver lining?  No appetite (too bad it’s back now)!  Haha!  I also wasn’t able to shower until 36 hours AFTER surgery, soooo by Thursday evening I was more than ready to hop in the shower AND check out this new belly button!  I admit, I almost couldn’t look at first because I was so worried about what the incision would look like.  When I finally mustered up the courage to rip the bandages off, I was SO pleasantly surprised!  I had a cute, tight little “innie” belly button again!  I realized then just how BAD my belly button looked before the surgery, too!  Yikes!  Friday rolled around & I started feeling MUCH better…..still took my pain meds, but felt “normal” with my appetite slowly coming back!  Of course I was sure to put makeup on, too!  That ALWAYS makes this girl feel better!  Always!IMG_4634

My Friday went pretty much like Thursday – lots of couch/bed time, lots of Netflix (I finished Season 4 of Peaky Blinders), lots of water.  I started to ease back on the pain meds & was able to go longer between doses.  I knew that Saturday I could move to Advil & that’s exactly what I did!  While the hubs entertained the kids, worked on science projects and planned dinner I did a ton of SLEEPING!  I think Saturday will go down in the record books as the most I’ve slept in YEARS!  Not only did I sleep in until 9am, I also caught myself dozing while watching TV or Netflix all throughout the day!  I was sooo crazy tired!  By the time Sunday rolled around I had started feeling pretty darn good!  No more pain meds, not even Advil!  While I took the doc’s advice & still lounged around the house quite a bit, I had started getting up & doing small chores.  The hubs took off for Chicago late morning for work & my mom (Mimi) came back to stay with us while he was gone.  She was excited that we were able to share wine & enjoy watching the SAG awards together that night!  My mom is seriously THE BEST.     Processed with VSCO with b5 presetBy Monday I was ready to get out of the house, so my mom and I ventured to Target (of course), then yesterday I actually felt enough energy to hop on the treadmill for a bit (walking is my only “approved” form of exercise for the next week – boo!).  After my mom and I had gotten our workouts in, we went to see The Greatest Showman (second time for me)!  I’ve never been to the movie theater during a school day – week day and I couldn’t believe how DEAD it was!  My mom and I ended up being 2 of only 7 total in the entire theater!  It was fabulous, and I swear The Greatest Showman was even better the second time around!  I mean, that singing & dancing is just so incredible!  I got chills during so many of the songs!

This brings me to TODAY – exactly 1 week out from my surgery & I really feel GREAT!  In fact, I just told my surgeon I have to be reminded (usually by my body) that I had surgery last week!  While I’m so thrilled that I feel so good, it’s not making the fact that I can’t get back to “regular” life just yet any easier!  I’m healing well, swelling has gone down significantly & Dr. Z doesn’t have any concerns  – – I’m SO very grateful for that!  I’m so glad that I was proactive about my health.  I knew exactly what I was dealing with when I started to notice my belly button looking “weird.”  I could have easily ignored this as I was so happy with my current fitness routine & knew that surgery would sidetrack me for a good month.  The truth is — it would have just continued to get worse!  My surgeon told me today that if I had ignored this & put off surgery, when I finally DID decide to take care of it, recovery time and healing time would DOUBLE!  Yes, that’s right – 2 DAYS in the hospital and over 6 weeks of very restricted activity.  In 1 week I’m cleared to start cardio, which means I’ll have to start becoming better friends with my treadmill again (running).  I can’t lift over 10 lbs for another 3 weeks, too, so I’ll be giving my 5lb weights some love!  Then, in 3 weeks, I’m cleared to return to barre!  I think I’ll probably be super cautious since barre is SO core focused, but there are always modifications!  From then on out, I’ll just hope and PRAY that this bod holds out & I don’t have to go through this again!  IF you or anyone you know finds themselves in a similar situation & this surgery is suggested – PLEASE connect with me about my surgeon!  She is amazing!  I’d highly recommend her to anyone here in the area!

Soooo, that’s it.  I made it.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought & I am SO thankful for all of my mom’s help!  She is just simply THE BEST.  She cooked, cleaned, did laundry, vacuumed, drove kids to activities, watched numerous episodes of Barefoot Contessa with me, chauffeured me out into society again & just took the best care of all of us!  I couldn’t have done this without her!

Prayers for my family as I navigate life without barre classes for the next three weeks, too!  It’s not going to be pretty!

xoxo – Jamie


P.S.  There WILL be a “Thursday 3” post tomorrow!  I can’t wait to visit State of Grace (even thought I won’t be working….going back next week as usual) because I’ve seen SO MANY cute new things via Instagram and Facebook!!  Soooo, stay tuned!

P.P.S  Since I finished Peaky Blinders, I’ve moved on to Broadchurch!  It’s also SO GOOD!


As I find myself ALONE in a quiet house (rare), I thought it would be fun to share what I’m “currently” up to, so here it goes:


  1. Baking chocolate chip cookies for the kiddies.  Homemade you ask?  Heck no…..the “break and bake” kind all the way!  They are genius!img_4530.jpg
  2. Drinking (and LOVING) Fresh Thyme’s Salted Caramel coffee.  Seriously, I might like this coffee MORE than my beloved Starbucks Christmas Blend.  It is AMAZING & I’m a little embarrassed by how many times I’ve been back into the store to get more in the past couple of weeks!  10
  3. Listening to Keith Urban’s Blue Ain’t Your Color.  Did you see him at the Golden Globes on Sunday night?  Goodness he is PRETTY (and that’s a compliment Keith, promise)!KU2_0671_ColorFINAL_NEW6_EmailSize-768x717-768x717
  4. Following one of my new favorite bloggers on Instagram for the BEST and most RELATABLE/AFFORDABLE style inspiration – Jennifer Reed from The Sister Studio.  Who else follows her?  She is awesome – – I love everything she posts / suggests (and despite the affordable prices, I’d still be BROKE if I bought everything)!  Hurry over to Instagram & FOLLOW her!!  Also make sure you’re signed up for the app so that you can be linked to everything she snaps!  IMG_4529
  5. Crushing on a few new things I was lucky enough to try on this morning while shooting at State of Grace Boutique….mainly these two:  the PERFECT front knot long sleeve tee (essential “basic”) & this long leopard print cardigan.  LOVE.  Hurry over for these two ladies, they will go quickly!



  6. Answering many questions about the self tanner I am OBSESSED with – haha!  I guess it’s that time of year where we are OVER pasty white skin, right?  So, for the record, YOU NEED Fake Bake Flawless self-tanner!  It is fool-proof, streak-proof, and stink-free!  I usually apply every other day because I’m in workout clothes so often & haaaaaate pasty white arms!  It’s SO GOOD and SO CHEAP ($12.95)!   81o5QqZgpZL._SX522_
  7. Dreaming of……warmer temps and VACATION!  Although we don’t have anything set in stone for our summer vacation yet, you know I am hoping we can spend plenty of quality time in Naples, Florida.  IMG_1983
  8. DREADING saying “goodbye” to my fave workout studio for 4 weeks!  Yep, that’s right, I’ll be on a 4 week hiatus from barre class starting next Wednesday as I am having another hernia repaired.  Who knew I’d have two of those (horrid) surgeries under my belt in less than 1 year?  Boo.  That said, I decided to have this one (umbilical) repaired NOW as opposed to LATER so that I’d have plenty of time to recover and whip myself back into shape before warmer temps!  I hope this recovery is easier than the last!  I appreciate prayers because, as many of you know, time away from “regularly scheduled fitness” is pretty much torture for me!26166003_10215286989072136_3821541418528361579_n
  9. Observing our church’s annual 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting by…….get this, FASTING purchasing anything for myself for the next 21 days.  Yep, despite my love of ALL things clothing, fashion, etc., it’s important to recognize that STUFF is just that….STUFF.  As the pastor of our church often says…..God wants you to have nice things, just don’t let those THINGS have YOU.   So as much as I love double clicking all of those fashion bloggers pics on Instagram, that’s all it will be for the next 21 days.  11953015_10153126728972253_7385682350710881289_n

10.  Watching Peaky Blinders (after I stuck it out through the first episode which was less than impressive)!  It reminds me of Sons of Anarchy which was one of my fave series to binge watch, so I’m totally hooked!  You can bet I’ll finish this one quickly as I recover from surgery next week!  5729ddaf0251cPeaky_Blinders_3

Soooo, that’s what’s up here at the Thompson household.  I finished this up right before the kiddies are due home.  Enjoy!

xoxo – Jamie

Friday Favorites: December 2017

December 2017

We are WELCOMING 2018 with open arms & washing our hands of 2017 (and the handful of “wrenches” it threw)!!  It definitely feels like we are in the right place now after several months filled with the “unknown” last year.  I’d like to say I’m blocking those months out, but that storm also pushed us to lean on one another, enjoy the little things & TRUST God more than ever.  2018 is going to be a year of hard work, faith, family and frugality.  I just know it will all pay off!  Once again, I’m so proud of my husband!!

How about a few favorites from the glorious month of December?  I love different times of the year for different reasons, but I’m pretty sure the month of December is my absolute favorite.  Sure it’s busy, expensive and sometimes demanding, but all of the time with family, celebrations, good food & fun definitely make up for the craziness of the season!  And now….. some fave moments:

  1. Mac’s 10th Birthday:  Mac’s birthday kicks off the month of December with a bang!  This year we did dinner at Ocean Prime with Chris’ parents to start the celebrations, then he enjoyed a “friend party” the next day with some of his buddies.  We took the boys go-kart racing at an indoor track here in Fishers called K-1 Speed, then Mac had his first sleepover at our house with his friends.  Luckily we had amazing weather for early December here in Indy, so the boys were lucky enough to play football outside into the wee hours of the night and roast marshmallows by the fire pit.  It was perfect for our special 10 year old!  Goodness we are SO proud of this kid!
  2. Mimi’s Birthday:  Not long after Mac’s birthday is my mom’s birthday!  Since I was subbing in a kindergarten class for 3 weeks in December, pulling off our usual mother daughter shopping trip was tricky, but we managed to do it ON my mom’s birthday (a Friday).  We spent our day browsing through Nordstrom/Nordstrom Rack, picking up a few Christmas gifts at various stores at the mall & then lunching at Bonefish.  I LOVE that they had special holiday lunch hours – such a treat!  My mom and I loooove Bonefish.  We shared a shrimp appetizer (surprisingly NOT their famous Bang Bang Shrimp), each had a salad (their house salad with citrus vinaigrette is AMAZING) and a champagne cocktail.  It was a perfect day!  On Sunday of that weekend we did a big family brunch celebration for my mom (a tradition we started a few years ago) at Cobblestone in Zionsville.  It was so much fun (and the food was delicious)!  (Just after this brunch our family headed out on a “fun” shopping excursion – – – to purchase a NEW washer & dryer!  Yep, Merry Christmas to us!  Haha!)
  3. Nutcracker Ballet:  As part of my mom’s birthday celebration weekend the ladies of my family (my sister-in-law Anne, my niece Mary, Parker, my mom & me) had a “girls day” on Saturday!  We had lunch at Rail in Westfield (amazing food & service), then attended the Central Indiana Dance Ensemble’s performance of The Nutcracker at Zionsville High School.  It was SUCH a fun day with my favorite ladies!  We don’t get to do that nearly enough!  I hope it becomes our new holiday/Mimi’s birthday tradition!
  4. Our Marathon Santa Visit:  For the past 9 years we’ve taken the kids to see Santa at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum.  This year, due to work & school conflicts, we weren’t able to pull that trip off.  So, I ran the kids over to Keystone at the Crossing one day after school & we literally got IN and OUT (with our traditional pic) within 20 minutes!  It was a definite “marathon” Santa visit!  I was just happy to be able to pull it off (and get our picture)!!!
  5. Christmas Eve Morning:  I skipped out on a barre class to spend the morning doing a last minute early Target run & Starbucks trip with my best girlfriend Jennifer.  We haven’t gotten to spend nearly enough time together over the past couple of months because we’ve both been going in different directions.  I was so glad to be able to slow down & spend my morning with her!!!!
  6. Christmas Eve:  Our Christmas Eve got off to a shaky start since Mac had battled a stomach bug a few days before AND my brother had flu-like symptoms just the day before!  We had to postpone brunch with Chris’ family, but DID manage to pull off Christmas Eve dinner at my brother’s house since everyone seemed to be feeling better.  We had an Italian feast of homemade lasagna (my specialty – I LOVE making lasagna) and stuffed shells (my mom’s recipe), then opened gifts before our little fam headed back to our house to prepare for Santa.  We made the wintry trek home (it was a WHITE Christmas here) & got home just in time for Christmas Vacation (and another glass of wine)!  It was perfect!
  7. Christmas Day:  It was just our family for the morning on Christmas Day, then later my parents joined us for more present opening & Christmas dinner (filet – YUM, my favorite!)  It was such a magical & memorable day!  I’d say Santa was spot on with his gifts this year!
  8. Top Golf Winter Academy:  The kiddies were lucky enough to attend our local Top Golf’s Winter Academy after Christmas.  While it WAS very chilly, they sure had a fun 3 days!!  A huge thank you to my mother in law for treating them to this special opportunity!  As you know, we are a proud “Golf Family” here!  I just love seeing my two with their clubs!  They make me so proud!
  9. Movie Day / The Greatest Showman:  I was SO GLAD my good friend Tracy dragged me (and the kids of course) out of the house to see The Greatest Showman!  Goodness it was AMAZING!  It’s safe to say that we were all mesmerized by this movie!!!  In fact, it gets rave reviews from EVERYONE who has seen it!  Hugh Jackman & Zac Efron (hello!) kill it!  If you haven’t seen it, hurry out & enjoy!!!

Phew.  There it is – the month of December was incredible (and I’m probably leaving out at least 10 other things that were “favorites”)!!!  As we kick off January, we’re finally “back to normal” here with the kids at school, etc.  Chris is keeping very busy with work, I’m enjoying my time working at State of Grace Boutique, planning my subbing schedule, and cramming in my last 2 weeks of barre classes.  What happens in 2 weeks?  Oh, you know….just another fun hernia repair surgery for me!  Not exactly how I want to be kicking off the new year, but I’d rather get it over with while it’s cold / nasty out …… and with plenty of time before I’ll be in a swimsuit again!  I’ll take any and all binge-worthy TV and movie suggestions as I recover!  4 weeks away from my beloved barre classes is going to be TOUGH!!!

I hope everyone’s “new year” is off to an awesome start!  Stay tuned for more here in 2018!  It’s going to be a GREAT year!

xo – Jamie




Friday Favorites: Comfy Clothes

Happy Friday friends!  It’s been a whirlwind of events here since I last posted!  We celebrated Thanksgiving (twice), a 10th birthday (with a first sleepover), bought a new car, and have been working solidly for the past 2 weeks (Hello full time craziness – I’m reminded why I do not like you!)  And, to top it all off, the hubs, too, has been working some crazy, crazy hours & traveling, soooo December has had quite the start for us!

That all said, I was thinking about a conversation I had with a friend about COMFY (cute) clothes.  They are basically ALL we want to wear during these colder months here in the Midwest.  I see women come into the boutique where I work on Thursdays (State of Grace) & they are immediately drawn to anything soft, longer (to cover the booty if worn with leggings), with a roomier fit.  In fact, when I think back to my last couple of purchases, they have fallen in those categories as well!  I mean, who wants to wear tight, thin, and uncomfortable fabrics when it’s 32 degrees outside?  So ladies….let’s be realistic – comfort is what we want…CUTE comfort, that is!

Here’s a round-up of some of my fave comfy styles!  These are all MUST HAVES!  Trust me!

American Eagle Aerie City Sweatshirt:  Hello American Eagle!  Who knew they made such CUTE loungewear?  I quickly purchased this slouchy sweatshirt (in camo, of course) after seeing it in a post on Instagram (darn that Liketoknowit app)!  I loooooove this style (and so many others)!  You NEED to check out their Aerie line.  Like head over NOW.  0743_9825_006_f

Gap Lace Up Tunnel Neck Hoodie:  Sold out in MANY sizes (probably thanks to a combo of Gap’s 50% sale(s) and the fact that this sweatshirt is just SO awesome), but if you can find this – BUY IT!  I recommend sticking to your normal size because I tried to size up thinking I wanted it a little more roomy, but I was swimming in the medium!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve already worn this hoodie – with both jeans and leggings.  In fact, I wore it on Thanksgiving!  Fancy!  (Pardon the quality of this pic – click the link to go directly to the Gap’s page.



Pleione Embroidered Bishop Sleeve Sweatshirt:  I’m OBSESSED with this sweatshirt!  It was such a great find at Nordstrom Rack!  In fact, I think it looks so much cuter in person than it does here in the pic!  The sleeves are the best part & I get so many compliments when I wear it!  7288474

Relaxed Full Zip Fleece Hoodie:  Not sure why, but I’m obsessed with these basic zip up hoodies from Old Navy!?!?  I wear mine with my PJ’s, over workout clothes & will throw one on when I get home from a long day of subbing (and have to still clean the house).  So comfy, easy & inexpensive!  Pick up a few colors!  cn12160309

Are you seeing a trend with my color (or lack there of) selection?  I am a sucker for grey.  I definitely gravitate towards anything and everything grey when I’m out shopping & that “section” in my closet definitely stands out (as it’s the biggest)!!!!  Oh well!

Have any fave “comfy” clothes secrets to share with me?  I’d love to hear!  Send your suggestions my way!  It seems like that is the ONLY way I’m dressing these days!  Happy Friday!!!

xoxo – Jamie


P.S.  Here are a few other “comfy” items I’m keeping my eye on:


Fluffy Jersey PulloverFrench Terry Lurex Pullover Sweatshirt , Ruched Sleeve Hoodie


American Eagle Aerie:

Street Hoodie (Taupe), Downtown Sweatshirt (Rose), Dolman Plush Hoodie (Soft Muslin)



P.P.S My fave leggings?  Oh easy….. my Zella Live In Leggings.  I literally LIVE in them.  Get some immediately & then wear them everywhere like I do!  Don’t ask how many pairs (of black) I have!  It’s ridiculous!  They are seriously THE BEST.  _13459777



IMG_2478What a YEAR it’s been for our family (and it’s not even over)!!!  Plenty of UPS, plenty of DOWNS, but one thing remains solid (gold):  FAMILY.  To think that this time last year we didn’t even know if and when we’d be adding another member to this merry crew, too!  On this (early) Thanksgiving morning, THESE are the people I wake up thankful for EVERY SINGLE DAY.  They simply make life go round.

And, I couldn’t post this without a special “singled out shout out” to my hubby.  If there is anyone who single handedly carried us through some really tough times this year, it’s been him.  His optimism, hard work and patience is truly commendable.  And, on the flipside, as my pessimism, slight depression & zero patience threatened to totally throw us off track, he was the one who picked up the pieces and helped carry me back to more peaceful waters.  For that, I am forever grateful. AliciaHughesPhotoCo-63

Whether you are enjoying the day with friends or family – – take a minute to stop & think about your blessings & have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!

xoxo – Jamie

Friday Favorites: The “Turning 40” Skincare Edition

Happy Friday friends!  Yes, it’s sad, but true – I am 1 day away from turning the big 4-0!  Honestly, I can’t believe it!  The age I ALWAYS think of when people ask how old I am is 34, soooo I’m stayin’ 34!!!

That said, there are a few skin / skincare products I am relying HEAVILY on as I enter my 40’s, and they are as follows:

IT Cosmetics  I’ve mentioned this brand before, but have since fallen in LOVE with their products.  I started with their Bye Bye Under Eye because I started feeling like my under eye area needed a little special attention & my goodness this product DELIVERS!  The tiniest amount worked like a charm!  No more dark circles!!!  Next, I moved on to their “famous” Your Skin But Better CC Cream.  I liked the fact that this product was infused with an anti-aging serum made of hydrolyzed collagen, peptides, niacin, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and vitamins A, B, C and E.  I mean, all of that in a CC cream?  Yes, please!  Not to mention the fact that this CC cream has amazing coverage…..never cracks or creases!  Again, too, the TINIEST amount goes a LONG way!  It’s truly incredible!  The third product by IT that I am currently “waiting” to try is their Confidence In Your Glow which is a blush, bronzer & highlighter all in one palette!   I am in desperate need of both a good blush (that stays put) and bronzer, so I was immediately drawn to this product!  I love that fact that it includes a highlighter too!  I can’t wait to get it (just ordered it yesterday)!  I’ll share my “full review” soon, so stay tuned!  I just can’t say enough good things about these products & apparently I’m not the only one because they are receiving RAVE REVIEWS everywhere!  Follow IT and IT’s CEO Jamie Kern Lima on Instagram!  The transformation videos are INCREDIBLE!  (***IT is currently doing their “Friends and Family” promotion where you get 25% off all products and FREE SHIPPING on orders over $30!  Simply use the code:  ITFRIEND17 for the amazing discount!***)  In the future I’ll definitely share my own before / after, so stay tuned….


(Whoops – almost forgot that I also use IT’s Bye Bye Poreless Finish Airbrush Powder to set my concealer & CC cream.  It seriously leaves your skin looking like you used a fancy Instagram filter.  It’s that good!  byebyepores_translucent_main

SELF TANNING:  I cringe when I think about all of the damage I probably did to my skin while I was in college – – – like MULTIPLE trips to the tanning bed each week!  Ugh!  That said, I still LOVE a good healthy glow & rely HEAVILY on self tanners to work their magic!  I admit, too, that I’ve tried TONS & have finally settled on ONE that I’d consider the BEST I’ve tried ….. It’s called Flawless by Fake Bake & it is incredible!  It’s a spray that you actually spray onto a glove to apply.  It’s seriously foolproof & the color is always perfect!  I use this product every other day & maintain a healthy glow all winter long!  LOVE it!  (Not to mention, it DOES NOT STINK!  Another HUGE bonus!)  It’s a #1 seller on Amazon & for under $13, you can’t beat the price!!!  Try it!!!!fake bake

Neutrogena Skincare & Botox (yes, Botox):  I’ve relied heavily on Neutrogena skincare products for several years.  Yes, I’ve also dabbled in some pricier lines (which definitely WORK), but I keep going back to good old Neutrogena.  As I’ve gotten older I’ve noticed my skin has gotten more dry, the tone a little more uneven and those darn creases in my forehead have continued to multiply!  For my skin’s texture and tone, I use these four products:  1.  Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser (to cleanse/hydrate my skin AND remove makeup)  2.  Neutrogena Rapid Tone Repair (AM) for uneven skin tone  4.   Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair with Retinol (PM) for fine lines & wrinkles   3. Neutrogena Dark Circle Repair for dark circles (works miracles quickly).  This little combo is GREAT (and all easily / inexpensively available via good old Amazon)!!  I highly recommend all of these Neutrogena products!  Next up….the BotoxI love it.   Now, would you have known if I hadn’t told you?  If you answered no….then, that’s the point AND my esthetician does a great / very conservative job!  I started getting Botox regularly a few years ago & haven’t looked back.  I don’t feel like the amount I get (forehead area – most of it, especially those lines between my brows) is that excessive.  I just think it makes me look more “refreshed.”  It’s definitely an investment, but one I feel I can justify if the results last up to 4 months AND it makes me feel better about myself.  If you’re considering Botox, my advice is to find someone you trust (recommendations from friends / family), don’t try to find the cheapest price (that can be sketchy), and start small.  I think the first time I had 20 units done which is like the bare minimum.  It allowed me to see just how good it looked with those pesky forehead lines smoothed out….and then I went back for more!  If you live here on the Northside of Indianapolis, I highly recommend Simply Skin.  Tell them Jamie sent you!


Body Lotion:  I know I’ve raved about the Coconut Body Butter from Trader Joe’s & I also LOOOOOOOVE the entire OGX line found at Target (yay!)  I use the Coconut Miracle Oil Lotion.  It smells AMAZING!


Phew….that’s a lot of products for this old bod!  Haha!  Seriously, though, this is all SUCH GOOD STUFF!  I highly recommend all of it (especially the Botox – haha)!!!

That’s it for this “old girl” on Friday afternoon!  I just got back from an amazing lunch at my fave spot (Patachou) with two of my fave ladies!  I hope you all have a great day & an even better weekend!  Cheers to 40!!

xo – Jamie

What’s Up Wednesday

Happy Hump Day friends!  How is it only Wednesday?  Goodness it feels like it should be at least Friday…..right?  That said, here’s what’s currently up at our house:

  1. We are adjusting to life with Chris traveling.  This will be our “new normal” here & I think we’re handling it pretty well!  I mean, the kids went from seeing Daddy EVERY DAY for 3 months, so it’s a little tough on them, but they also think it’s cool that he is jetting here/there (and they get to sleep with me when he’s gone)!  Honestly I’m just happy to see my husband so happy….even if that means he is gone a few days a week!  IMG_7665
  2. The big 4-0 is JUST around the corner for me, sooooo I kicked off the beginning of my “celebration” with a “hair day” yesterday after school.  Add my fresh highlights to my list of:  Crest Whitestrips, It’s a 10 & Botox & I’ll be good to go!  That is SERIOUSLY my birthday wish list!  Just a few staple items here….. IMG_8850
  3. Can you believe that Thanksgiving is NEXT week?  How in the world is that possible?  The month of November has flown by!  What are some staple items on your menu?  We are hosting this year & have a REALLY traditional menu planned (turkey, mashed potatoes (my favorite), corn casserole, green bean casserole and mandarin orange salad), but I’m SO tempted to make THIS chopped bacon & brussel sprout salad I saw on Instagram via Pinch of Yum the other day:  bacon-and-brussels-sprout-salad-2
  4. I’m headed to school all day today & despite waking up with PLENTY of time to get this body on the treadmill, I’m HOPING I can get a workout in later!  I started running (maybe not even regularly) last week & WOW my body hurts!  I’m trying to figure out how I can add that to my barre schedule & not almost die each week?

Anyway…..must start the morning grind by packing lunches!  That’s “what’s up” here on this rainy Wednesday!  More later this week!

xoxo – Jamie