Friday Favorites

TGIF – !!  It’s hard to believe that next week at this time my kiddies will be back at school!  They return on Wednesday & I think we all have mixed feelings about it!  Parker is going to have a heck of a time waking up before 9am & Mac is going to struggle with me bugging him about fixing his hair every day!  And, as far as how I feel about school starting – – I just hate how quickly the year seems to go once they are back in school!  Before we know it, December will roll around & not only does that mean Christmas, but Mac will hit double digits this year!  I can’t even believe he’ll be 10!

I hope you all caught my post about how I’m changing up my workouts?  Yep, I’m loving the barre classes I’ve been taking at B Present Studio!  They are kicking my booty & they are just so different from what I’m used to!  I love that!  Today I’m bringing along two friends AND one of my favorite workout partners – my mom!  She’s been curious about barre classes & I just know she’ll love this type of format as well!  Yay!  If there is one thing I’m good at, it’s getting others to join me for workouts – group fitness is where its at people!

Ready for some Friday Favorites?  I’m literally coming up with these as I type this post, so here we go:

  1. FASHION/MAKEUP:   NYX Butter Gloss in Angel Food Cake:  I’ve finally discovered the PERFECT not-too-pink, but more-pink-than-rose-colored gloss!  I’ve been on this color search forever (lame, but true)!  I had read about butter gloss via another blog I follow (Lunchpails & Lipstick), but when I couldn’t locate the color they suggested (Strawberry), I went with Angel Food Cake & was thrilled with my choice!  Butter gloss is amazing – not sticky at all, and has a great longevity on your lips!  Hurry to Target to scoop a few up because it is under $5! 
  2. FITNESSAthleta Chi Tanks  The Chi is by far one of my favorite workout tanks!  I’m really set in my ways about workout tanks & one requirement is that they MUST be racerback!  The Chi is a great basic racerback & now comes in a few different variations, all of which I love!  They are lightweight, and what I love most about them?  They never “look” sweaty!  I’ve worn the Chi for every type of workout format I’ve done & it always “works” great! 
  3. FOODIEThe Fresh Market’s Little Big Meal  You guys know we LOVE TFM!  It’s definitely a treat for me to shop at TFM & I definitely don’t pick up ALL of my groceries there!  We do, however, take advantage of their great specials!  Their Little Big Meal is a GREAT one for families!  Every week they advertise a new LBM — basically an entire meal, set to serve 4 people for only $25!  I don’t know about you, but I think it’s nearly impossible to spend less than $25 on a meal for a family of 4 anymore – – especially when the ingredients are coming from TFM!  THIS meal is genius!  I’ve seen “bowl” LBMs, lettuce wraps, gourmet burgers, stir fry, pasta meals, and our FAVORITE so far has been the kabobs!  I mean…it comes with ALL of this:  4 meat kabobs, 4 veggie kabobs, pita, Mediterranean pasta salad AND a pint of Talenti gelato!  Throw in a bottle of Replica Wine’s Misbehavin’ & you have yourself a GREAT dinner!  Definitely make sure you sign up for updates from your local Fresh Market so that you can be in the know about the week’s LBM!  Enjoy!
  4. FAMILY / FUN (1 of 2):  Did you know that our family loves to fish?  I grew up fishing, so a perfect summer night at our house is enjoying dinner & then hopping on the golf cart to head out to one of the ponds on one of the two golf course(s) in our neighborhood area!   Mac probably has the least patience for fishing (and well all know that fishing takes a lot of patience), but Chris is thrilled that Parker has taken to fishing so much!  She loves hopping on the cart with her Daddy & heading out to throw a few lines in the water!  Of course, our preference would be salt water, but we’ll take what we can get for now!  (2 of 2):  We finally tried a new ice cream shop in our town – Crave Ice Cream Social!  When we found out they were selling our favorite homemade popsicles – Nicey Treat (also local – just south of us in Broad Ripple), we knew we needed to go check this place out!  It was SO cute!  And, not only do they serve up frozen treats – they also have a coffee bar and plenty of homemade bakery!  Genius!  Mary & Parker enjoyed chocolate & chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream in dipped chocolate cones with sprinkles, while my mom and I had Key Lime Pie Nicey Treat popsicles (literally tasted like key lime pie on a stick – YUM)!  Everything was DELICIOUS!  We can’t wait to go back & try more!  If you are in the Fishers/Geist-area, I highly recommend Crave!  Take your kiddies & check it out! 

That’s about it!  I’ve been up since 4:30 with my mind racing this morning, sooo I have a load of laundry going & am on my 2nd cup of coffee!  My mom and I are making a much-needed trip to Costco to start stocking up on school lunchbox-stuff for the kiddies after class this morning!  Maybe next week I’ll compile a list of “new” ideas I have for school lunches this year?  I’m feeling inspired since both kids are slowly but surely trying new things & liking MORE than just their usual sandwich, bag of baked chips and a squeezy applesauce!  Thank goodness!

Stay tuned & have a GREAT weekend!  I’m def. looking forward to those cooler temps here in the Midwest AND celebrating both my sister-in-law’s birthday AND my parent’s 40th anniversary!

xoxo – Jamie


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