Workout Wednesday: CHANGE IT UP + My Month of Barre

I’m a FIRM believer in changing up your workouts….frequently.  In fact, I just made a huge change to my routine by taking a break from my usual Les Mills group fitness classes (including Body Pump + Body Step) & committing to a solid month of intense barre classes.  If you know anything about these types of group fitness classes, you also know how DIFFERENT they are!  It’s a BIG change!  As I’ve mentioned MANY times since last December, I haven’t quite fallen back in love with heavy weight lifting.  I know….shocking!  I took some time away, then had that lovely hernia surgery (the hernia a direct result of heavy lifting in some capacity) & I haven’t quite gotten back into it.  That said, I do believe weight lifting is 100% beneficial for women & trust me, these arms NEED weights, but maybe just not as heavy as I was lifting pre-surgeries.  Fast forward to that AWESOME new barre studio (B Present Studio) that opened in our town & feeling like I needed to change a few things workout-wise, and it just happened to be perfect timing!  A break from what had become routine, and a new beginning with a form of exercise I am STILL getting used to!

In fact, want to hear some of my initial thoughts about barre class?   Here you go:

  1.  Who KNEW I’d sweat so much?  Seriously,  I cruised into my first barre boot camp class with a light pink tank, only to quickly realize that black is essential in order to mask all the sweat!  Lesson learned!
  2. Group fitness, is group fitness no matter what type of exercise format you are doing.  It’s magical, inspiring & really the ONLY way I can push myself through a killer workout.  I’ve met some awesome gals in these new classes & the instructors have all been top notch!
  3. 3lb. weights can cause severe pain….that is, when you do about 1,000 reps while squeezing, squatting, tucking…..!!!!  Ouch!  My triceps have never been more sore!
  4. There IS cardio in barre…..there are burpees too!  I guess I’m not escaping those!
  5. I’ve definitely had sore abdominal muscles, but it’s rare that I can say my entire midsection is sore.  Barre has definitely allowed me to focus (more) on rebuilding my core (after hernia surgery).  If I’m left up to doing abs & core work at home, I will only do it sporadically – and probably half-assed.
  6. I guess I’ll work my calves.  Truthfully this is an area I NEVER work – no calf raises, etc.  It’s impossible NOT to in barre – I mean, try standing on  your toes & not feeling a burn in your calves.  Not possible!  Now as long as I’m just toning & not making those babies bigger, I’m cool with that.
  7. If it’s possible for leg muscles to swell and rebel?  That’s exactly what mine did after my first 7 barre classes…in a row.  I went to put my ever-faithful (and great fitting) white jeans on for church during the tail end of my barre marathon and good lordy they felt tight!  Now, I’ve worn the same jeans since & had little trouble, soooooo seriously….I think my muscles were super confused.
  8. I had to drag out my ancient Lululemon yoga mat.  I need a new mat desperately…..
  9. I love wearing flip flops to class!  No shoes necessary for these workouts!
  10. B Present Studio is located in close proximity to Starbucks….always a huge bonus if you can grab coffee after class, right?  The only way this situation could get BETTER is if there was a Patachou nearby!  Then, we’d be golden!

Stay tuned for more updates on my “month of barre” & if you’re in the Fishers-area, come join me for a class!  I promise you’ll discover muscles you never knew you had!

xoxo – Jamie

P.S.  While I have committed to my month of barre, I will also continue to include some weight lifting at home, walking + running because… know me.


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