Friday Faves

Wow, this week flew by!  It’s hard to believe that my little people will be back to school in just over 1 week!  Summer, thanks to our LOVELY Florida vacation, seemed to go by so fast!

I’d like to thank many of you who reached out to me personally after my post from last week.  Goodness it was a tough one, but after a lot of praying, I can honestly say that my attitude is coming around!  I’m definitely not feeling as “down in the dumps” as I did last week, thankfully!  I’ll share what’s going on at some point, but for now, just know that your kind words and prayers have meant so much!  Keep them coming!

That all said, are you ready for some Friday Faves?  I DO have a few for you:

Fun/Family:  The kids and I took a road trip to Cincinnati with my mom (Mimi) on Tuesday.  Mimi had never visited the (awesome) Cincinnati Zoo, so we decided it was time to change that!  We LOVE the Cincinnati Zoo & have been there 3 times now!  It is beautiful, HUGE and super affordable for families!  Not to mention, their gorilla exhibit is top notch!  I could watch those incredible creatures for hours!  They are amazing!  We geared up for big crowds since summer vacation was winding down & the weather was AWESOME on Tuesday.  Honestly, though, despite longer than normal lines of people waiting for tickets, it really wasn’t too bad!  We were able to park in the zoo lot (once it was so crowded we had to park in the neighborhood around the zoo which was quite scary to say the least), and there was never an issue getting “in” to see the animals at each exhibit!  It was an AWESOME day!  We stayed the night in nearby Covington, KY, rested our legs & enjoyed a great BBQ dinner before all crawling into bed to watch Shark Week!  The next day we hit the outlet mall on our way home & scooped up some great “back to school” stuff for the kiddies!  A huge thanks to my mom (who drove the entire time) – she is just the BEST road trip buddy! 

Foodie:  If you are anything like us you grill out almost EVERY SINGLE NIGHT during the summer months!  Well, as summer has started to wind down, I’ve gotten lazy with my salad making & have taken to just throwing EVERYTHING (as in every VEGGIE) together in a foil packet & also putting it directly on the grill!  The veggie foil packet has become my “go to” side for most of our meals because it is SO versatile!  For instance, have a few veggies in your crisper?  Why not toss them in a bowl, add a little olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic & fresh basil?  Dump that lovely mixture onto a few sheets of foil, make a “packet” and place directly on the grill?  Seriously it’s FOOL PROOF!  Our last (served with grilled pork medallions) consisted of:  green pepper, red pepper, orange pepper, russet potato, red onion, zucchini & fresh garlic + basil.  It was delicious & just SO easy!  I highly recommend!!!   

FASHION:  I received a few messages about the tank I was wearing in my pic with the kiddies at the zoo this week & my goodness, I’m glad you all asked because it’s been my fave “basic” purchase of the season! It’s from Nordstrom RackMelrose & Market brand & it’s simple, soft & flattering (all racer back tanks are if you ask me).  I’d love to scoop up a few more – specifically in my fave colors:  white & gray (since I already own black)!  Hit the link above to check it out, or visit your nearest Rack!  This brand is so affordable!

Fitness:  This may be a little foodie, a little fitness, but have you tried the Halo Top copycat at Kroger?  You guys know that we LOVE Halo Top at our house, but if it isn’t on sale, I definitely don’t buy it!  I just can’t justify spending $6 on a tiiiiiny pint of ice cream!  The answer?  Simple Truth’s  Low Cow!!!!!   We are so thankful to Kroger for creating this copycat!  At UNDER $4, with similar ingredients & calories – it is a GEM!  I HIGHLY recommend you rush to your nearest Kroger & pick up a few flavor options!  Our first was Sea Salt Carmel & it was delicious!  Go ahead, treat yourself!  (I’ve been known to eat this for lunch on occasion!)  Way to go Kroger! 

That’s about it for now – – – I’ll be compiling other “faves” over the next week to share, so stay tuned!  The weather is supposed to be gorgeous here in Indy through the weekend, so today I hope to take my boxful of Anniversary Sale returns back to Nordstrom…..hit Trader Joe’s & then accomplish a bunch around the house the rest of the weekend!  Fingers crossed!  We always go into the weekend with such good intentions!

Happy Friday!!!

xoxo – Jamie


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