Rainy Day Friday Faves

I’m not going to lie, it’s been a TOUGH week here.  I may go into more detail at some point, but for now…just know that much.  I’m praying for patience, understanding & a better attitude.  Enough said.  Moving on to my Friday Faves – – like in the title, it’s a (very) rainy day here!  When I left class at 6am, it was during a torrential downpour!  As if I wasn’t soaked enough from the barre bootcamp class I had just taken (which was a total booty kicking)!!!

I used to list my faves according to categories, which seems like a good idea to start going back to since there are some Fridays where I sit here racking my brain trying to figure out what I’d deem a “fave” for the week!  Sooo…we’ll use:  Fashion, Fitness, Foodie & Fun/Family.

Fashion:  Havaiana Flip Flops

I don’t know about you, but as soon as temps are over 70, I’m pulling out my flip flops & pretty much wear them on repeat until fall temps bring boots season!!  My fave flip flop?  My Havaianas!  They are so comfy, come in a ton of fun prints AND last forever!  In fact, I bought my favorite pair (a cute camo print with gold) 2 summers ago & they are still in perfect shape!  I’ve always found cute prints & styles at my Nordstrom Rack (for less, of course!) FitnessGroup Fitness / New Things / Workout Buddies

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ll go ahead and say it again because this week I’ve been especially blessed with the accountability that goes along with group fitness AND having good workout buddies!  While I CAN workout on my own & do a pretty decent job of making myself stick to 5+ days of exercise each week, I’d PREFER to workout WITH friends and fellow fitness lovers!  There’s just something so much more motivating when you exercise WITH someone and/or a group!  I’ve continued to try different classes at the new barre studio here in Fishers (B Present) & have thankfully had several friends who have helped hold me accountable by joining me for workouts….even at 5am!  With how tough this week has been, I know that if I hadn’t worked out (and crawled in bed for the entire day…like I felt like doing), I would be a lot worse off!  So, keep those workout buddies who motivate you CLOSE!  They are so important!  Foodie:

We were lucky enough to enjoy a midweek dinner at Ruth’s Chris with Chris’ parents this week.  It was a belated birthday dinner for both Chris and his mom.  My kiddies have been steak lovers since they were old enough to chew, so they certainly enjoyed the amazing meal we had!  I mean, how can you beat their filet?  You really can’t.  In addition to the delicious filet, we also had calamari (Mac’s favorite), lobster voodoo (reminded us of Bonefish’s famous Bang Bang Shrimp!), chopped salad, Cesar salad & of course….(Parker’s favorite) dessert (Chocolate Duo for the kiddies)!!!  It was a great meal, as always & quite a treat!!!Fun / FamilySummer Rocks at itown Church & Tumbling Camp

The kiddies kicked off this week with two “camps!”  They both participated in our church’s annual kid’s conference called Summer Rocks AND Parker had a tumbling camp from Monday through Thursday!  They both had a BLAST at Summer Rocks (while we enjoyed a few evenings to ourselves) & Parker LOVED tumbling camp!  The tumbling camp ended with water day AND a super cute “show” done by the girls to show off what they had done at camp!  I’m not sure about you, but camps are the only way to survive summer vacation!  Also, I can predict that our little tumbler will take full advantage of not having to wake up early this morning – – the 8am wake up call was tough on her all week!  Haha!  That girl certainly loves her beauty sleep!  Sooo, that’s about it — I’d appreciate any prayers and positive thoughts sent our way in the upcoming weeks!  I know this is all part of a greater plan, not particularly OUR plan, but we’ll remain faithful & hopeful (or try our best to at least)!!!  Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!  More coming your way next week!

xoxo – Jamie


2 thoughts on “Rainy Day Friday Faves

  1. Prayers are with you and your family! Love looking back in stressful times to see how God was with us and directed our path to much greater places…Rest in Him!


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