Friday Faves

I spent most of the day yesterday thinking it was Friday!  In fact, when I was headed to ballet with the kids I had my mom on the phone & I started complaining about all of the “annoying Friday late afternoon traffic.”  To which, my mom was quick to correct & inform me that it was only Thursday!  Whoops!  Summertime!  My concept of time & the days of the week has gotten really screwy!

That said – how about a few Friday Favorites?  It’s been a while!

It’s a 10 Miracle Leave In Conditioner with Keratin:  I forget…have I mentioned my “hair crisis” on the blog yet?  If not, a quick refresher – – in May I noticed that my hair was looking awfully thin & damaged.  I rushed out and bought a few products to try to fix the problem (which I quickly just associated with using both a curling iron & blow dryer).  The coconut oil treatment seemed to help with the breakage, but my hair continued to thin out  My stylist was quick to remind me that I had undergone 2 surgeries (with anesthesia) in a 6 month period.  She said that people notice that they shed hair a few months after surgery, so this was most likely my problem.  I stuck with my Biolage shampoo & conditioner, and even bought the regular It’s a 10 Leave In Conditioner, but it still continued to thin (and scare me).  While on vacation I changed things up & bought the It’s a 10 WITH Keratin AND incorporated Biotin vitamins into my daily routine.  I can’t tell you how QUICKLY this turned things around!  My hair felt back to almost normal almost immediately!  It’s a 10 was SUCH a lifesaver!  I used it religiously now & can’t tell you how much better my hair looks & feels.  I can finally wear it straight again & it doesn’t look like a thin, broken mess!  Thank you, thank you It’s a 10!!!!   Replica Wines:  Misbehaved  It’s no secret that I enjoy drinking wine – in fact, I come from a family of wine lovers!  While we were on vacation the hubs was at The Fresh Market picking up dinner, and while he was there they were doing a wine tasting featuring Replica Wines.  He picked up the Misbehaved version for me as it was supposed to be JUST like Meiomi Pinot Noir (which is SO good).  The bonus?  Of course it has a lower price point!  I couldn’t believe how much it tasted like the Meiomi!  We’ve continued to purchase this variation here at our local Fresh Market & I can’t wait to try a few of the others!  I think the Scapegoat might be my next purchase – it’s a “replica” of Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio….then Label Envy which is like another favorite of ours – La Crema Pinot Noir!!!  Gosh, let’s be honest – I just need to try them all!  Hurry to your local Fresh Market fellow wine lovers!  Rodan + Fields Reverse Brightening Regimen:  Several years ago I sold Rodan + Fields products & loved them!  The Reverse regimen helped whip my skin into shape & I always knew if I ran into trouble with uneven tone, or those darn sun spots that I could pick this treatment up & it would clear things up quickly.  Well, while in Florida I noticed that I was starting to develop some splotchy brown spots on my forehead and one along my jawline.  That darn sun!  Thankfully I have a good friend who sells R+F & I sent her a desperate text about needing to make sure I came home to Reverse at my doorstep to get rid of these spots (and whip my skin back into shape again)!  Luckily the system was 20% off WITH R+F’s new Lash Boost product, so I hopped on it!  I started using the regimen as soon as I got it & I swear I saw changes in my skin just 4 days into using it!  It’s amazing!  Stay tuned, too, for my review on the Lash Boost!  I have heard great things about what this “lash boosting” product does for other people, but I’m a tough critic with my SUPER stick straight lashes!  We’ll see!  I hope it works miracles!  Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks:  I decided against doing a separate post about the sale & my picks.  I will, however, give you a little sampling of some of my favorite items (that may have made their way into my shopping cart):

  1.  Hinge Tie Front Pullover
  2. PST by Project Social T The Blonde Cold Shoulder Sweatshirt (I mean, how could I resist this?)
  3. Socialite Off The Shoulder Sweatshirt
  4. Zella Live In High Waist Leggings (a staple item)
  5. Articles of Society Mya Skinny Jeans

Again, a small sampling of some of my fave items from the sale!  If you were an Anniversary Sale shopper – I’m curious, what did you scoop up?

Hope everyone has a GREAT Friday evening!  We are changing things up a bit here tonight & doing steak fajitas instead of our usual Friday Night Pizza!  We had a fun “cousin slumber party” at my brother & sister-in-law’s house last night where we did pizza there, sooooo Mexican night we shall have tonight!

I mean….how cute are these munchkins? 

xoxo – Jamie


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