Mid-Week Mumbling….

Hola!  I think I’m slowly starting to pull myself out of my post vacation depression….like at a snail’s pace, but still I’m feeling better than I did on Monday of this week!  That’s improvement people!  Also, just so you know, PTD (post travel depression) is a real thing.  Vacation was euphoric – carefree, worry-free & stress-free.  Coming home, on the other hand, was back to reality which is the very opposite of all of those “free” words I just used.  Boo.

That all said, I’m trying to keep the 3 of us busy until school starts in a few weeks!  Here’s a little glimpse of what we’ve been up to & what we’ll continue to be up to here:

  1.  Spending time with friends + family.  We met up with my dear friend Tracy & her kiddos yesterday for lunch after not seeing them in WEEKS!  As much as I adore Tracy, our kids also have the best time together, so it was super fun (despite the power going out mid-lunch-purchase at McAllisters)!  Also, my bestie and her family just moved a bit closer to us, so I hope to get some quality time in with her, plus see what they’re doing in their new house!  I know it’s going to be amazing!
  2.  More swim lessons, ballet lessons, golf lessons & camps.  Yep, all of that.  We’re continuing swim into August as the kids improve on their stroke technique (and diving) – – not to mention, we have the very BEST swim instructors ever!  Park is continuing with her ballet lessons & heads to tumbling camp next week (that plus our church’s VBS called Summer Rocks).  Mac will continue with his private golf lessons PLUS I’m going to throw in a camp the last week of the month!  He continues to improve & amaze us with his talent, of course! 
  3. New fitness classes – changing things up!  What I’ve realized after undergoing 2 surgeries (both requiring several weeks of no exercise, then restricted exercise & moderation), is that my body actually CHANGED.  While (thankfully) I didn’t gain a ton of weight (like I thought I would – haha!), my body leaned out a bit.  I’m realizing that maybe I was doing “too much” before & scaling back a bit gave my body a little break/refresh.  In order to maybe stick with the “lean” trend, I’m trying to change my fitness routine up a bit!  While I still LOVE weight lifting, I’ve scaled back on how heavy I lift & focus more on the depth and quality/quantity of exercises.  Also, I shared this morning that I tried a new barre studio that just opened here in Fishers – B Present.  I have a friend who has been taking barre classes for a while & I kept promising her that I’d join one time.  Well, I knew this studio was opening & when I heard that same friend had enjoyed the first couple of classes she had taken there, I just had to give it a whirl!  It seemed like the perfect time!  Wow, I loved the Barre Boot Camp we sweated through this morning at 5am!  It was a fantastic & challenging workout – combining both barre work AND cardio bursts!  I know I’m going to feel it tomorrow (new exercises always get me) & I cannot wait to try a few more classes at the new studio.  They are offering GREAT Grand Opening specials, so if you live in the Fishers area of Indy, definitely pop in and check this new studio out! 
  4.  The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!  I know, I know…you’ve read about a million blog & Instagram posts about the big annual Nordstrom Sale.  I know you know the deal, too….it starts early for Nordstrom cardholders (like tomorrow….early access) & then opens to the public in 2 weeks.  It’s a GREAT sale & I love waking up early the day the early access starts just to check things out!  I definitely look for a few items – my fave Zella Live In leggings (I really do LIVE in these once the weather gets colder here – best leggings ever!) new boots and/or booties for fall, winter coats for both kiddies (great deals on The North Face), Uggs for Parker (I have my eye on a pair from the Anniversary Sale catalog – they are brown with what looks like gingham bows up the back), Nike running shoes (always a pair or two on sale that are super cute), cardigans, and other random items that would be great for fall weather!  It’s such a fun sale!  If you’re shopping it like I will be, CHEERS!  Enjoy! 

So, really….that’s what’s going on here!  Tomorrow night the kids and I are looking forward to a “cousin slumber party!”  My brother is out of town, so my sister-in-law & I are getting together (with all 4 kiddies) to make pizza, drink wine & just spend some quality sister time together!  We can’t wait!  It’s going to be so much fun!

I’m sure I’ll add more posts as I recover from my PTD, so stay tuned…..I’ll be up shopping the big sale tomorrow & will def. have to share my picks!

xoxo – Jamie


2 thoughts on “Mid-Week Mumbling….

  1. Thanks Steph! Our busy summer is fizzling a bit here & I must admit – – I’m ready for the kids to go back to school! Is that bad? Our vacations was DEF the highlight! I want to go back!!!! Naples is just the best place!


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