Friday Faves: Summer (Break) Edition

So, about what I said regarding “having more time to blog once summer break starts….” Can I go ahead and retract that comment?  Our summer break is off to a very busy start as we cram as much as we can into the next 11 days!  We have appointments, lessons, a recital & even a mini trip!!  My goal here?  Yes, you guessed it – to occupy our time as much as possible so that our departure to Florida….for 3 weeks…..would come quickly!  To say that the entire family is excited about this upcoming summer vacation would be a huge understatement!  My mom arrived in Naples (after a busy day of travel) yesterday & we can’t wait to meet up with her!!!

Meanwhile….how about a few Friday Faves – Summer (Break) Edition?  I have some good ones to share!

You guys know I’m a LOVER of sunless tanning, right?  I think I’ve shared that many times.  While I did pledge allegiance to my “go to” L’Oréal’s Sublime Bronze, I must say that I’ve discovered (thanks to a recommendation) something even better… Tanwise!  If you know me, you also know that it takes me a very long time to try new things….like this has been in my bathroom cabinet for several months, during which I only tried it 1x (and got scared because it turned my palms brown)!  The key to perfect application of this product?  An applicator mitt!  Who knew?  These babies are genius!  No brown palms, no streaks, no mess!  I actually had Parker put the mitt on & apply the tanner to my back (I hate being one-sided)! Using the mitt is THAT easy!  In fact, I was so impressed by the instant color from Tanwise that I sent a quick text to several of my fellow sunless-tanning-lovers to tell them to log onto Amazon immediately for this product!  I had several compliments, too, on my great tan yesterday afternoon…..after 1 application!  So…again, the magic formula is Tanwise + an application mitt = perfect “tan.”  Give it a whirl!  Directly related to my Tanwise talk – my favorite, favorite denim shorts (which I was finally brave enough to sport yesterday with my bronzed legs)!  Wouldn’t you know these shorts are only $12 at Old Navy right now?  I discovered these on a whim last summer as I was preparing to attend the Indianapolis 500.  I had no desire to spend $100’s on something as simple as denim cut-offs, so I grabbed these to “try” & left with 2 pairs because they were so good!  They’re the perfect length, the right amount of distressing & really just fit amazing.  I sized up a bit to a 6 just because I cringe at the thought of a “tight” short…, these are “boyfriend” style, so they are supposed to be a little slouchy.  Seriously….if you’re in the market for a cute denim short (that can be dressed up or down), get online or head to Old Navy because right now they are 50% off!  I promise you’ll love these!  Looking for perfect “dinner on the deck” music?  Here at our house we go between requesting Sam Hunt or Luke Bryan to be played by our girl Alexa!  If it wasn’t for the fact that we are leaving at the crack of dawn (see next fave) tomorrow morning, you bet we’d be attending Sam Hunt’s concert here in Indy.  Since we’re not (insert sad, sad face), you can bet his voice will be heard here all day!  He’s SO good!  Lastly….it’s also not a secret that we LOVE attending professional golf tournaments.  We’ve been talking about going to the Memorial Tournament (in Dublin, Ohio) for the past couple of years, so I decided to surprise Chris with tickets for his birthday!  Despite the fact that I’m still stressing about what I’m going to wear (typical), I cannot wait to head out EARLY tomorrow to see some of our fave golfers…. Unfortunately, not this guy, though….. A huge THANK YOU (in advance) to my brother & lovely sis-in-law for watching our kiddies this weekend so that we can attend the tournament!  I’ll gladly accept any and all outfit suggestions, although it’s quite possible the one in the pic above will be it….haha!  I’m so predictable!  Black tank?  YES!  White shorts?  YES!  Hat?  YES!  Don’t get me started on shoes….I’ll most likely tell you about the Tory Burch Miller sandals that have been sitting in my Nordstrom bag for weeks…..

This all said, three cheers for SUMMERTIME – it’s finally here!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!  Stay tuned for a Memorial Tournament recap once we’re back!

xoxo – Jamie



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