Friday Faves from the RAINY Midwest!

Happy Friday friends!  I’m up wondering WHEN THE HECK IS THIS RAIN GOING TO STOP?  Seriously, it’s been raining here for dayyyyysssss with no end in sight until SUNDAY!  The temps, too?  Oh, it’s barely gotten above 50 degrees, so we’re all still dressing in winter clothes!  Ugh!  Come on 80 degrees – it’s the (fabulous) month of May for goodness sakes!  We snapped this pic on our way to ballet yesterday & I’m seriously considering a very similar outfit today:  leggings, Hunter boots, my fave hoodie jean jacket and a HAT.  I mean, what else should I wear when we go out to brave this monsoon? Now, moving on to a few Friday Faves I have to share with you!  It’s a random bunch, as this was kind of a random week for us, but enjoy – – – (and send paddles)!!!

  1.  During our regular Thursday evening post ballet Fresh Thyme run Parker asked if we could pick up a six pack of Zevia Ginger Ale to try.  It’s been ages since I tried any of the Zevia colas, so I decided to let her give them a whirl.  I mean, ginger ale reminds me of 1.  Being sick as a kid  and 2.  My grandfather’s famous highballs.  I hadn’t even planned on drinking one, but she urged me to take a sip of hers during dinner.  It was DELICIOUS!  Why the heck hadn’t we tried these sooner?  Bubbly, sweet & spicy (no calories, no sugar, no sodium, etc….)…. it tasted just like “REAL” ginger ale!  I can see these turning into a regular purchase for us!  If you are a Zevia cola fan – which is your fave?  2.  A friend of mine recently recommended a new self-tanner.  As you guys know, I’m a HUGE fan of self tanning/spray tans, so since she really is quite an expert tanner & traveler, I decided to give her Tanwise a whirl!  Of course it was an Amazon Prime purchase & arrived in a jiffy!    Like pretty much ALL new “beauty” products, it took me a few days to muster up the courage to try Tanwise.  I’m weird like that….and, I guess set in my old ways with my comfortable, routine sunless tanning process!  Anyway, I read, and re-read the directions, and puffed some of the mouse on my hand to start the application process……BIG mistake, as I was missing something that was not mentioned – – – an application mitt!  The palm of my hand quickly turned (and stayed) a scary shade of brown until I scrubbed it off after I was done applying.  YIKES!  Since this experience, I have tossed a St. Tropez self-tanner application mitt in my Amazon bag & am awaiting its shipment!  Now, regardless of the brown hand situation, the color was FABULOUS…..with, not a streak in sight!  Not to mention, it really seemed to be odorless!  I can’t wait to RE-apply with my mitt & snap some pics!  Stay tuned on this one!  3.  A week ago my bestie and I had a morning coffee & nail date!  We both went with one of Essie’s new pinks – this one called Excuse Me, Sur!  How cute is that?  It’s a great pink – more on the coral side, but will look even better once it’s WARM & we have some color! 

3.  Naan Bread Pizzas!  I’ve been wanting to try Nann as the crust for pizzas for a while & since today is Cinco de Mayo which calls for tacos instead of our usual pizzas, we decided to try Naan last night!  Of course we picked ours up at Fresh Thyme where they have both a regular and whole grain version.  It as just the kiddies having pizza (I’m trying to stick to salads…..hey, Florida’s next month), they used the regular Naan.  I pre-baked the Naan at 425 until it started to brown & then they went about their business for the toppings.  We baked (again) until the cheese melted & the edges were brown….probably another 7-8 minutes.  They turned out amazing (um, because I HAD to try a few bites) – light & crispy!  I foresee trying many different topping combinations on these in the future! 

Now excuse me as I go try to find our boat & paddles – time to get ready for school!  I hope everyone has a great Cinco de Mayo dinner planned for tonight!  Our kiddies have requested tacos & “cheesy dip!”  Fancy!

xoxo – Jamie


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