Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends!  So, as you probably noticed…..I never got around to my (Shopper’s) Therapy Thursday post yesterday!  Whoops!  Between the gym, grocery shopping, work, ballet, (more) grocery shopping & dinner-making, I just ran out of time!  I’ve never been a late night blogger, so once dinner was done & my Shameless-watching had commenced, I knew the post would have to wait until today & just get combined with my Friday Favorites – no biggie!  We kicked off our week by both Mac and I taking Monday off (darn allergies of his have lead to an asthma diagnosis), but even with that, I feel like it’s taken a looooong time to get to Friday.  Anyone else?  I keep telling the kids that once the month of May arrives, school will be over before we know it AND our Florida trip will be JUST around the corner…..I sure hope I’m right!

FASHION:  How cute are these two rompers from Dottie?  I started spring with a $100 online credit thanks to their “buy $50, get $100” promotion, but really struggled finding anything I liked.  It’s taken 4 returns for me to find 2 things worth keeping!  Crazy, right?  It figures!  I had looked at a few rompers last summer, but never tried one on!  These were too cute to pass up & really exceeded my expectations when it came to fit, sizing and comfort!  I think both of these will be perfect for lunch and/or dinner out this summer…..and, once I have some color on my legs!  Check ’em out: FITNESS:  Today officially marks 6 weeks for me – the END of my recovery from inguinal hernia surgery!  Hallelujah!!  Like I said in my previous post, this 6 weeks has really gone by quickly & once I was over the hump of feeling absolutely horrible, I found myself forgetting about the surgery.  That all said, I’m back to planks, burpees, mountain climbers & crunches TOMORROW!  I experimented with a few slower mountain climbers during a class yesterday morning & felt great, so I’m confident I’ll get back up to speed in no time!  Also, I can’t tell you how good it feels to be back to RUNNING with my bestie and fave running partner!  We’ve been incorporating 2 days a week for an early run & THAT was just like riding a bike….I just need some new shoes!  FOODIE:  My dear friend, and fellow fitness + coffee lover, Erin recently posted about Califia Farms Toasted Coconut Almond Milk as a replacement to her coffee creamer (a serious vice of mine….something I’ve always just “given” myself because I just can’t let go….and, let’s be honest, there could be worse things I could be eating/drinking!).  I’m always trying to find something to replace my brand name Hazelnut coffee creamer, so I decided to give her suggestion a whirl & picked the toasted coconut version up yesterday.  I have definitely tried the coffee creamers AND pre made cold brews by Califia Farms….the creamers were weird-tasting (in my opinion), but the cold brews…delicious!  I love anything coconut, and TOASTED coconut….even better!  I’m happy to report, after giving this a whirl yesterday afternoon in the form of a “post school, pre ballet lesson” cup, it is DELICIOUS!  While I definitely miss the sugary kick my creamer gives, I DO like how creamy and rich this version is!  If you are a coffee cream addict like myself,  I highly suggest giving this a whirl in your beloved coffee!  FUN:  This year Parker was chosen to be in a cute club at school called the Wellie Wisher Club!  If you know American Girl, you know who the Wellie Wishers are!  Their goal?  Simple….just being a good friend!  I love that simple message!  Every 2 weeks the girls would meet (with their dolls) before school & talk about friendship and doing good deeds.  Park LOVED being part of the club….and toting her super cute Camille with her to meetings!  This past Wednesday was the last meeting for the girls & they decided to make it a “Muffins with Mom,” which was SO cute! 

I’m looking forward to getting this show on the road today & am meeting my bestie for a nail date before I head into school (LOVE my new 1/2 day work schedule)!  The weekend looks to be super rainy here, so my hubby will be thrilled to learn that I plan on “cleaning crap out” all weekend!  It’s time we get some rooms redecorated here!  I’m on a mission!

Hope everyone has a GREAT Friday!

xoxo – Jamie


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