Friday Fitness Update + Fave (Warmer Weather) Fitness Wear

Who knew 6 weeks would go by so quickly?  I mean, I still have 1 week to go, but as of NEXT Friday I will be officially “cleared” to return to my normal fitness routine!  That surgery was no joke, people!  Of course, I’ve been exercising regularly SINCE I was two weeks post op, but have had to avoid abdominal & core-specific exercises.  Crunches/sit ups (of any kind), planks, mountain climbers, push ups, and burpees were all forbidden until my abdominal muscles fully healed at 6 weeks.  Like my last surgery, I’ve spent a TON of time on the treadmill AND have been doing cardio classes with light weights at the gym.  That said – I’M READY TO PERK UP THESE MUSCLES AGAIN!  While I can’t see myself diving right into lifting anywhere close to how heavy I was lifting prior to my surgeries, I AM anxious to return to group fitness classes that focus on weight lifting + interval training.  Many of my girlfriends have joined a local Orangetheory & I keep hearing rave reviews (which in itself has been hard because I haven’t been able to try it)!  I can’t wait to try a class soon!  There is also a new barre studio opening in the area that I’d like to give a whirl!  I’m so excited to GET BACK TO IT!  That is, conservatively, of course – I can’t imagine having to go through that surgery again!!!!!  Since you guys know I am a group fitness junkie, let me know what classes you’ve been taking (and loving) lately??  It’s going to be time for me to shake things up once I’m back at it! 

As I start thinking about ramping up my fitness routine, of course I’m ALSO thinking about fitness wear for the upcoming warmer months – ESPECIALLY since I’ll be exercising down in steamy Florida in June (Don’t worry – I already have 2 fitness studios I’ve contacted about checking out while we’re down there!)  Take a look at a few things I’ve purchased AND also a few things I’m adding to my wish list for this summer:

THESE Old Navy running shorts (currently on sale)!  I bought these a while back (in Ditsy Floral), and am going to purchase a few more pairs because the floral prints are SO cute!  I will start wearing these once I have some color on my legs! My FAVE Zella Speedster shorts.  I wore these constantly last summer (and the summer before – even through Disney)!  They are so lightweight, cute and comfy!  Look for them on sale from time to time at Nordstrom, but know that they’re a great investment regardless!  Fave tanks?  Easy!  Athleta’s Chi tanks!  I haven’t tried the “high neck” style yet, but I reallllllly want to!  The “shadow stripe” styles are lighter weight than the originals, but you really can’t go wrong!  I love a good racerback & these are perfection!  These C9 Power Shape sports bras are my new faves!  They are supportive, lightweight & comfy!  I’ve done plenty of cardio in them to know that they will hold up well!  They are on sale so often that I try to pick one up whenever I can!  I’ve never paid full price for one yet!  Score!  And now…..a few items on my wish list:

THIS hat by Zella!  You know I wear a hat whenever I workout (and don’t feel like washing my hair) & this one is two of my fave colors – score!  I’ve seen this Nike sports bra mentioned on various blogs – I love the style & color options!  I might have to try it! 

Then there are THESE super cute Nike capri joggers – !!!  Perfect for running errands & lounging! 

Can you tell I just looooove “activewear?”  My closet is a mixed bag of:  Old Navy, Zella, C9, Nike, and a little old school Lululemon.  Nike shoes are always my “go to” for training and running & I’m also in need of a new pair!   Again, I never buy when they’re not on sale, so I watch Nordstrom like a hawk for great deals on my fave styles!

Considering how LONG it took me to write this post – I need to hurry up & get on with the day here!  TGIF!  Let the 7 day countdown begin!  I’m BACK next week friends & I can’t wait!

Happy Friday!

xoxo – Jamie



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