Easter, Lovely Easter!

Easter weekend did not disappoint at our house (once again)!  We spent Friday night relaxing after school/work.  Our usual Friday Night Pizza was enjoyed on the deck with friends & good tunes compliments of our gal Alexa!  The hubs worked all day Saturday, but the kiddies and I managed to run a few errands & hit up Starbucks before we dove into baking and decorating our annual lamb cake with my mom.  The cake turned out GREAT this year!  I just love this tradition!  After our cake-baking, we went to an early Easter Sunday service at church & enjoyed another relaxing (steak) dinner on our deck with the hubs when we got home!  Despite staying up a little later than normal on Saturday evening (it was SO nice outside), my little bunnies were up early on Sunday morning & digging into their Easter baskets before 8am!  After a few cups of coffee at home, we trekked to my parent’s house to meet up with my brother’s family for Easter brunch.  My mom put together an amazing brunch (asparagus frittata, berry french toast casserole, bacon, coffee, mimosas, etc.) & afterwards the kiddies couldn’t wait to start their Easter egg hunt!  I still can’t believe all of the loot they came home with – not only candy this year!  Grandpa Bunny spoiled the kiddies with money in eggs, too!  It was so fun to watch Mac & Park help Mary find eggs, sort & count her findings!  They love their cousins so much!  And, speaking of cousinS, it was so special spending Teddy’s first Easter with him!  Goodness he has all of our hearts – he is just the sweetest!  The weather wasn’t as awesome as it was last Easter, so when it looked like it might rain a bit, we headed home to rest up for the second round of Easter festivities (my parents were coming back to our house later in the day for more Easter traditions – the power walk with my Mom & Easter dinner).  We had a chance to rest a bit before my parents came our way & once my mom and I felt we had the all clear, weather-wise, we headed out for our annual Easter power walk!  We kept things close to home this year, but did manage to get a good walk in!  I love that my mom takes her fitness seriously like I do!  She’s such an inspiration!  After our walk, the boys took off in the cart to do a little fishing while the gals got Easter dinner ready.  A glass of wine (and all dinner prep) later, the boys returned & we enjoyed our dinner together.  (Grilled pork chops, Cesar salad, roast asparagus & mashed potatoes).  It was delicious!!!  We capped the beautiful day off with some play in the yard & an evening golf cart ride with my mom!  It was just SUCH a great day!  My kids love Easter Sunday almost as much as they love Christmas – for them, it’s another day filled with their favorite people, lots of laughs, fun & love.

I hope all of you enjoyed a special day with friends and family!  I’ll keep those amazing Easter memories in my head today as we ship our taxes off (boo!) & dig into a very busy week!

xoxo – Jamie


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