Friday Favorites: Easter Edition

Happy Friday!  Well, we survived our first week back to school after Spring Break & I can report that not only has it gone just fine, but the week FLEW by!  I just hope that the rest of them do the same as I am back to work daily (but only 1/2 days)!  This week has had GORGEOUS weather, too, so that’s helped!  We are anxious to head into Easter weekend here – warm weather, family & fun!  In fact, how about a few favorite things I’m going to look forward to over EASTER weekend?

Our Annual Lamb Cake:  My mom and I started a fun tradition of baking a traditional “Lamb Cake” with Parker for Easter.  We always have so much fun making this cake (and laughing about how worried we get about the head falling off)!  Parker enjoys the “decorating” part of the cake – meaning, she can nibble on jelly beans as we cautiously cover the cake with coconut & attempt to make our little lambie look cute!  Here’s a pic of the cake from last year: Brunch / Egg Hunting with Family:  This year we’re doing an Easter egg hunt AND brunch at my parent’s house on Easter Sunday.  Parker is already counting down the days because the girl LOVES Easter with a passion!  It’s next to Christmas for her!  Me?  I’m excited about enjoying mimosas with my sister-in-law and hanging with the family on Sunday morning!  As much as I am NOT a huge breakfast fan, I DO enjoy brunch.  Weird, I know.  My mom is planning an egg frittata, berry French Toast casserole, bacon (my kiddies LOVE bacon), cinnamon rolls, coffee, (and mimosas)!  Can’t wait!  Annual Easter (POWER) Walk With My Mom:  Fingers crossed the weather cooperates because my mom and I have a “fitting” tradition of talking a long “power” walk on Easter Sunday!  Once we’re done with egg hunts, church, brunch, etc., we toss our Easter outfits to the side & pull on our workout clothes (that usually end up staying on for the rest of the day)!  I love that my mom is a fellow fitness lover!  As you can see, she looks amazing!  LOTS of time outside & LOTS of golf carting:  It’s safe to say that we’re all enjoying our new toy (the golf cart)!  Whether it’s a quick trip to the golf course, a fishing excursion or to pick up a forgotten item at Fresh Thyme, goodness it’s come in handy & been such fun!  Last night Park & Daddy took off on a little pre-dinner cruise together – so cute!  Maybe we’ll even take it to get pizza tonight?  Teddy’s First Easter:  It’ll be my sweet nephew’s FIRST Easter & we all know what a huge blessing that little guy has been to our family!  Every “first” we get to spend with him will be so special! 


I hope you all have a blessed Easter weekend – enjoy lots of time with family & friends!  Until then, though, who’s tried the new Toasted Coconut Cold Brew from Starbucks?  It’s been calling my name since I heard about it AND it’s our weekly family Starbucks run, soooooo……… maybe I should give it a whirl?  I AM working all day today…..

xoxo – Jamie



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