(Shopper’s) Therapy Thursday: Swimsuits (again)!

Okay, I promise that this could be my very last post about swimsuits!  As you know, I’ve purchased several over the last couple of months & have, for the most past, liked every single one!  When does that ever happen?  I DID end up sending THIS one back last week – not that it was poor quality or a bad fit.  It just wasn’t my style: Thanks to Amazon Prime’s lovely return policy, sending this back was a breeze AND allowed me to get right back online & purchase another suit in this ones place!  Good thing because I had seen the cutest one piece on several Instagram accounts AND knew I could find a duplicate of the expensive (like, silly expensive) Anthropologie version easily.  Hey, I’ve gotten quite good at replicating outfits and just finding BETTER deals!  Sooo, ironically not long after I discovered the SUPER cute suit I mentioned above, I also saw a VERY similar style on Target’s website – like, crazy similar.  Then, because I can’t go without giving Amazon a chance, I did a little searching & discovered an even LESS expensive, almost IDENTICAL style being sold!  I read the reviews (always a good thing to do) & decided why not give the Amazon version a whirl?  I already knew how easy it would be to return the suit if anything was amiss!  I’m already planning on ordering the navy (and maybe even the floral – who knows?) version if the black and ivory fits well.  For the price (under $20), you seriously can’t beat it!

Now, for the funny part – do YOU want to try to guess (without clicking the links above) which suit is Anthro, Target and Amazon?  Here’s a pic of the three suits together – which is which?Crazy, right?  I was even told by one of my friends that she ordered both the Anthro AND Target suits at the same time & ended up liking the Target version much better.  How great is that?   Fingers crossed that I have the same luck with my Amazon find!  It’s shipped, so I’ll keep you guys posted!

Until then…..less swimsuit talking, I promise!

Happy Thursday! 

Easter posts to come….

xoxo – Jamie



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