Friday Favorites

Who knew I’d be chanting “TGIF, TGIF!” during Spring Break!!?  Sadly, that is exactly what I’m doing because the weather here in Indiana has managed to be pretty terrible the entire week we’ve been off!  Boo!  If you’re anything like me, the thought of doing something out and about on a cold, windy day is quickly met with a thumbs down & then you bury yourself under a blanket indoors!  Dragging the kiddies around in nasty weather is just not something I find necessary or enjoyable, sooo we have spent a lot of time at home.  On Wednesday I tackled the tedious task of cleaning out both kids’ closets!  Fun, right?  Thankfully both kids were willing and helpful with this project!

That all said, we’re heading into what they predict to be a “nicer” weekend, so my fingers are crossed for better times here.  The hubs will be home (after spending very long hours at his new office all week), we are attending our first Indy Fuel game tonight AND of course the Masters will be playing all weekend!  Fingers crossed that things will start looking up!  In the meantime, how about a little list of Friday Favorites?  I mean, why not?

Hats!  Who knew that I’d turn into a hat girl?  I wear one whenever I workout!  I throw back to when I used to live and workout in Los Angeles because I ALWAYS wore a hat to the gym (sure wish I had a pic)!  If you’ve seen any of my pre or post workout selfies on Instagram, you’ll see that I’m sporting a hat (and braid).  My hat wearing is not reserved for working out – I tend to pull on hats when the weather stinks (um, like this week) or I need a little extra sun protection.  I have a few faves & with the exception of my Peyton Manning Denver Broncos hat, they are all golf hats.  My absolute fave?  Easy – my camo Titleist!  Do I have one on my wish list?  Yes!  A non-golf hat!  I really like this one!  What do you think?  My two fave colors:  gray & black!THIS Old Navy cover up – perfect for (all of) my black swimsuits!  Seriously, I have an (inexpensive) swim suit buying addiction!  I can’t stop myself AND I’m loving how “in” one piece suits are this year!  That makes me so happy!  Anywho…..I scooped up this cute cover up that ended up being LESS than $10 after using promo code and Old Navy bucks – score!  Palm print is where it’s at, people!  Love this so much!   I can’t wait to wear it….in June!  SPEAKING of swim suits….I’m giving this one a whirl!  It should arrive today or tomorrow (as I ordered via Amazon this time around)!  What do you think?  All of the other suits I’ve purchased recently have had straps & I needed more of a bandeau style for a different tan option!  It’s definitely not a style I’d call “in my comfort zone”, but I’ll give it a whirl!  Love the return policy via Amazon – just in case!  You know I have another one in mind (and in my “saved for later”) just in case this one doesn’t work!  Then, I’m done.  Promise.Masters-watching this weekend!  As you know, we are what I’d like to call a “golf family, ” soooo Masters week(end) is always something we look forward to here!  Of course, a bucket list item is ATTENDING the Masters one year, but until that happens….we’ll continue to watch from home!  Going into this week we all picked golfers to win (originally my pick was Dustin Johnson….which I’ve since changed, of course)!  The run down goes a little like this:  Chris – Jason Day, Jamie – Phil Mickleson, Mac – Justin Rose, Parker – Rory McIlroy.  Yesterday’s coverage started at 3pm & since the weather was perfect for plenty of TV-watching, we watched solidly from 3 until 7!  In fact, at one point our “power saving” mode came across the screen due to “inactivity!”  Haha!  Here’s a look & much more of this to come over the weekend!  Go Phil!  (One of my fave players to watch live – the crowds LOVE him!)

My goodness it took a while for me to get this one out!  I’ve been up since 6 & now the treadmill is calling!  Hope everyone continues to enjoy their Spring Breaks – fingers crossed ours starts looking up as we go into the weekend!  We’re back to work & school next week!

xoxo – Jamie



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