Welcome Back (Shopper’s) Therapy Thursday!

Good Morning!  I used to share a (Shopper’s) Therapy Thursday post every week, but fell out of the routine a while back & am thinking about bringing it back again – thoughts?  First off, please know that I do NOT shop a lot & when I do, you better believe there is a sale or I have a discount code, etc.  I follow lots of (lucky) ladies who seem to shop constantly – this is not me!  While it’s no secret I love a good Nordstrom trip, if there’s not a sale, I stick to some of my budget-friendly-mama-favorite stores like:  Target, Old Navy, Gap, Nordstrom Rack, DSW, Hautelook, Jane.com (my online go-to), and several boutiques around Indy (Dottie Couture, Blue Peppermint, Karisma…..to name a few!)  That said, in these Thursday features I’d love to share reviews of any purchases I’ve made and/or highlight any new stores from which I’ve purchased clothing/shoes/ accessories.  Mark my words – these items WILL be budget-friendly!  You won’t catch plugging a pair of $800 boots & telling you all to rush out and buy them because they are “perfect for every day!”  Haha!  That said….I have 2 reviews to share with you this morning!  Ready?

Cupshe SwimwearIf you’ve been reading my blog for a bit, you know that 1.  I ordered 2 swimsuits from this company about a month ago and 2.  I’m traveling to FL for a few weeks with my family this summer (so I NEED a few swimsuits for our trip).  I saw a Facebook ad for Cupshe & thought the suit in the pic looked cute, so once I realized that several of my girlfriends had liked the page, I went to check it out!  I had been looking at a few suits online (all ridiculously priced – like who wants to spend over $100 on a swimsuit?) and was trying to convince myself that this would be the only way to find a “good” swimsuit (spend a ton of money).  I was FIRST excited to find a palm print one piece suit on Cupshe’s website.  I’m obsessed with palm print!  And, if you haven’t noticed one piece suits are HOT right now (thank GOD)!!!!  I don’t know about you, but when you are busy on the beach or in the pool with young children, a 2 piece is just not your friend!  I had it in my mind that I’d rock some really cute one piece suits this summer (hello comfort!), so seeing a lace up, strappy palm print one piece just made my day.  I quickly added it to my cart – it was only $24!!!  Then, who can resist a black suit?  You guys know I LOVE black, so I found another lace up black suit (also cut really cute – not a typical “mom suit” – trust me) & added that to my cart.  Two CUTE swimsuits for UNDER $50 were headed my way!   The black suit arrived relatively quick – but the lovely palm print got held up in customs, so it took a little longer (no biggie – I have until June!)  Of course, when I finally had both suits (to try on), I was just recovering from my surgery, so it was NOT a good time to be seen in swimwear!  Haha!  Now that I’m feeling better (and my “pot belly has gone away), I can report that I’ve tried on the suits (like WITHOUT A SPRAY TAN or MAKEUP…yikes!) & LOVE them!  I feel like they fit true to size (I got a comfy medium in both b/c that’s how I roll for just about everything!) & are NOT “mom suits” at all!  The lace up / cut outs and the general shape of the suits is flattering & lets you show of your “best assets” in a tasteful way!  I love these two & will definitely order a few more before our trip in June!  136153B1-0D68-479E-A759-C7D29A15265E

THIS Wrap Maxi Dress from Jane.com – Who doesn’t love a good maxi dress?  I had been eyeing this dress (featured on Jane on and off for a few months) & finally pulled the plug on the navy print while sitting on a school bus on a field trip with 3rd graders!  I figured I needed a reward for spending a morning with 60+ 9 year olds – right?  As with any Jane purchase I’ve ever made, the dress arrived quickly & the print is beautiful in person!  What I loved most about seeing this in person was the fact that it really doesn’t “wrap” with all of the usual long ties/sashes.  It’s cut like a wrap & then has the tie around the waist – genius!  I finally had an excuse to wear this the other day when my family attended my nephew’s adoption ceremony (yay!)!!!  It was perfect as I still had some tenderness from my surgery (in my belly) and nothing about this dress would rub against my incisions.  Despite the fact that it’s a tad too long (nothing a good hem session can’t fix), it’s an amazing dress!  I worried about the deep V-neck staying put, but it didn’t budge!  Perfection!  If you shop Jane – def. consider this dress!  It would be perfect for Easter!b8f7c6e03e2d4b848bc9e610fbf74cc1

Here’s a pic from our family’s big day (I’m standing next to my sister-in-law….in the dress!) IMG_0459

The other quickie review I have is on those CUTE Lucky Brand open toe booties I purchased about a month ago (again….with a coupon AND discount promo, so a GREAT deal for less than $50 at DSW)!  I wore them for the first time on Tuesday (again, for my nephew’s ceremony) & that must have been my “break in” period b/c my feet hurt by the end of the day!  I gave ’em a whirl yesterday when I went back to work & they were great!  Great spring purchase!  Super cute with skinny jeans!


Okay…now that you’ve read this – get online & get shopping!  Happy Thursday (before Spring Break) friends!

xoxo – Jamie

P.S.  Did you guys take advantage of Gap or Gap Factory’s “Friends & Family” sale last week?  You know I did!  I scored on some GREAT things for the kiddies (for Easter & summer) and also picked up another suit (navy & white halter-style), my fave “Always Skinny” jeans & a long gray cardi (because a girl can never have too many cardigans, right?)  Here’s a look at our “good mail day!”  C3A46BAF-8983-430E-AFE2-F0A648E2150D



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