Weekend Thoughts…

Happy Sunday friends!  I’ve been awake for the last hour listening to the rain.  We’ve been blessed with two gorgeous, very spring-like days here in Indy, so the rain isn’t too much of a bummer!  I actually think we need a good lazy day here so that I can get caught up on some of the house stuff I have neglected to do since my surgery last week.  That said, I AM feeling better!  YAY!  I go for my follow up with the surgeon tomorrow & my fingers are crossed that she’ll release me to get back to some type of weight training (even if they are just wimpy hand weights)!  A girl’s gotta get back in shape because WE BOOKED OUR SUMMER VACATION!!!  Seriously, probably the best thing that happened this weekend & we are all SO excited!  I randomly checked Southwest flights on Friday afternoon (not normally a “low fare” time) & was surprised to find the flights I had wanted had both gone DOWN in price!  I took this as my sign to pull the trigger, texted the hubs & he wrote back “BUY THEM!”  Hey, you don’t have to tell me twice, mister!  I cannot, cannot wait for our kiddies to convert back into beach bums and enjoy this LONG vacation!  Naples, Florida is one of my favorite places – ever. In other news, there are TWO things I am interested in trying & have yet to pull the plug on either – – 1.  Third Love (you know you’ve seen their ads on Facebook, etc.)  and 2.  Stitch Fix.  If you have used either, can you please let me know your thoughts?  I hear rave reviews about Stitch Fix, but my only concern is…..some of that stuff is WAY more than I’d normally spend.  You guys know I love a good shopping trip, but I really don’t spend a TON on my clothes.  I make things work!  Same goes for Third Love – while you can’t beat a really good bra, the last one I bought from Victoria’s Secret was UNDER $40!  Forking over $70+ (loving the racerback style that is new), better make the girls look amazing!  Haha!  So, what do you guys think?

With that….I’ll leave you with a fun pic we snapped on a family cart ride to Fresh Thyme last night to pick up much-needed waffle fries to go with our burgers!  We are obsessed with Alexia brand frozen fries (and have tried just about every variation).  I like to convince myself that because they go into the oven that they are always “baked” rather than fried!  Haha!  Last night we picked up the seasoned waffle fries & they did NOT disappoint!  Try ’em!

Happy Sunday!  xoxo – Jamie


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