Hi friends!  I’m sharing a quick post as it’s super uncomfortable for me to sit up in a regular chair for long periods of time!!  That said, YES – I had my hernia repair surgery on Friday & NO I’m still not feeling great – unfortunately!  So much for that painless “minor” surgery that hoped for, right?  Ugh!  Here’s a quick recap of my surgery day on Friday (oh, Happy St. Patty’s Day to me):

  1.  Wake up at 6:30.  NO coffee or food after midnight, so I powered thru kid’s lunch-packing & hopped in the shower.  There was a “no makeup” rule also for the surgery, so I quickly got ready with the tiniest bit of contraband applied (a little under eye concealer, bronzer & lipstick).  We got the kiddies ready & shipped them to the neighbor’s house so that we could be out the door by 8am.
  2. 8:30am check in at the hospital where they did all the standard stuff – checked vitals (where I backed onto the scale and warned them “not to tell me” like I normally do), had me change into that lovely hospital gown & super sexy “no slip” socks, and started an IV (my least fave part of surgery).
  3. 9:15 surgeon check in to see if I had any questions (was she SURE she couldn’t just go ahead and do a tummy tuck while she was in there?) & meeting with the anesthesiologist (a guy this time – great.) where he asked me not once but twice if I had any dental issues or cracked teeth?  Weird!
  4. 10am – they wheeled me back to the surgery “suite” where they did a bunch of weird things, covered me with a warm blanket, gave me some oxygen & the rest was history b/c I feel into that lovely, deep sleep.
  5. 10:45am – I wake up, request a Diet Coke, eat a few graham crackers, pop a pain pill & the hubs and I are sent home.  We are home by 12:00!!
  6. Rest of the day Friday – I’m continue to be surprised by just how much pain I’m in despite the pain medication they gave me (Norco).  Whoever said it was best to “walk” didn’t consider that when it feels like you’ve had your stomach punched a million times, the best you can do is shuffle everywhere.  Not to mention, the “getting up/down” process might be the most difficult of all.  Oh, and try NOT using your stomach muscles for just about everything.  It’s really easy.  Not

Soooo, since Friday I’ve proceeded to:  eat the equivalent of maaaaaaybe 2 meals, shuffle around the house here and there trying to attempt to do something/anything productive that doesn’t involve lifting or pushing (nearly impossible), pop pain meds, watch excessive amounts of Netflix, drink copious amounts of water and sleep.  I’m super thankful for all the help I’ve had around here with the kiddies, meals, etc.  I had no idea I would be THIS incapacitated from this “minor” surgery.  That week she insisted that I would need to take off from work…..yep, I get it now.

To all my fellow fitness lovers – pick up those weights mindfully!  I have no idea what I was doing so oddly that day I felt this happen, maybe just something slightly off, but it sure took its toll!

I’m hoping to be back to classes / cardio in 2 weeks, and until then….I’ll be shuffling around here, trying to heal & get better.  (Oh, and it’s also been #straighthairdontcare here for days……)

xoxo – Jamie


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