The List….

It would figure that JUST as I start really ramping up my workouts that I’d be sidelined by something else…..The culprit, as I’ve mentioned in a previous post is an annoying sports (inguinal) hernia (probably from lifting something weird).  I’m set to have surgery this Friday (prayers & good wishes appreciated) morning & will then begin a 2 week recovery period.  From what my surgeon tells me, I’ll be pretty sore and won’t feel like doing much next week.  In fact, I won’t be working at all next week!  Yikes!  I’m hoping for brighter news post surgery, however – you know, maybe the hernia is tiny & they foresee a very small window of recovery before I’m back to being my active self!  Wishful thinking never hurt anyone, right?  That said, with Friday quickly approaching, I’m starting to think about WHAT THE HECK I’ll do all next week!  I mean, it’s no secret that I’m a self-proclaimed Netflix-lover!  I can binge watch like the best of them, BUT the problem is….I have watched just about EVERY series I’ve been told to watch!  No joke!  Want to see my list?  (In order from FAVORITE to least fave……)

  1.  House of Cards (watched 2x) – it’s seriously just THAT good.  Kevin Spacey & Robin Wright are INCREDIBLE.
  2. Breaking Bad – Who doesn’t love Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul)? 
  3. Sons of Anarchy – Another one I’ve watched 2x!  So good!   
  4. Bloodline – Coach Taylor is amazing as John Rayburn! 
  5. The Killing – super dark, but super incredible! 
  6. Dexter
  7. The Following – Kevin Bacon…so good!
  8. Friday Night Lights – Because….Coach Taylor!
  9. Prison Break
  10. Orange Is The New Black
  11. The Crown
  12. Wentworth

Goodness, there are probably even a few I might have forgotten.  See!  I told you it was a long, but beautiful, list!  If you are show-hunting, I highly recommend ALL of these for different reasons!

So now that you know my list, I need YOUR HELP –  what can’t I live without watching next week??  Suggestions need to be Netflix-only.  So….ready, set, GO!!!!  I can’t wait to hear your suggestions!

Thanks friends!

xoxo – Jamie



One thought on “The List….

  1. Aw Jamie, I’m sorry to hear that you’re going to go through surgery! As much as it sucks to not be able to workout, be patient or else you’re going to be in a worser condition! I had a stress fracture on my foot during cross country season during the fall and I was so so eager to get running. However, I learned that it’s so much more important for me to get well, to be baseline healthy with my whole body functioning properly BEFORE I start improving it by exercise. I wish you the best in your surgery and your recovery! And don’t worry about getting out of shape – you’ll be in shape in no time! So be patient! As for Netflix, I don’t watch any so can’t be of any help, haha. I’m more of a Kdrama gal. Hope you and your family is safe if Storm Stella has reached you! xo, Steph


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