Restaurant Review: Verde

Cheers to SUNDAY (one that feels like a SATURDAY since we have a 3-day weekend here)!  We had to roll our clocks forward last night & my goodness it was DARK when I woke up at 7am – boo!  I’m still undecided about the whole daylight savings-thing.  I mean, is it wrong that I prefer more light EARLIER as opposed to LATER?  I’m a morning person, people!  Anyway……last night we took the kiddies out to dinner & tried a new Mexican restaurant here in Fishers called Verde.  The hubs LOVES Mexican, so all it took was showing him a few pics a friend had taken of their meal earlier in the week & he game to give this place a whirl!  Both he and I scoped out the menu before we left the house & I already knew a jalapeno margarita would be something I’d have to try!  (Hey, it’s the weekend!)  They did a great job remodeling & redecorating the interior of the space (formerly Friaco’s – not a place we frequented), but my goodness it is TINY!  Thankfully we were seated pretty quickly & the kids were appeased with bottomless chips & salsa (of course)!!!  The hubs and I ordered 2 margaritas – mine was the jalapeno (spicy & light) & his was the Don Julio (tasty – richer in flavor than mine) & the fresh guacamole to start!  I mean, how can you pass up guacamole?  For dinner we kept it pretty light because we knew the kiddies would stuff themselves with chips & the guacamole would also be pretty filling, sooooo Mac ordered 2 tacos, Park had a cheese quesadilla, I had the chicken tortilla soup (which was just ok….I think my recipe is better!), and the hubs had 3 of their street tacos (the Mole (chicken), Asada (steak) & Pastor (pork).  As usual, the hubs hit the jackpot with his choice(s)!  The tacos were great!  The Mole & Pastor were by far the best of his 3 choices!  We left super full & happy!  If you live in the area, definitely give this place a whirl!  We’ll be back for sure! Seems funny that I started off this post about Mexican food, but originally had planned on writing about my BBQ chicken pizza recipe!  Whoops!  Since the two are so UN-related (other than being food), I’ll save that recipe for a rainy day (like next week when I’m home recovering from my surgery)!  So, stay tuned!

In the meantime, we’re headed to visit the hubby at the Flower & Patio show (their new business has a booth) & do a little shopping with Mimi!  It’s bound to be a great Sunday!  Hope you guys have a great one too!

xoxo – Jamie


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