Friday Faves

Happy Friday friends!  We’re about to head into another 3 day weekend here – YAY!!!!  While I’m sad that my kiddies never really got to “play” in the snow this year, I’m certainly not mad about these “flex days” that we get to use up now because we didn’t have any snow days!  Having Monday’s off just makes for such a BETTER week, don’t you think?  That said, next week will be interesting for us – – I’ll be “celebrating” St. Patrick’s Day by having surgery!  So please pray and send good vibes for a speedy recovery – I’d really appreciate it!  I’ll be home recovering ALL the following week, so if I’m feeling up to it, I’ll try to get a few more blog posts out!  Oh, and if you have any series on Netflix (that I haven’t watched….) that you’d like to recommend – please share away!  I’m almost through Breaking Bad for the 2nd time, so once that’s done, I’ll def. need something new!  For the record I’ve watched the following (proudly):  Sons of Anarchy, Dexter, House of Cards (my fave), Bloodline, The Killing, The Following, Orange is the New Black, Wentworth, Narcos, Breaking Bad, Friday Night Lights, Nurse Jackie, Prison Break, The Fall, The Crown & Mad Men.

Now, because I’m running short on time….how about a few favorites from this week?

My discovery:  As you guys know, we’re going to Naples in June (no Spring Break for us), and I had been stressing about the fact that I’d need some new swimsuits this year.  While I think my days sporting a bikini might be over (YES, I could def. wear one, but feeling comfortable in one is another story…..), I’m thrilled to see that there are some incredibly CUTE one pieces out there!  Just when I ALMOST pulled the trigger on THIS suit (gulp….for $138 – I mean it better be PERFECT), I came across a promoted link to Cupshe on Facebook!  What timing!  I couldn’t believe how CUTE and INEXPENSIVE the suits were!  While I’m always a huge fan of black suits (duh….have you seen my closet?), I’m also a sucker for palm print ANYTHING, so I quickly ordered THESE two suits to try:I mean BOTH of these suits were less than $25 each!  If they fit great, I can definitely see myself ordering a few more before June!  I’ll keep you gals posted for sure!  I know what sensitive subject swimsuit shopping can be!  This might just be our answer ladies!  Stay tuned….the suits have shipped and should be here SOON!

Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher:  I rarely stray from my usual dark roast coffee at Starbucks, but this week I was headed into school for a 1/2 day & was just not in the mood for something HOT (it was warmer here – 60’s), so since I’m in love with just about anything lime, I decided to give one of these “refreshers” a whirl!  The barista assured me that it would still have a little “kick” from the green coffee extract, and that it did!  It was GREAT!  And, at 60 calories for the grande, I didn’t feel like it was that “bad” of an alternative!  If you’re a lime (and mint) fan – def. give this cool drink a whirl this spring/summer!

Do you gals get daily updates from ?  Seriously one of my fave emails to get daily!  You just NEVER know what types of cute (and inexpensive) unique things you’ll be browsing through!  If you’re not signed up for Jane – it’s an online boutique marketplace that has daily sales on women’s trends, home décor and kid’s clothing.  I’ve bought such cute things for Parker and myself!  The prices are right (be aware of the shipping – I won’t pay more than $4 for it!) & it’s so fun waking up to NEW stuff daily!  If you’re a clothing fan, def. look into Jane!!  My FAVORITE white cold shoulder top (I should have ordered one in every color!) is compliments of Jane!  I wear this baby EVERYWHERE!


That’s it for this Friday morning friends!  I told the kids last night that we were DEFINITELY getting to Starbucks before school today, so I have lunches to pack & the whole “getting ready” routine to start!  Stay tuned for the “secrets” to my FNP (Friday Night Pizzas).  Last weekend I did an amazing BBQ Chicken that I’m thinking about recreating again tonight!

xoxo – Jamie



3 thoughts on “Friday Faves

    1. Hi Stephanie! Flex days (here in Indy) are basically snow days that we didn’t need to use! Since this winter here has been so lame, we’ve gotten to use 2 of our flex days! Although my kids would have LOVED a snow day (or even a 2 hour delay), I guess we’ll take having a few Mondays off AND not going to school into June!

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