Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends!  We made it!  Although my work load was lighter than normal this week (I only worked a few full days & enjoyed a 1/2 day yesterday), it sure seems like it was a tiring week!  It got winter-like cold again here yesterday & after we got home from ballet, we quickly got in our pj’s, ate a quick dinner & waited for the hard-working hubs to get home!  Speaking of the hubs, a quick shout out to that guy – something I don’t do enough.  He’s taken on some new responsibilities and roles in his company & as a result, has been working pretty much non-stop.  The silver lining is the fact that despite how much he has been working (and thinking about work), I can tell he’s really enjoying work.  That’s not something I probably could have said 1 year ago!  Just as the saying goes for moms, I also believe it applies to dads/husbands…..if Daddy’s not happy (with work or whatever), no one’s happy!  Keep up the hard work, honey!  We appreciate everything we do for us so much!  I’m so glad you are enjoying work!  xoxoxoimg_7803And now on to a few Friday Faves……

Lipsense lipstick by Senegence – This lipstick is currently the buzz amongst many of my mommy friends here in Indy!  I mean, who likes to apply lipstick 10 million times a day – who has time for that?  As a lipstick LOVER (as in I probably don’t even leave the house without wearing it….ever), long-wear lipstick has always failed me!  It leaves my lips SUPER dry (and flakes oddly when I put a gloss over it) & really doesn’t last.  I was hesitant to purchase Lipsense at first because I was doing it WITHOUT trying it on first!  We all know how hard it is to match or even pick out a new color of lipstick.   I can’t tell you how many tubes I’ve donated to my daughter after purchasing at the store & then getting home to realize just how bad the color was for me & my skin tone!!  That said, one of my friends selling Lipsense really took the extra time to help me match a color.  I had been wearing (and loving) a color by Marc Jacobs called Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, so after sending her pics of me wearing the color (and sharing color swatches from the internet), she picked out a GREAT match – the color is Caramel Apple.  I picked up the lipstick and gloss (essential to have both) on Monday & have been faithfully (and happily wearing) this great lipstick ever since!  It simply does NOT come off or even feel like most long-wear lipsticks!  It’s awesome!  Now, I DO find myself applying the lipgloss several times a day, but that’s only because I’m so used to that layer of gloss on my lips.  I apply the lipstick ONCE and don’t have to think about the color fading (or coming off on coffee mugs, straws, my kids’ cheeks, et .) ALL DAY!  It’s a miracle!  If you’re interested, let me know so that I can connect you with my friend Talia!  She’ll do a great job helping you pick out your color!   (I’m wearing Caramel Apple below!)16998991_10212430219454681_4252326703649834724_nInsta-Stories on Instagram – Do you watch these like I do?  As a proclaimed “video hater” whether it be on Facebook or a forwarded email (seriously, I never watch them….and “live” videos are probably the WORST), I’m surprised by how many Insta-stories I watch on a daily basis!  It’s sad!  I love that they are so short AND you can skip through them at random!  I follow so many cool and interesting people (I’ve never met) on Instagram that it’s fun to get a little peek into their lives….hear their voices, see what they’re up, where they’re eating, where they’re shopping to, etc.  This really is the only tolerable form of video if you ask me!  Haha!  Also, if you know me at all, you also know which stories are frequented!  Now will I ever add a “story?”  Don’t hold your breath! – Do you gals use this awesome shopping tool on Instagram?  If not, I highly recommend you sign up for an account!  If you follow fashion bloggers via Instagram this simply links you to pieces of their wardrobe.  I know, it kind of sounds creepy when you say it that way, but trust me, it’s actually so cool!  Who hasn’t seen a post by someone & thought, “Gosh, I wish I knew where she got that great jacket (or whatever)?”  Well, if they also have a account, simply like the post & you’ll get an email sent to you with links to all or many pieces of the outfit!  Genius!  That all said, don’t be surprised if you are suddenly linked up to a $800 pair of “everyday” boots that you’ll NEVER buy (and wear to school pick up) or a bag for $2k that’s a “must have!”  I laugh at several of my “likes” simply because I do not have a fashion budget like that, but it sure is fun to dream!  I also do a lot of outfit “copying” – affordably (read….Nordstrom Rack, Target, Old Navy…..).  If you love clothes (and accessories) & Instagram, def. sign up for this!   (Here’s a pic of an actual email that I received last night after liking this gal’s Instagram post.  Isn’t that cardigan the cutest?  Target!!!!)img_0134Lunch with friends Since I’ve been working almost daily, it’s been hard to get together with several of my girlfriends.  On Tuesday I had a doctor’s appointment, so I didn’t work & subsequently quickly made plans to have lunch with one of my dearest friends.  THANK GOD I made this plans because while at the doctor I got some surprising news – – – I have to have surgery!  What the what?  Good Lordy I have just been through a long post-surgery “downtime” from my beloved workouts….I simply cannot bear another!  That said, it’s supposedly a simple laparoscopic fix of a “sports” (ingeniual) hernia (which I had mistaken for a swollen lymph node – duh!).  That said, after receiving this news I was NOT happy….in fact, I was pretty depressed.  Like I said, backing off of my usual tough, heavy-lifting workouts has been really hard on me & JUST when I thought I’d be getting back to my beloved burpees, push ups, mountain climbers, etc., here comes another setback!  This friend has the ability to cheer me up EVERY time…..I’m so thankful for her (and lunch)!  I meet with the surgeon on Tuesday to figure out the whens and hows, so I’ll keep you guys posted.  Pray that it’s a week-long recovery or maybe that I don’t even need surgery?  Haha!  Thanks!16999190_10212448145342817_3113344774642460187_n

YIKES!  I’ve gone way over on my Friday-morning-blogging-time limit!  I need to hit the shower & get to Starbucks (before school)!

Hope everyone has a GREAT Friday!

xoxo – Jamie




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