A Slow Sunday

And that’s exactly what it is over here this morning…..slooooow and quiet!  The kiddies had a sleepover at Mimi & Grandpa’s house last night so that Chris and I could have a much-needed date night!  I honestly can’t tell you the last time he and I were out to dinner!  It’s definitely been a while & was way overdue!  I’m so thankful for grandparent (baby)sitters for our kids!  Chris and I hit one of our fave spots here in Indy – Ruth’s Chris.  While Chris and the kiddies had been over the summer (while I was in Florida), I can’t tell you the last time I had eaten there!  I guess I should have said it was a PRE-kids fave spot for us considering how infrequently we’ve been since having kids!  Haha!  Funny how that happens!  Anyway, we’re “bar seats only” patrons because the people watching at a place like that is just TOO good!  We didn’t plan on an elaborate meal (trust me, it’s easy to do there), but settled with a few glasses of wine, the “crab stack” appetizer (amazing), a salad for me & filet with mashed potatoes for Chris.  It was so yummy & fun!!!!  An older couple ended up sitting next to us at the bar & I instantly fell in love with how cute they were (and of course the woman and my hubby became quick friends)!  A huge thank you to my ‘rents for letting us get out & enjoy ourselves!  It was such a treat! img_0059So…the kids enjoyed a sleepover & I got this cute pic from my mom this morning…..nothing better than Sunday morning donuts, right? img_0065Anyway….here I sit (the hubs is golfing) in a quiet house mentally preparing for the week ahead!  So far I’m only at school 2 full days & have tomorrow “off”, which I LOVE!  Who likes to work on Mondays anyway, right?  Last week, despite only having 3 days of school + work, just felt exhausting, so I’m hoping this week is more low key for the whole fam!  I mean, this weather here in Indy better figure itself out, too!  Did you know that it was over 70 degrees here on Friday & then was SNOWING yesterday morning as I drove to the gym?  I mean, how is that possible?  Look at what I came back to after class – ICE covering my windshield!  Not cool!  img_0047This makes me dream (more than usual) about our summer vacation in June!  I mean, that is only 3 months away!  Naples (you beautiful place you) here we come! img_7072img_7061I mean….talk about favorite places.  Naples is definitely one of mine for so many reasons!  Such amazing memories made here!  Let the countdown begin!  No Spring Break trip for us – summer is where it’s at!

Anyway….I’m rambling (and enjoying the quiet).  My goal was to get a big pot of soup started for 1 dinner this week & then multiple lunches, so I better decide just what kind I should make!  I’m debating between my go-to chicken tortilla OR more of an Italian-style with turkey sausage, spinach, tomatoes & white beans……I’ll share which one I picked over on Instagram, so make sure you follow me there!

Hope everyone has a cozy Sunday & a great week!

xoxo – Jamie


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