Spring Fever Friday Faves

Happy Friday friends!  It’s quite possible I FEEL like we’ve just had a full week of school even though ours was a short one (3 days)!  Hmmm…..How does that happen?  We loved having Monday AND Tuesday off, but somehow we must not have rested enough because here we are on Friday morning feeling quite run down!  Of course the fact that we’ve been teased with this incredible warmer weather here in the Midwest isn’t going to help – – it’s supposed to be over 70 degrees today and tomorrow’s high?  Oh somewhere in the 30’s!!  How crazy is that?  I mean, is it really only February?

Speaking of these mild temps & the weather here in Indy……I’m sharing a few Friday Faves which are directly related!  Let’s call them my “Spring Fever Faves” because I have the fever……bad!!!!

OPI’s Figi Collection – “I Can Never Hut Up”:  I had to make an emergency trip to the nail salon on Monday because two of my nails had randomly cracked & needed a professional’s touch/repair.  I had my last gel manicure roughly two weeks ago, so I just wanted a gel polish change AND goodness….my toes done too because these temps had me thinking I might have to pull out some sandals or peep toes!  I decided to give one of the color’s in OPI’s newest Fiji collection a try – a perfect, light & beautiful grey called “I Can Never Hut Up!”  I love it!  It’ll be perfect going into “real” spring……whenever that happens!  For now, however, it’s definitely been the right color, too, for these teaser temps!i_can_never_hut_up_1024x1024

Lucky Brand’s Larise Booties:  While out grabbing lunch & making some returns with my mom & Parker on Tuesday I came across THESE beauties at DSW!  I had my eye on several pairs of peep toe booties (again….thinking about the transition from winter to spring due to the temps), but these were everything I had been looking for – a great heel, cut outs on the side, perforation & the best?  COMFORT!  I couldn’t believe how comfortable these were when I quickly slipped them on!  I mean, could it be possible that I might be able to wear these an entire school day?  You bet I’m going to try!  While I didn’t buy them right away (1.  Because they only had my size in black (and I wanted the brown b/c I wear brown with EVERYTHING!  2.  I had a $20 off coupon that started on the 23rd.), you bet I added them to my online cart just as soon as we left the store and then waited until yesterday to scoop them up.  I ended up using my $20 off coupon PLUS I saved another $10 by using an online promo code!  Talk about a GREAT deal!  I’m so excited (but probably won’t get a chance to wear them until May)!!!! 3widesearch

White jeans (are back in my life….temporarily):  You guys know I’m a lover of white jeans….1.  Because I can wear them to school & they are not considered “jeans.”  2.  They pretty much just look amazing with everything.  I had planned on wearing them through the winter, but I admit I just felt like I couldn’t pull it off when temps were lower than 50.  (Don’t ask me why!)  You bet I pulled them back out, however, when the temps started climbing into the high 60’s here!  In fact, I’ve worn them to school the past two days…..on Monday with my brown booties & yesterday with my dark grey Converse Shoreline’s! 16938606_10212384217584663_4425917570959892763_nYou might think that I’m going to say my favorite white jeans are some expensive brand….but, they’re not!  In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever paid over $60 for a pair of jeans in my life…..true story!  I wore Old Navy’s Mid Rise Rockstar jeans on Monday…..old-navy-cool-tie-dye-the-rockstar-skinny-jeans-product-1-8544401-287924038…..and I wore a pair of Modern Skinny Fit’s from Ann Taylor Loft yesterday!  s-l1000Both were definitely under $50 when I bought them!  I’m thinking I’d like a more “distressed” ankle length pair for this spring/summer…..so, if you have any suggestions, feel free to send them my way!

Converse Shoreline’s:  I think I shocked a few friends when I mentioned last year that I thought I might like a pair of these!  Now, however, I can’t imagine not having them!  They are PERFECT for “jean’s day” at school!  I love wearing them with cropped jeans!!  I pulled mine out this week & have worn them the past 2 days to school!  (The color I have is “charcoal…seen below!)2766717-p-multiviewThat’s it for now – – – I’ll check back in this weekend when winter comes back to haunt us!  I’m sure I’ll feel more like being in front of the computer & not outside like I have the past week!  Hope everyone has a GREAT Friday!  Enjoy those temps here in Indy while they last!

xoxo – Jamie



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