Friday Faves – A Day Late!

TGIF, TGIF, TGIF!!!!!  We are heading into a 4 day weekend here & I couldn’t be more excited for a few extra days OFF!  I’ve worked all week this week & even went on my first field trip as a responsible “teacher” yesterday!  Luckily for me, it was also a dreamy field trip – to NIFS (the National Institute for Fitness and Sport) in downtown Indianapolis!  Originally I had been disappointed I couldn’t go with Mac (all of the 3rd grade classes went on the trip, on different days this week) because parent chaperones weren’t needed, BUT when I found out I’d be taking the 3rd grade class I had been subbing in for the past 2 weeks, I was thrilled!  I had never been to NIFS, but had definitely heard about what an awesome facility it is.  I mean….just look at this place:nifs_fitnesscenterinteriorIt is a fitness lover’s dream!  And, in my opinion, the perfect place for a field trip because I LOVE teaching our little people about the importance of both healthy eating AND physical fitness!  NIFS did an amazing job with the kids (with various stations focusing on agility, stretching, speed and coordination) & they came back to school wore out and HUNGRY!  Definitely a 5-star field trip to an incredible place here in Indy!

And, before I run out of time (before rushing to get ready AND a necessary Starbucks run before a day in kindergarten), a few faves from this past week…not many because it’s really just been a hectic one!

THIS hooded jean jacket 16807015_10212322586923935_4606145346054078946_nSeriously, one of my favorite purchases from last year AND while I can’t find it online at Target anymore (boo!), I did manage to find something similar over here!  I wore this yesterday to NIFS (yes, Parker has a matching one….also from Target, but last year!) with my fave Zella dolman-style long sleeve, Zella Live In leggings & Nikes!  Such a comfy & cute outfit!  I wish I could dress like that for school every day!

Speaking of Target….did you know that they are having a President’s Day Sale (online) right now?  25% off clothing & shoes….which leads me to my next newly discovered favorite SPORTS BRA!  Trust me, I’ve been a lot of shopping for new sports bras lately & was thrilled to find this one by Champion – the C9 Power Shape.  I have a print version of this, but will definitely order a few solid colors now that they are on sale!  I wore this sports bra to a Les Mills Body Step class last Saturday & it fit (and supported) amazingly!  I also like that the back is adjustable!  Bonus!  Happy Target shopping ladies!  50909639

You guys know that I love my BCAA’s (branched chain amino acid – muscle recovery) for workouts, right?  In the past I had relied on XTend by Scivation (grape flavor) for months, but was also following another brand (closely) online called Momsanity.  When they announced a new flavor – Cherry Lime, would be added to their collection, I just knew I had to try it!  It was time!  I love my XTend, but was just tired of the flavor (and don’t care for any of the other choices).  I placed my order via Amazon of course & was thrilled when the new flavor arrived!   When I opened the box I was shocked by how small the tub was, but of course I didn’t look at the number of servings before purchasing either, so that was my fault!  I think the flavor is delicious & the powder blends well when shaken a few times.  Since I’m not back to working out at full capacity (yet), I’d have to say that I feel as good as I normally do while drinking my XTend and working out too!  So, if you’re looking for a new BCAA or even interested in trying one for the first time (and love the idea of something cherry lime flavored like I did), definitely give this brand a whirl!51pw-t0dr8l-_ac_us160_

Phew….I’m frantically trying to finish this on Saturday morning so that I can get this bod to the gym & then home because we have a big shopping trip ahead of us – time for new golf clubs for Mac!!!  Hope you enjoyed these few faves!  More later – – – gotta mix my BCAA and get going!

xoxo – Jamie

P.S.  Another thing’s certain this weekend….we’ll definitely be enjoying many cart rides in this beautiful weather!!!  Here’s a look at last night’s little drive through the hood16730384_10212342088611465_377165791403106465_n


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