Parker’s Birthday


Happy Hump Day friends!  Was it just me, or did this past weekend just FLY BY – at like warp speed?  That said, it’s only Wednesday of this week & I’m already dreaming about our upcoming long weekend (kids have Monday & Tuesday OFF from school, which means I also have those days off – yippee!)!


I’d say our 3-day-long celebration of Parker’s 7th birthday was quite a success!  (If you know my side of the family at all, you also know that we take birthdays VERY seriously & celebrate them for at least 3 days!)  Friday was Park’s special day at school – her name was on the announcements, she wore the special birthday crown & was the line leader all day……you know, all the cool stuff!  img_9804I got up early on Saturday because I knew I had to get an early workout in BEFORE welcoming 4 little ladies over to our house for Park’s “friend party!”  I was home from the gym by 9:15 & fully prepared to spend a couple of girly hours with 5 first graders!  See, I’ve NEVER done big birthday parties for my kids.  I know it’s all the rage both here, and just about everywhere else – but I just won’t play into it!  My kids know that they can pick a few special friends to do something fun/special with on or around their birthday & that’s it (well, besides family parties of course….those can be as big as we want!).  This year Park picked 4 of her best girlfriends from school & they came over for lunch (grilled cheese sammies, chips, strawberries, carrots & dip, and of course….(Nutella) cupcakes.  After lunch I took all of the girls to the nail salon to have their nails done (again, Park’s request – one of her fave things to do) & that was it!  It was a super small, but sweet 7 year old birthday party!  The girlies had SO much fun & were treated like princesses at the salon, which I loved!  img_9814img_9849img_9826When the party ended, our celebrating was far from over since we also planned on taking Parker out to dinner with Chris’ parents that evening!  The weather here was GORGEOUS on Saturday which made the day even more wonderful for Parker!  I was so glad she was able to test out her new wheels from Nana & Pa shortly after they arrived! img_9839We carted off to dinner (pizza – another one of Park’s faves) & capped off our evening sitting by the firepit, which was CRAZY because it’s only February! The weather here in the Midwest has seriously been NUTS this year……img_9844img_9847And, the party just couldn’t end on Saturday night because SUNDAY was Park’s actual birthday (the 12th)!  We took the birthday girl out for breakfast of her choice (Panera) & then enjoyed another day of great weather before my family came to dinner to celebrate!  We were especially excited for everyone to come over because it would be my new nephew Teddy’s very first trip to our house!  Oh how we love that little guy!  He’s stolen all of our hearts!   And, as for my niece Mary?  Well, she and Park are besties!  They are so cute together!img_9852 img_9874Phew!  Are you exhausted hearing all of that?  I am just WRITING about it!  I think that’s why it was so hard to jump into a full week of work AFTER all of our festivities!  And, like I said earlier, it’s ONLY Wednesday!  2 more days of little people (and even a field trip) to go before the glorious weekend is upon us!

This post has prompted me to ask……how do you celebrate kiddie birthdays at your house?  Do you do them big or small (like us)?

That’s it for me now…’s dinnertime here at our house!  Cheers!

xoxo – Jamie


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