Friday Fun

Usually I feel great on Fridays (my favorite day of the week), but I have to admit I’m up feeling like I might be on the verge of some kind of “I caught it at school” sickness!  This is NOT the weekend to be sick… little lady is turning 7 & there are many festivities planned!  I’m self-medicating the best way I know:  lots of coffee!  So, cheers to a caffeine-filled (busy) Friday as we head into the fun weekend!  Fingers crossed that whatever this is, I can get it to go away on my own!  0692002b8fb1daf0ffa10d1ebe8413d0

That all said….some faves from the week AND a review for you!  Enjoy!

Breakfast With My Thompson Men:  It’s a rare occurrence, but I enjoyed coffee with Chris and Mac on Wednesday after we dropped Parker off at her “Wellie Wishers Club” at school!  I love it when Chris and I can spend time with one of the kiddies (and spoil them with cake pops for breakfast)!  16603045_10212245580278817_3940561766958278302_n

OPI’s Russian Navy:  Undoubtedly one of my favorite nail colors!  On Monday all I had to do was send this text: img_9763and I ditched my laundry room full of laundry & met my good friend Tracy for a much-needed manicure!  Obviously I really had to twist her arm!  I thought about picking a new color, but ended up staying with my ever faithful (and good-looking) Russian Navy.  Gel manicures are one of my favorite “treats” – I couldn’t keep regular polish on my nails for longer than 2 hours without it chipping & not to mention, I do a horrible job of putting the polish on as well!  Gels are 100% worth the 2-3 week upkeep in my opinion!  b5c2c0db58900feb92c8210d739dcd7d

And now for my REVIEW!  I had been eyeing this pancake/waffle mix at Costco for a few weeks after hearing (from several friends) how good it was!  My kiddies are just “ok” breakfast eaters & admittedly there have been many mornings where they’ve eaten Kroger brand frozen waffles before school!  I liked the fact that Baker Mill’s Kodiak Cakes were 100% whole grain AND could be jazzed up with added protein (something EVERYONE needs to start their day)!!!  So as I filled my cart with all of our Costco essentials yesterday I threw in box of Kodiak Cakes too!  My plan was a breakfast-at-dinner last night, so it would be the perfect time to try these!16487179_10212258084431413_1866638225304882480_oThey were DELICIOUS!  I doubled the recipe – added the milk AND egg(s), a splash of vanilla and “greased” the pan with coconut oil.  The kiddies and hubs gobbled them up!  One thing I might change next time I make them is to add cinnamon, and maybe throw in a mashed banana.  I’ll definitely whip a large batch of these up on a Sunday so that the kids can have them for breakfast throughout the week.  I know my little lady will request either peanut butter OR Nutella atop hers, but at least I can feel a little better about what they are eating & fueling their bodies with before school!  If you’re a Costco member – hurry out & pick these up for your family!

Stay tuned for many birthday posts this weekend – as in we will probably celebrate ALL weekend long!  I still can’t believe my beautiful girl is going to be 7!  Cheers to the sweetest, funniest, happiest & cuddliest girl in the world!  I’m so proud to call her my daughter!  aliciahughesphotoco-21

Have a great Friday!

xoxo – Jamie



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