Friday Favorites: 5 Fave Moments from the Week

Good Morning & HAPPY FRIDAY friends!  Just like I told the kindy class I was in yesterday – Friday is my fave day of the week!  I mean, it’s even my favorite whether or not I’m working!  There’s just something awesome about Fridays!  On this particular Friday, however, I’m NOT working & looking forward to a day of shopping with my favorite lady – my mom!  Today is “OPERATION SPORTS BRA” & we are on a mission to find some new favorites because……I’M BACK TO THE GYM NEXT WEEK!!!!!  Yep, somehow I’ve survived 6 weeks away, and it’s time to head back (and make up for lost time)!  I’m thankful for Honey We’re Home’s recent post about her 9 fave girly undergarments, and I absolutely plan on checking out the Moving Comfort Fiona sports bra (from, of course) & then a few others from Victoria’s Secret (including THIS one)!  And, while I’m at VS, I might as well pick up another 5 pairs of my fave panties (seriously ladies – the PINK “No Show” thongs are the BEST) because they are 5 for $27!!!  Oh, I cannot wait!  Days like today are rare – no work & a full day (without kids) with my mom!

Annnnnyyyyyyway……I thought I’d do something different today & share my 5 fave moments from this past week/weekend.  Our church is doing a series that is talking a lot about how you manage your time – prioritizing & really making our time here COUNT.  This is something that I’ve really taken to heart lately because hey, the truth is, our time here on earth is short…..

  1.  Enjoying the unseasonably warm temps here last Saturday with the family!  My hubby recently bought a golf cart & it’s safe to say he’s in love with his new toy (and I love that he is so happy with it).  We were able to cart over to a friend’s house to pick up Parker on Saturday morning – the weather was awesome!!!16142852_10212064967003598_299752472900833750_n
  2. The 100th Day of School Celebration.  I mean, how stinking cute was our little 1st grade granny?  Those glasses!!!  She has worn them all week!16174393_10212089502656974_4715430576509461261_n
  3. My breakfast date on Wednesday with Mac.  Another rare, but fun morning – we dropped P off at her Wellie Wishers Club early on Wednesday morning & then headed to Starbucks for breakfast, just the 2 of us!  I LOVE spending one-on-one time with my kids!  It definitely doesn’t happen nearly enough!  I watched my awesome 9 year old polish off a piece of coffee cake AND a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich as we people watched & chatted.  Goodness I LOVE this kid so much!16195709_10212119534967763_3680482913008704083_n
  4. Parker’s ballet class – she’s just SO sweet to watch!  Now I need to find time to work on perfecting a bun.  Her hair is SO heavy (and fabulous) that it falls out no matter what I do!  16174974_10212134053930728_1895471702251086169_n
  5. Teddy’s Newborn Pictures.  Did you guys know that I have a new nephew?  We’ve prayed for this sweet boy for YEARS & he’s finally here!  To say how very blessed we are is an understatement.  He is PURE joy and love (and the most perfect baby ever)!   Definitely “worth the wait!” 16265931_10212134418299837_6033065608126055199_n

Yikes!  I must hit the shower!  Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Friday!  I’ll share what I find shopping on Sunday!  Stay tuned!


xoxo – Jamie


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