Simply Sunday: My Favorite Beauty Products


Happy Sunday friends!  I was asked by one of my friends to come up with a list of my “must have” beauty products, and I was happy to put one together!  As I told her, I really don’t spend much on this stuff – in fact, the most expensive thing on my list was FREE & I’m going to hate actually having to pay for its replacement when it’s gone!  That said, here are a few products I rely on daily (click on each for a link to the product):

  1.  My Hot Tools Curling Iron:  I’ve been faithful user of Hot Tools ever since my girlfriend Jennifer purchased me my first one a few years ago!  This size creates the perfect beachy wave!  Also, it heats up SUPER quick which is necessary when I’m working & don’t have a ton of time to get ready.
  2. Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit:  Bobbi Brown products are my favorite!  I’ve been using certain things here and there since my wedding in 2006!!!  This concealer kit is GENIUS!  Since going back to work (and not drinking nearly enough water while working), I’ve noticed that the circles under my eyes have gotten worse!  Ugh!  I went to Nordstrom in a panic one afternoon because whatever concealer I was trying to use (not BB) was NOT working.  The woman at the BB counter saved the day with this awesome duo – it’s a concealer PLUS a setting powder (and works like a charm)!  Goodbye dark circles!  This product is a MUST!!!
  3. Neutrogena Rapid Tone Repair / Rapid Wrinkle Repair:  My mom and I swear by Neutrogena moisturizers – particularly these two!  I use the Tone Repair in the mornings (it has an SPF) & the Wrinkle Repair in the evenings.  I think they’ve made a huge difference in my skin tone & texture.  Not to mention, I think my mom’s skin always looks amazing!  I always buy these on Amazon & enjoy my Amazon Prime perks!
  4. Bliss Baggage Handler Eye Gel:  This is a relatively new favorite product in my arsenal!  I DID NOT pay $28 for it – rather it was the best impulse buy I’ve made while waiting to check out at Nordstrom Rack!  It was a whopping $9!  I’m always looking for under eye products & figured – why not give this one a whirl (especially for that price)?  I literally saw results (reduced puffiness, darkness) the first time I used it!  I apply 2x a day now & I think it’s working like a charm!  Scope out your local Rack before you spend full price on this!
  5. SkinMedica AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser:  This is another new favorite product – it’s actually the “freebie” I mentioned earlier!  I earned a Brilliant Distinctions credit, so this was suggested to me by my doctor.  I love it!  I’m always up for a little exfoliating action on my face & this one leaves my face looking fresh, smooth & even brighter!  I’m using it in small doses so that I can hang on to it for a while before having to actually buy a replacement (because I’d like to keep using it)!!!!
  6. Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner (black):  This eyeliner has been a staple of mine for YEARS!  In fact, recently my niece told me that she was curious about wearing eyeliner (music to my ears – I LOVE eyeliner!), so I bought her this for Christmas!  It’s long-wearing, easy to apply & has a self sharpening piece on the end that makes sharpening easy-breezy!  I almost always pick this up at Target OR Kroger with a coupon!
  7. Revlon ColorStay Liquid Foundation (golden beige):  1.  I HATE that I feel like I have to wear foundation.  I went for years just using a BB cream, but recently went back to a liquid foundation.  THIS is my first choice & has not only great coverage, but lasts the whole day!  I appreciate even skin tone, so this is a must for me!
  8. C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint (pink mint):  My favorite gloss – I get it at Bath & Body Works and stock up whenever they have a good deal!  It has a slight pink-ish tint, and feels amazing thanks to the menthol!  I wear this over lipstick & even have other “tints” that I love!
  9. L’Oreal Voluminous Waterproof Mascara (carbon black):  Another awesome suggestion from my dear friend Jennifer!  I have the WORST eyelashes – as in, they are super long & ULTRA ULTRA straight!  I have a routine where I curl my lashes, apply mascara, then HEAT my lash curler with my blow dryer, curl, then re-apply another coat of mascara!  This MIGHT hold my lashes for a few hours before they are stick straight again.  That’s how bad they are!  This has been the best mascara I’ve tried, but of course….I’m open to any secrets or gems I have yet to try!
  10. L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Self Tanner (medium/dark):  My go-to all year long for keeping a healthy glow!  I mix this with regular lotion(s) – both face & body so that it cuts the chance of any streaking & has the bonus of more moisturizing action!  I stock up on this via Amazon Prime or it’s usually either on sale or has a Cartwheel at Target!

Phew…..I think that’s about it for now!  I’ve shared MY fave (and inexpensive) beauty tools – feel free to share your suggestions (especially along the lines of MASCARA) with me!  I’m always up for trying new things with the hope that it’ll become a favorite!

Hope everyone enjoys this beautiful 60 degree Sunday here in Indy!  I kicked mine off with a long walk!!   It’s back to work tomorrow!

xoxo – Jamie


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