Neutrals & Other Ramblings….

Oh hey….is it really Thursday?  This week is FLYING by thanks to the holiday on Monday!!!  I have to admit that one of my goals for the “new year” (I don’t do resolutions!) is to “get out” (as in getting out of the house) more!  I think over the past couple of years I’ve really morphed into a big time homebody.  NOT that being a homebody is a BAD thing, per say, but when you randomly find an old calendar (from 2012) and realize you had MUCH more of a social life when your kids were actually YOUNGER, there’s a problem.  Of course, this time of year isn’t exactly the best time for actually being out of the house…’s cold, it’s so dark so early, etc., but I just need to do a better job being social.  Ironically, I’d consider myself an extremely social person (If you know me at all, I think you’d agree?), but maybe between my last couple of weeks of recovery time (away from the gym) and the January “blahs,” I had just really started to feel down!  Soooo, fast forward to my extremely social friend Tracy inviting me to join her for a shopping night at our local Evereve store (a friend of Tracy’s works there).  The catch?  It was after 6pm during the week!  I knew I had to accept and break the “anti-social winter person” cycle!  So, I did!

Come to find out…..

1.  I really can go out after 6pm (in the dark) during the week.

2.  I REALLY like neutral colors…..and camo, always camo:evereve-1

3.  AG jeans are worth the hype – these fit & felt like heaven!!!  And, I’m currently obsessed with cold shoulder-style tops (like THIS one).  img_9515

4.  I didn’t turn into a pumpkin – It was good to be out & about (and amongst other mom friends)!  I need to do it more often.

Thanks for getting me out of the house, Tracy!  Can’t wait to join one of your “wine nights” with the girls!

Anyone else experiencing the January “blahs” like me?  I swear I’m ready to pack it up & move to Florida…..for real:  Naples is calling my name!!!!img_7072

xoxo – Jamie


2 thoughts on “Neutrals & Other Ramblings….

  1. Good for you! It’s funny how much harder things seem when it’s dark out! 😂 Glad you had a fun time, and I agree, AG is worthy the hype 😉


    1. I can’t wait for SPRING & longer days! What’s your fave AG style Kerrie? I needed a size smaller than what Evereve had in stock, soooo I’m holding out (with my fingers crossed that I’ll find them at Nordstrom Rack)!!!!


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