Things I’m Loving: Week of January 8th

Hi friends!  TGIF!  I thought I’d share a quickie “Things I’m Loving” post before I head downstairs to get my workout in!  YES I am still confined to the treadmill, but I HAVE added in squats, lunges & lower ab exercises, sooooo I have that going for me!  Only a few more weeks to go & I’m free to return to my normal workouts & I cannot wait!  That said….here’s a few of my very “random” faves of the week:

  1.  Zella Live In “Midi” Leggings:  These are perfect and ON SALE right now!  I love that they are what Athleta has been calling that “7/8’s” length – not a full legging, but also not quite a crop either.  These are a perfect length & hit me a few inches above my sock.  As much as I LOVE my regular black Zella Live In’s (I have 4 pairs!), I do have to let them bunch a bit at the ankles because they are SO long!  This “midi” length is cute & I love this “black terra” color.  _12851445
  2. Kinzi Tri-Blade Vegetable & Fruit Spiralizer:  Okay, I admit I’m totally late to the party when it comes to JUST purchasing a spiralizer, but my goodness I’m so glad I finally joined in the fun!  This baby is SO easy to use & hello….it’s only $20 thanks to wonderful Amazon Prime!  We gave it a whirl immediately after it arrived (the hubs did a thin sliced apple for Park) & then last night I made “zoodles” (with a zucchini) & meatballs for dinner!  We agreed that zoodles are much better (and less work) than spaghetti squash!  I can’t wait to test my hand at other recipes using this new toy!15966103_10211978912372286_2534267581998176770_n
  3. Three Thieves Red Blend Wine:  My parents discovered this wine at Costco (you know my family is a “wine family,” right?) & it’s a GREAT basic, “everyday” kind of wine to keep on hand!  The Red Blend is fantastic – smooth, light & really delicious.  We’re stocked up here for winter!  8238396397_fb9d64d075
  4. I never thought I’d say this, but…..the TREADMILL.  Seriously, as much as I usually loathe the treadmill, having one (thanks to some very good friends) has been such a blessing!  My “light cardio” exercises have only been possible thanks to the treadmill (and Netflix)!  Once I’m able to start running again, I’m sure I’ll love this thing even more!  It hasn’t exactly been great “outdoor running weather” here in Indy lately!  treadmill-reviews-1

With that….it’s time for me to head down & get my walk on!  Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!

xoxo – Jamie


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