Recovery & Winter Eating

Remember how I mentioned doing a little something over Winter Break that required some downtime?  Well, 6 weeks of downtime to be exact & I’m only coming up on the halfway mark!  This explains why I’ve not posted or commented about my beloved “gym time” on social media, nor have I really even been that ACTIVE on social media since!  See….when I first heard 6 weeks off, I felt like it came at the perfect time because I was starting to get “workout burnout” & thought it would be just what the doctor ordered…..  Boy was I WRONG.  I was grouchy and feeling antsy just 1 week into the 6!  This just goes to show how much daily exercise is a PART of me & my lifestyle!  Eeek!  While I know I’ll definitely get through the next half of this recovery process, it sure has done a number on my psyche!  Walking (not running) on the treadmill and NO weight-lifting has been a tough pill to swallow!  Trust me, however….there’s no regretting my decision!  I know I’ll barely remember this 6 week break come February!  Until then, however…..forgive me for what I said when I couldn’t exercise!!!!  I’ve been hanging out with Jax, Opie, Gemma & Clay while on the treadmill….it makes time pass by quickly!15727161_10211837015104943_2569636442166893270_n

Moving right along….while on my gym hiatus, I’ve also done my best to make a conscious effort to really watch what I’m eating!  And, if you’re like me, I tend to eat a little “heavier” in the winter months just because I’m cold!  I lean towards various soups to keep me on track AND avoid excessive calorie consumption.  Here are a few of my favorites:

  1.  Cabbage Roll Soup:  I made this last week & LOVED it for several days.  I subbed ground turkey for beef & omitted the rice.  SO good!cabbage-roll-soup-a-pretty-life5
  2. Crockpot Pasta e Fagioli (Olive Garden Copycat):  Another fave of mine that I change up here & there b/c I don’t love a ton of beans in my soup AND limit noodles, making sure they are also gluten-free.  I do this on the stove top as well!  a-delicious-and-hearty-slow-cooker-pasta-vegetable-and-ground-beef-soup-copycatting-the-famous-olive-garden-pasta-fagioli
  3. Rosemary Chicken Noodle Soup:  A family favorite!  I use rotisserie chicken whenever I can & it makes so many recipes QUICK & EASY!  I go light on whatever kind of noodle I add & sometimes serve more up on the side for the kiddies!  rosemary-chicken-noodle-soup-5

In addition to the above-mentioned soups, I also make a killer chicken tortilla soup that changes based on what I have on hand!  I love using canned salsa style tomatoes, organic chicken broth, lots of veggies & topping with light sour cream, more salsa & avocados!  YUM!

I hope everyone is staying warm & surviving winter!  I keep on dreaming about our summertime Florida vacation & it’s helping to get me through these frigid days!15894380_10211925721402545_3469626481877416_n

If anyone has ever been sidelined from working out (intentionally or UN intentionally) & has any words of wisdom and/or encouragement, I’d greatly appreciate them!  I might sound like I’m being a big cry baby about this, but when you go from exercise being part of your daily routine (for YEARS) to long days of little to no exercise, it’s tough!

More later this week – promise!

xoxo – Jamie


2 thoughts on “Recovery & Winter Eating

  1. Hang in there! I have been sidelined from running for about 4 months and it has been awful, I tried over thanksgiving and it set me back again. I have taken all jumping out of my exercise and just doing what I can. It is still my “me” time so I’m doing yoga and core de force for no impact. Watching what I eat has been the hardest thing….love the recipes!


    1. Thanks lady! Man is this tough! I feel for you – I can speed walk, but can’t run until the end of the month. It’s the “no weights” that is killing me slowly. I can see the muscle tone fading…..


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