Christmas Recap

Yep, it’s been a while!  I guess you can say we’ve been busy, right?  Once my mom’s birthday hit (and we enjoyed a fabulous brunch with the rest of the family – tradition), it was fast forward to Christmas!


I mean, we had important things to cover!  Like….seeing Santa at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum (another 9 year tradition with my mom….started when Mac was just turning 1 year old)!


Baking & delivering cookies and holiday biscotti to friends…..


A very long-awaited Christmas gift for me (something I’ll maybe talk about in a separate post)!  If you know me, you know what it was!  Here’s a pic from the “day of!”  I’m forever grateful to my sweet hubby for fulfilling this dream of mine!


Christmas Eve service at our church with friends- an amazing service, as always!  Happy Birthday Jesus!!!!


Last minute shopping excursions with the family!  Here with Mac who is SO thrilled to be making yet another trip to Target with me!


Then….finally the BIG day!!!  We kicked off the day by having a delicious Christmas Eve brunch with Chris’ family (remind me to share the incredible breakfast dish we made)!


Then dinner & Christmas movies (Christmas Vacation, of course!) with my family!


Leading up to the BIG day – !!!!


We opened gifts, we enjoyed yet another amazing breakfast, visited with friends & then met up with my brother & his beautiful family to cap off the day!  Here is my niece Mary & Park sporting matching handmade scarves from my grandmother!  These two have such a special relationship!



Thing is….even after Christmas….life just continues to get BETTER!  We are so thankful for all of the blessings God has provided our family with over the last couple of months.  Many long-time prayers have been answered & we are so very optimistic about 2017!!

Stay tuned for so much more on this blog in the new year!

xoxo – Jamie



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