Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends!  It’s beginning to look (and feel) alot like WINTER here in the Midwest – !!!  There’s actually snow covering the ground this morning & I know my kiddies will be so excited when they wake up!  It’s been one heck of a week here at our house – lots of rushing around!  I was thrilled to actually COOK last night & be home the entire evening…..and, you you bet I was asleep by 9:15 considering all of the craziness that’s been going on here!  Phew!  As my good friend Tracy commented “‘Tis the Season!”  She couldn’t be more right!  I’m so ready for the kiddies to be out of school & things to SLOW DOWN a bit before the holiday.  I mean, they will, right?

With that….it’s been a while since I came up with a “Friday Favorites” list, sooo….considering this week, again, I’m def. counting my blessings & happy about these things:

  1.   Getting to spend most of my day(s) with or nearby my kiddies.  This week I was lucky enough to be in both Parker & Mac’s classes.  I know it’s most parent’s dream to be a “fly on the wall” in their kid’s classrooms & I actually get to do it!  Of course, I always want to cry proud mommy tears when I’m there, too – because, let’s be honest, we’ve got some good eggs!  How I love watching them in their school environment!  The are the best! img_9077







2.  Seeing my hubby really happy.  Over the past couple of weeks ALOT has changed for my hubby and his business.  While I won’t go into great detail, I will say that I couldn’t be more proud of him & it’s so nice to see him HAPPY.  Fellow “wifies” out there know what I mean……just as it goes on our side, if your hubby isn’t happy, no one else is happy and unfortunately, we’ve had our share of those kinds of times here….times I prayed (and prayed) would be over.  We actually welcomed a new “girl” into our family – one that the hubby is especially excited about (and I love it)!   And……here she is: img_9061

We took her on a spin the other night through our neighborhood to look at the Christmas lights & the kiddies (and Chris) were in heaven!  I foresee lots of fun times with this new toy & right now, Mac is just loving his transportation to the bus stop in the mornings!  img_9068

3.  Good friends, neighbors & administrators ……  I went in for my very first “big girl” appointment this week – a mammogram!  1.  Who knew getting in for one of these would be so difficult?  NONE of the specialty centers near our house had openings that were conducive to a working gal’s schedule (imagine that)!  I’m ever so thankful for my neighbor suggesting Northwest Radiology (where she works) because they got me in quickly & easily.  Not to mention, as a “first-timer” I was a nervous wreck, but was quickly put at ease by my INCREDIBLE nurse/tech who couldn’t have been more friendly, patient & caring.  Of course….nothing ever goes quite as we plan, though, right?  I was CALLED BACK just yesterday for “additional imaging!”  Something no woman wants to hear!  Of course….I was mid-class at school & the “getting back in” wasn’t as simple as the initial appointment because I was going to have to be seen by an actual doctor.  Talk about PANIC MODE.  I’m pretty sure I went into it especially when given the choice of coming RIGHT back in (as in yesterday at 2pm….while I was still scheduled to be at school) or waiting (and freaking out until…) until next Tuesday!  Long story short… WONDERFUL principal told me to take the 2pm appointment & just GO.  They totally handled the rest of the day for me so that I could go (hopefully) get peace of mind.  How AWESOME is that?  I won’t even go into all of the thoughts that were going through my head & how upset I was driving back over (seriously….a crying mess), but my ANGEL of a tech was back & helped me through the whole process…..of course with everything ending JUST FINE.  So thankful for all of the supportive texts, calls from friends, recommendations & compassion.  What. A. Day.

4.  (Finally a fun-ish one) COMFY (inexpensive) SWEATERS… this love from Target!  I’m obsessed with this sweater – it’s warm & looks great with both skinny jeans and leggings!  RUSH to Target and pick one (or a few up)! 50783902

5.  Holiday Blend Starbucks Coffee – I get so excited when this is the daily brew at Starbucks (of course I buy it in k-cups for at home)!  This blend is my absolute FAVORITE from Starbucks & I guzzle it the entire season!  images

Phew….I think that’s about it!  What are you thankful for or LOVING from this week?  Let me know!  Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!

xoxo – Jamie


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