Friday Favorites

It’s been a while since I threw together a Friday Faves list & while today’s has to be short & sweet (I’ve really wasted a ton of time browsing sites this morning), here are a few high points from the week, plus a few new favorites:

  1.  Election Day.  That’s (about) ALL I’m going to say.  Witnessing a a “modern day political miracle” was pretty incredible!  Voting is one of my favorite things to do – even the waiting in line is pure entertainment for me! Blessed to be an American & proud of our country….for it has boldly spoken!14947897_10211295153278736_2352420415971209441_n
  2.  The Nordstrom Fall Clearance Sale – mostly because I was able to snag this yummy Halogen cardigan that I had been drooling over ON (super) SALE!  Scoot on over & check it out NOW!_13346777
  3.  (A weird one….get ready….)  My Amope Gel Everyday Heel Insoles!  I have the WORST feet in the world, but of course I refuse to wear flats every day (even at school).  I gave these insoles (after being bombarded by ads while using the NBC app to watch This Is Us!) a whirl in a pair of especially painful booties I own (and love) and they work GREAT!  If you have some painful heels, definitely breeze on over to Amazon & order these insoles to make your life less painful!  I highly recommend them!  See…weird, but awesome!81l3klqeokl-_sx522_
  4.  My steal of a deal over-the-knee DV boots compliments of Target (what mom doesn’t absolutely LOVE & rely on Target?)  Our family pics are TOMORROW & I scooped these babies up on Monday after school because I suddenly had a clear view of what I wanted to wear for the pics (after the rest of my family has had their outfits set & ready for weeks)!  These are a fraction of the price I could have paid & since they are also ultra trendy…..who even wants to spend a ton of $$ on them?  What do you think?  Fingers crossed they work tomorrow…..15032308_10211289044806028_7329734155010112274_n
  5.  Red cups at Starbucks…..yep, it’s the little things people.   Our family makes a Starbucks run together EVERY Friday before school.  Love this little “rushed” tradition….the red cup this morning will surely enhance it!starbucks-red-cupjpg-ce6b6f3317f396d0

Phew….that’s all for this morning friends!  I’m hitting the ground running on this chilly Friday!  I hope you all have a fabulous day…..into an even more fabulous weekend!

xoxo – Jamie


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