The Verdict….

Happy Friday!  It’s been 1 week since my post about “going darker” with my hair.  Did I do it?  Yep, I sure did – 3 hours in the salon & I have to say that my stylist executed what I (thought) I wanted perfectly:14907055_10211185392174777_4230690139819331103_n

I walked out liking the change….and, like most people when they leave the salon, I also couldn’t wait to wash & style it myself the next day.  There’s no way I can do curls like my stylist, nor do I have her blow-drying techniques, so I always like to see what my hair looks like when I have to use my (limited) skills!  14639744_10211189803645061_6341917555785138477_n

Honestly, I think even the pics above make my hair look lighter than it actually is because I had several comments from friends saying “It looks the same!” and “I can barely see the difference!”  That is, until they saw me in person because it IS dark(er)!  This all said…..I know you’re wondering….what’s the verdict?  Do I like it?  Let’s just say that last night I told my husband NEVER to let me do this (remember I talk about this EVERY SINGLE FALL) again.  When I start talking about fall hair, just shut down the conversation immediately.  I miss my blonde – yep, that’s the truth.  I gave it a week & I’m no closer to loving it than I was 2 days out.  I was told I’d get used to it, but 7 days later, I am still shocked when I look in the mirror and see such DARK hair staring back at me.  I sent my dear stylist an SOS text earlier this week which read:  “Will you hate me if I ask you to put a few foils in around my face?  I’m really trying to like my hair – I promise.”  The truth is, she executed the look I wanted pretty perfectly, it’s just crazy me not loving the change.

1 week out & I want back to blonde – there you have it.  That’s the truth.  Please don’t let me talk about “fall hair” again.  If, for some silly reason I do, you have my permission to shut down the conversation just like I told my hubby!!!

Sigh….lesson learned.

Here’s to hoping another washing will lighten it up even more…..

xoxo – Jamie


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