Foodie Friday: Fall Favorite Soups

Happy Friday friends!  I should have called this the Friday Blog since it’s about the only day I can make/find time to post!  It’s been a busy week at school for all of us & we are SO happy to be headed into a weekend.  Trust me, my house is happy it’s the weekend too b/c it’s in desperate need of my (cleaning) attention!  Yikes!  How DO you working moms keep up?  Maybe it’s time to treat myself to a little bit of help….????

With the weather feeling more “fall-ish” (yay!), I thought it would be fun to link you guys up to some of my FAVORITE  (healthy) fall soups since once it hits the 50’s, it’s about all I can think about for dinner around here!  Plus, making soup is SO easy & the leftovers can be used for days for lunches (bonus!)!!!  Here are a few of my favorites:

  1.  Slow Cooker Pasta e Fagioli :  amazing-slow-cooker-soup1
  2. Stuffed Pepper Soup :easy-stuffed-pepper-soup-550x821
  3. Roasted Tomato Soup with Italian Sausage :tomato-soup-1024x682
  4. White Bean & Sausage Soup :white-bean-sausage-soup
  5. Chicken Tortilla Soup :  A family fave!  I usually “wing” this recipe whenever I make it, but here’s a basic one that uses similar ingredients.  img_4221water
  6. Copycat Cafe Patachou Tomato Artichoke Soup : I have yet to make this recipe, but it’s on my list of “must makes” this fall!  If you’ve been to Patachou here in Indy you know WHY there are so many copycat recipes for this soup out there – it’s AMAZING!  tomato-artichoke-soup-008

Of course, as with all recipes, I tweak things here & there (which drives my hubby crazy because he’s a “strict recipe-follower!”)  For instance, I always, always reduce the amount of beans in recipes because let’s be honest….my stomach isn’t a huge fan of them…..I add more veggies……I lighten up meats by using chicken sausage, and really just steer clear of cream-based anything, including soups.  I’m curious though, what are some of your faves?  Do you crave soup like I do once temps start falling?  Feel free to share recipes with me!  I’d love to add them to my collection!  Oh, and if you’re curious about which soup recipes I’ve pinned – follow my “Happiness is a Warm Bowl of Soup” board on Pinterest!

Have a GREAT Friday & enjoy your weekend!

xoxo – Jamie


One thought on “Foodie Friday: Fall Favorite Soups

  1. So far this fall I have made chili, white chicken chili, and potato soup twice! I too love soups so I am excited to try a few on your list.. if not all!!!
    And the cleaning that you mentioned… yep, unfortunately the wknd is the only time actual cleaning takes place. I do try to keep it picked up – but sometimes that’s near impossible too!!


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