Friday Ramblings & Fall Family Pictures

Happy Friday!!!!  TGIF, TGIF, TGIF!!!!  This morning I feel like I could sleep for days – the early mornings + school have really worn on me this week!  I really need to rest and recharge my battery this weekend, so I’m praying for plenty of time to do just that!

This week I’ve been thinking (and pinning) like crazy as we prepare to take family pictures (in early November…hey, I’m a planner!).  I have a love/hate relationship with family photo sessions – I fret and stress like crazy about colors, outfits (and warmth) before pics, but am ALWAYS end up loving the final product – no matter what I’ve chosen!  This year we’re doing another BIG family photo shoot which will include not only our little family, but my brother, sis-in-law, niece & my parents!  We did this two years ago in the late summer & decided it was time to update those pics since the kiddies have all grown & changed so much (plus….we all want Christmas card pictures)!!! It was warm for that shoot – probably 100% opposite of how it will be for this year’s pics since we’re waiting until early November, soooo layers of clothing will be tricky!  Right now I’m debating between neutrals (denim, cream, gray, navy, black, stripes (?) OR more browns, tans, cream/green/maroons.  I’ve even gone far enough to make a collage of some of my fave inspiration!  Haha!  I told you, I get crazy about these pics!


I love how this is always such a big deal for the ladies (my mom, sis-in-law & me), but we’ll just end up telling our hubbies what to wear on the day of the pics!  For us, so much more is involved – spray tans (yep, 100%), lashes (again, why not?), and even hair!  Thankfully I realized my “hair day” is scheduled a week before pics – just enough time for me to take the plunge to a darker shade (my plan…..we’ll see!) & get used to it!  So, yep…..another thing I’ve been pinning like crazy & as of now, I’m leaning towards THIS color:


Thoughts?  I usually add low lights to my hair every fall & freak out about how much darker that makes my hair, but I think it’s time for a change!  I’m loving this, but just hope I’ll love it on my head!  It’s a big change & I know this already makes my stylist nervous!  I’m so picky & particular about my hair!

Soooo… I ramble on here about family pics & hair – any tips and/or suggestions?  If you’re planning for either, I’d love to hear from you!  Until then….it’s time for this lady to get her Friday started & head to Starbucks before school (a Friday tradition with the kiddies & hubs)!  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  Stay tuned for my next post about fall/winter soup recipes!  I’m a soup lover & rely on it for plenty of meals once it’s cooler!

xoxo – Jamie



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