“Celebrating” 10 years + Friday Fashion Inspiration

I can’t believe the hubs & I celebrated 10 years of marriage yesterday!  How in the world is that possible?  Time (seriously) flies.  Our wedding was, hands down, one of the single best days of my life.  In fact, the whole year leading up to our wedding was pretty amazing!  My mom and I had the best time planning & I don’t think there was ever a time (except maaaaybe when my make-up artist left the state and failed to tell us…..) I was the dreaded “bridezilla” – planning was virtually stress free & an incredible experience!  We were married at the gorgeous Omni Severin Hotel in downtown Indianapolis & honeymooned in “lawless” (as my hubby calls it) Aruba!  I had to put “celebrating” in quotations because lets be honest….life has thrown us some curve balls over the years & several big tough ones this summer, and because of those, our celebrations were a little different that we had always thought they’d be!  We had talked about going back to Aruba for our 10 year, then changed that to doing something within the US, but doing something we both enjoy (deep sea fishing – Florida/the Keys), and thanks to the final kick in the booty (having to replace our AC & furnace), we celebrated by having a very new normal day here:  early workout, coffee, school, gymnastics & then a very rushed dinner!  Fancy!!!!  Oh well, as someone commented on one of my pics from yesterday – I was still smiling…..our life is good & we really are truly blessed.  That sandy beach can wait……for a little while anyway!


Moving on……have I mentioned how much I frequent Pinterest while at school?  When the kiddos are preoccupied or I’m quickly scarfing down my lunch (or during a special) it’s just a quick, mindless thing I can scroll through & attempt to find fashion + cooking inspiration.  You’ve heard me talk about how much I LOVE having to wear “real” clothes to work on a daily basis AND about how fall is my absolute favorite season, right?  Well, here are some recent “pins” I’ve saved under MY STYLE – I’m definitely noticing a “trend” in my outfit selections….white jeans are a fave, stripes with everything, YES to anything sage green, brown booties are essential & a gal can never have too many cardigans (or jackets)!


The pieces I still need to add (affordably) to my wardrobe?  Over-the-knee boots, a good plaid button up (they always look so boxy and manly on me), maaaaybe open toed booties (although you can wear those for a hot minute), that army green vest (which I ridiculously returned last year….), a comfy blush or beige scarf, and a few new long pendant necklaces…… As always, your budget-friendly suggestions for these pieces is welcomed!!!!

With that….you know “jean’s day” at school awaits!  Looking forward to dinner out with the family (hubs + kiddos) this weekend as we attempt a belated anniversary celebration!  We figure….the kiddies weren’t with us 10 years ago (duh!), but there’s no one else we’d rather celebrate with – – they are everything!!!!!!!!  Stay tuned for pics!

Happy Friday!!!!

xoxo – Jamie


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