At Home Today + It’s Fall??

I’m writing this from home today… in I’ve been home ALL DAY (not counting the gym + grocery trip I made before 7am)!  My poor little lady woke up with a 102 degree fever at 3am & I’ve been up ever since!   Both she and I sure hated missing school, but there was nothing we could do about it!  Sick day for Rosie… at home for Mommy!  As much as I had thought that staying home, vegging & watching Netflix sounded right up my alley…..I have to admit, I got rather bored and fidgety here today!  Maybe I’m getting more used to working full time than I thought?  The fact that it’s the first day of fall & over 90 degrees and SUNNY here in the Midwest probably didn’t help matters either.  A cool, rainy fall day would have been much more conducive to a “sick day” at home!  That all said, while I’m doubtful the little lady will be back at school tomorrow, I sure am looking forward to it!  TGFM – – THANK GOD FOR MIMI who can come stay with our little bunny while I get back to work!

I mentioned above that it is, in fact, officially FALL….my favorite, favorite season of the year!  Of course, does it feel like fall, even the slightest here today?  Heck no!  It’s over 90 degrees and feels like it should be a pool day (oh, but all of our pools are closed…)!  So, as I dream & pin all things fall, you know – preparing….I thought I’d share some of those recent “finds” & “fall stuff I need” with you!  They are as follows:

  1.  The long-sleeve maxi dress:  I’m trying to hunt one of these babies down because I can’t help but think about how CUTE it will be with a denim jacket or even a utility jacket & booties (for school) this fall!  I missed my opportunity on a few days ago (my size and color sold out quickly), so I’m looking for other affordable alternatives!  I know it’s a boutique-y item, so I might check out some local favorites (Blue Peppermint, Dottie Couture & karisma) this weekend! 5757955_d9348_13_large
  2.   This ADORABLE DIY monogram pumpkin:  Perfect for the DIY-challenged like myself since it requires few supplies and very limited crafting ability!  My last fall creation for the front door (also monogram-inspired) is starting to unravel & look bad, so I thought this one was cute & would be fun to do with Parker.  That girl (unlike her Mommy) loves to craft! 209905926e8f2b7ac7974cad18007616
  3.   Pumpkin Spice CHOCOLATE Granola – Um, how good does this stuff look?  It’s no secret I love pumpkin spice!  I’d love to bring this to school to munch on (secretly) when I need a snack!  I know a little person in my house who would also go crazy for this!  I just need to pick up all of those ingredients!  Phew!  My baking supply is veeeeeery limited, so whenever I DO bake (which isn’t often), I usually have to buy just about everything new!  I’ll let you know if/when I make this, though!  Stay tuned!pumpkin-spice-chocolate-granola-iowagirleats-01
  4.  Slow Cooker Pasta E Fagioli Soup – One of my FAVORITE fall soups & it’s made in the glorious crockpot!  Perfect for busy weekdays!  I made this a few times last fall & found a wonderful gluten-free elbow-ish noodle to use instead of the ditalini & it was perfection!  I tend to bulk up the veggies in these soups and use about 1/2 of the beans since they have a bad reputation for making my stomach crazy!  amazing-slow-cooker-soup1
  5.  Caramel Apple Sangria – Honestly this is probably one of those things I’ll pin, but never make….kind of like the other couple of thousand pins that fall into this (sad) category!  You guys know you do it too!  But, it just sounds SO GOOD!  I love sangria – all kinds, but this one – hello fall flavors!  It just looks amazing!caramel-apple-sangria-5

What are your fave fall finds?  I cannot wait to go apple-picking with the fam, do our annual pumpkin-carving & goodness….about those fall family pics – when the heck are we going to squeeze those in?  Fall may not be in the air here this week, but I’m certainly dreaming about it…..please hurry!

Here’s to a GREAT Friday tomorrow & no more sickies in this house!  Mama has too much to do this weekend!

xoxo – Jamie



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