Foodie Friday: Back to Work Edition

Happy Friday friends!  Have I told you how much I LOVE my Friday mornings?  Hmmm…maybe I have, but in case I haven’t, waking up at 5 & having a whole hour & fifteen minutes to myself (in a quiet house) is truly dreamy.  The hustle & bustle of getting to work/school doesn’t “start” until 6:20-ish, soooo having this time to enjoy a cup of coffee, browse some of my fave websites and blog is just heavenly.  Sad, but true.  Anddddd, speaking of which, I thought I’d update you all on how we are adjusting to “mommy is back at work full time” since we’re halfway through September (so hard to believe)!!!  I’ll break it down for you in a few categories:  Family, Food, Fitness & Fashion (of course).

  1.  Family (the most important):  Despite the fact that I have had to be “okay” with leaving my house a lot messier than I normally would (hello OCD) on several occasions (okay…maybe daily!), I’m grateful that my hubby (when he’s not rushing out of the house with us) has done his part making beds & picking up the kitchen after our “getting ready for school” tornado has subsided.  I’ve dedicated Wednesday afternoons/evenings to “cleaning” and make sure to get my workout in bright & early so that I can have ample time to put away laundry, clean bathrooms….vacuum,  dust, etc.  As for the kiddies – they love that I’m with them at school & are probably the most positively affected by my “going back to work.”  I also feel really in tune to what they are both doing at school because I’m in the classroom(s) daily.  Academically they are both rocking it this year, and I’d like to think that being on top of “school stuff” has helped that a bit!  We’ve also gotten pretty used to our before school Starbucks or Dunkin’ runs if we can get out of the house early enough.  Mac will join us if he knows there are munchkins involved (he takes the bus to see his friends otherwise….)14316962_10210756830180995_269465465180619832_n
  2.  Food – This is probably my biggest struggle.  If you know me, you also know that USUALLY I love, love, love to cook & be in my kitchen.  As the weeks have gone on since I’ve started back to work, I’ve felt the complete opposite.  I eat so little at school (just due to time constraints) that it’s really affected my appetite and desire to come home & cook.  Plus, let’s be honest, I’m TIRED when I come home & the thought of making a big meal just makes me want to fall over!  I DO enjoy eating/cooking with my hubby on the weekends, but during the week…..I’m really slacking!  I’ve been pinning new recipes like a crazy woman HOPING and PRAYING that I’ll get some inspiration… fact, check out the Foodie Friday collage of recipes below – I NEED to make these.  I NEED to get my cooking groove back! foodie-friday-need-to-cook-more1.  Cabbage Sauteed with Chicken – not a pretty pic, but I LOVE this combo! 2.  Sweet Potato Chicken & Quinoa Soup – perfect for fall!  3.  Slow Cooker Honey Buffalo Meatballs – I LOVE meatballs!  4.  Easy Braised Balsamic Herb Chicken  5.  Tuscan Kale White Bean Soup
  3. Fitness – I’m slowly getting used to being “ok” with evening workouts!  It helps that I’m a group fitness addict & will drop anything to get a workout in when I know friends will be joining me!  That said, my schedule has gone like this – Monday:  PM workout (usually Body Step class),  Tuesday:  AM or PM workout (usually Body Pump), Wednesday:  AM workout (cleaning day), Thursday:  AM workout (Body Pump) & Friday:  OFF (until I start running again….now I blog), Saturday:  AM workout (cardio + weights) & Sunday:  OFF/ Rest Day.  It’s getting better…..but my goodness I’m TIRED during the week!
  4. Fashion – What can I say other than I’m still loving “dressing up” (more than I usually would) for work/school!  I can’t wait, however, to be able to wear fall clothes!  Right now I’m on a mad hunt to replace my favorite pair of army green jeggings (from Target of course) since I ruined them by splashing coconut oil all over them!  The stain(s) are just too noticeable for me!  Any tips on where I can find another affordable & cute pair, please let me know!  Here’s a look at one of my FAVORITE outfit combos for fallbrighton-22

We’re getting there…..the new normal is slowing growing on us & truthfully, any day I’m at my kids’ school is a good day!  It’s made me appreciate so much about teaching and education….plus, I’m making some pretty amazing friends!  My kids are BLESSED with a school full of amazing teachers!

With that….time to get ready for “jeans day” Friday & head to Starbucks!  Hope everyone has a great day!

xoxo – Jamie


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