Friday: Things I’m Loving…

Has it really been a whole week since I posted?  Goodness….I’m sorry! Between the long weekend & then hopping right back into work/school this week I feel like things have been crazy!  We had a great Labor Day weekend – full of friends, family & activities (like it should be)!  On Saturday, after my usual Body Pump class & breakfast at a local spot with the fam (Mama Bears in Geist for all of my Indy friends), we took the kids on a long-ish walk on the Monon Trail around Broad Ripple.  While we’ve realized our kids aren’t fans of long walks anymore, we did enjoy the weather & then a few appetizers (must fuel the kiddos, you know) before heading back home!  Park and I sported our new matching jackets….for a bit anyway!


On Sunday my dear girlfriends surprised me with a “girls night” out to see Bad Moms & dinner.  It was JUST what the doctor ordered after about 2 months full of bad luck here.  Aren’t girlfriends just the best?  I LOVE these ladies & wish we could do this weekly! (Sorry for the poor quality of this pic – it was dark!)  We loved Bad Mom & I was totally distracted by how cute Mila Kunis is!  Trust me, if she’s supposed to be a “hot mess” like the movie suggests, I wouldn’t be upset if I looked like this type of “mess!”  Haha!


With that, don’t think I haven’t had a few minutes to think about a few things I’m loving this week…..they are, as follows:

  1.  GOLF in Indy – The BMW Championship is back here in Indy at Crooked Stick!  Chris and I have been lucky enough to attend the past 4 BMW Championships (our favorite location has been Conway Farms in Lake Forest, IL – a city I would move to in a heartbeat) & I’m so excited about attending the tournament this weekend!  I love that it’s so close AND that the weather is supposed to be perfect when we attend.  74 & sunny means an AMAZING day on the course!  Of course Tiger won’t be there playing, but I am excited about seeing Phil Mickleson, Rory McIlroy, Jordan Spieth, and Dustin Johnson!  Now to decide what to wear……(this pic was from the BMW last year at Conway Farms….no Tiger there either, but he was there in spirit!)


2.  Pumpkin Spice Scents (EVERYWHERE)!  Nothing says “fall is coming” like the smell of pumpkin spice, right?  My favorite pumpkin scent is from Bath & Body Works (I know….going into the store gives me an immediate headache with all of the scents, but I grin and bear it – plus, Park LOVES it!)  Their Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin is my “go to.”  I just love the scent like crazy & while I don’t apply the lotion during the day – I DO put it on before going to bed & I swear the scent just casts a spell over me & I’m asleep in minutes!  Forget the essential oils – sweet cinnamon pumpkin puts this gal to sleep!  I need to stock up & pick up a candle this weekend!  With 70 degree high days on the way, fall is DEFINITELY in the air!


3.  Fall “Teacher Style” on Pinterest – Yep, you bet I “searched” for “teacher style” on Pinterest!  I mean, now that I get to wear “real clothes” on a daily basis – I need some inspiration from time to time!  True to form, too, Pinterest delivered some GREAT inspiration AND lead me to discover some awesome fashion-focused teacher blogs and Instagram accounts!  My two faves?  Check out The Teacher Diva (Although….is she really a teacher?  I can’t figure this out!) and Teach, Inspire Change.  I keep up with both of these accounts on Instagram more than via their blogs!  Love their style(s)!!


4.  Mad Men – Yes, I realize I’m probably 100 years behind the times when it comes to watching this series, but I’m hooked (finally)!  I was in the dreaded “show hole” after finishing the second season of Bloodline (LOVE Kyle Chandler…aka Coach Taylor!!), so I decided to give Mad Men a whirl after starting & stopping it several months ago.  I’m loving it!  That “era” is so foreign to me – I mean, all the smoking (EVERYWHERE) and drinking (also ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE…and ANYTIME) – yikes!  That said, I love Don Draper – John Hamm does an INCREDIBLE job playing this role!  I can’t to see how things will eventually pan out for everyone!  #hooked  Next up on my list?  The second season of Narcos (waiting for the hubby to finish the 1st season)!


Yikes!  Not enough time for a 5th fave since I’m zipping off to school soon!  Happy Friday to everyone – hope you have a GREAT weekend!  Here’s to cooler temps, plenty of football-watching & some GREAT golf!

xoxo – Jamie




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