Friday: Things I’m loving…..

Happy Friday friends – oh what a glorious morning it is, too!  I slept in my own bed last night AND we have wonderfully cool air conditioning once again!!!  Wait…..did I tell you that in addition to our basement flooding, our air conditioner decided it needed to be replaced this week?  Yep, that was one HUGE expense we also weren’t planning on making, but kind of had to considering it hasn’t quite decided to cool off (for good) here in Indy yet!  Park & I slept downstairs in the family room (where it was cooler) for 4 nights while the boys braved it upstairs – here’s a pic of the little lady in our classy sleeping quarters on Tuesday night:


You know what they say, though – bad luck comes in 3’s, so since this was like our 5th unlucky thing that has happened over the past 3 months, I’m hoping and praying (very hard) that we’re done & onto a new season here.  This has been TOUGH.  That said, we have such helpful & caring friends and family – we couldn’t have gotten through any of this “bad luck” without them!  Onward & upward!!!!

Some things I’m loving on this beautiful Friday morning despite the black cloud of gloom that’s hung over this house…..

  1.  Jackets & Cardigans – Now that I’m at school every day there’s no telling what temperature it will be inside some of those buildings so I’m already doing plenty of layering (getting ready for fall)!  While I pretty much have made it my goal to have every color of cardigan possible, I’ve also picked up a few super cute jackets from Target, of course!  You all know I love anything army green or camo (my faaaaaaave jacket is my camo Old Navy field jacket), so I picked up THIS adorable military jacket at Target a week ago (UNDER $40):


Then couldn’t resist THIS super casual half denim/half hooded sweatshirt jacket to wear with comfy pants & leggings (Parker has one that matches):


I think Target is having 25% off clothing this weekend as part of a Labor Day sale, so hurry over & check these two out!

2.  Fall Hair – What the heck am I talking about?  Well, every year I try to take my hair “darker” as we head into the fall/winter months.  Lately I’ve been thinking more and more about this as I’ve seen some AMAZING color choices and techniques from fellow bloggers.  This year I’m thinking about darker at the root and a subtle (like VERY subtle) gradual ombre.  Here’s one that I have pinned – thoughts???  I go back in October, so stay tuned!


3.  Football Season – I LOVE football season….whether it’s college or professional, I couldn’t care less!  There’s always a game on & because football means FALL to me, I just get giddy thinking about weekends, cooler temps, chili, fires in the firepit & lots of football watching!  Welcome back Kliff!  😉


4.  Halo Top Ice Cream:  Have you heard of Halo Top?  While I like ice cream, I’m not crazy about ice cream because I have a dairy sensitivity.  I don’t feel badly avoiding it, but since I also knew that the entire pint of this was a mere 240 calories, I just had to give it a whirl!  My flavor choices were Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, Birthday Cake & what I ultimately chose – Mint Chip!   Low-calorie, high protein, low sugar & filled with all natural ingredients?  How is this ice cream? It sounds too good to be true!  My consensus?  It is DELICIOUS!  A thick, rich minty flavor – not too sweet, and 100% satisfying!   No need to finish the pint, but I love knowing that if I accidentally did one day, it wouldn’t be a big deal!  Indy friends – hurry to Kroger & pick it up while it’s on sale!

Oh I have more to add to this list, but for now….check out these 4 & let me know what YOU’RE loving this week…..I’d love to hear!  I’m off to school today & then SO ready to head into the long weekend.  Have a great Friday everyone!

xoxo – Jamie


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