Fashion Friday

TGIF, TGIF, TGIF!!!!!  After the day I had yesterday, I’ve never been so happy to wake up & head into MY school today!  I won’t go into much detail, but let’s just say I was NOT at my school yesterday & suffered through one of the most uncomfortable, chaotic days of my subbing “career!”  Let’s leave it at that & celebrate the fact that not only am I back at my school today, but it’s also FRIDAY!!!!

Did I mention that since going back to work, I also can’t stop LOOKING for new clothes?  I mean, I’m seriously going from “comfy mom-wear” every single day to being able to actually put together outfits daily & I LOVE it!  Styles that I’ve seen on Instagram or around town can now be part of my wardrobe because I have to wear a little more than Lululemon Wunder Unders to school!  Course, this mom’s on a budget, so I’m also trying my hardest to take advantage of sales, discount codes and any bargains I can find.  With fall around the corner (yay!) I’ve also been pinning outfit inspiration & searching for some transitional pieces for school.  Yesterday I wore one of my fave combos – black and white stripes (top) with army green cropped jeggings (and a black cardigan)!  I’m not sure why, but that army green color makes me so happy!

One of the places I’ve been searching has been via the Gap Factory Outlet online!  Did you guys know that you can shop the outlet online now?  It’s truly genius & although I went through a time where I hated everything I saw in the store at the Gap, I am pretty impressed with the styles I’ve seen online!  Of course it’s the OUTLET too, so prices aren’t bad & there always seems to be some type of additional discount code to add to your order.  I won’t buy it if it’s not at LEAST 30% off!  Truth!  Here’s a look at a few things I currently have IN my “cart,” also including my stripes and green combo from yesterday:

fashion friday

Thoughts?  I’m in LOVE with that chambray dress because it can easily transition into winter with leggings and boots!  Also, a girl can’t have enough cardigans!  I wear them constantly once the temps dip below 70!

I’m curious, though – where have you guys been shopping for summer to fall styles?  Finding any staples I should check out for work?  Let me know!!!

It’s “hair day” (I’m thinking about going a little darker….maybe ombre-ish?)and also Friday Night Pizza here AFTER school tonight – cannot wait to take a deep breath and finally RELAX this weekend (because you know what happened here LAST weekend!!!!)!  Have a great one!!

xoxo – Jamie


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