The Flood Waters…

Good morning friends!  I’m writing to you as I gear up to hop into a COLD shower before spending my day with 22 first graders.  “Why a cold shower,” you might ask?  Well listen to what happened to us over the weekend……

Sunday morning, after Mac & the hubs had a GREAT night attending the Colts preseason game, I was in the kitchen making Belgian waffles for the kiddies just after Chris left to play golf.  I needed something in our fridge that we keep out in the garage, so I went out to discover that it wasn’t working & our food was quickly thawing/getting warm.  I asked Mac to run down to our basement fridge to make sure it was on so that we could start moving food downstairs.  That’s when he asked THE question that set the tone for what we’ve dealt with for the past 2 days…..“Mommy, why is there all this water down here?”  See, we rarely go down into our (unfinished) basement…..if I’m not exercising here, or the kids don’t randomly go down to play, we really never use it.  I cautiously started to walk down the basement steps only to discover there was over 2 inches of water floating freely beneath the steps!


I frantically called my hubby (like 13 times, rapid-fire) & when I finally got ahold of him his response was…..”You’ve got to be kidding me.”  Oh how I wish I was!  Fast forward to lots of phone calls, texting and friend/family visits….referrals, a plumber & finally having to replace both our sewage AND sump pump (NOT an expense we had planned for our weekend…..or summer, for that matter).  Naturally we initially put a phone call into our homeowners insurance (State Farm, for your reference – steer clear of them & consider yourself warned….), but didn’t actually hear back from them after the initial phone call when they must have realized, just like my hubby did yesterday morning – “oh this type of sump pump failure IS NOT covered.”  Imagine getting that news from your husband as you are frantically trying to wrangle 22 first graders with a very limited lesson plan!  No one mentioned that having this addition to our insurance MIGHT have saved us THOUSANDS of dollars, you know, considering we moved into a home WITH a basement and sump pump.  Well played State Farm.  We lost pretty much everything in our basement…..anything & everything that was in a cardboard box (if you have those in your basement – get rid of them & opt for plastic storage immediately) & sat in the water.  My hubby had to CANCEL the restoration company yesterday morning (because it wasn’t going to be covered by our insurance & quite frankly we couldn’t afford to spend any extra $$) & started the dry out / clean out process himself while I was at school working.  (Again, I felt AWFUL not being around to help him….stuck with 22 very noisy, six-year-olds.)  He purchased fans, plastic totes, special cleaner for our floors, etc.  I came home, geared up & started help with the clean up process (basically the “throw away” process).  My mom came over to help, friends & neighbors stopped by to offer help & even drop off reinforcements (coffee, wine, chocolate…..)


Before getting ready for bed last night, I noticed that I couldn’t get any hot water when I attempted to wash my face… turns out a sensor on our water heater got wet & won’t allow the water heater to function.  Swell….the icing on the cake here – which nearly sent the hubby over the edge, as you can imagine!  I quickly sent out a text cancelling my morning workout meet up with some girlfriends & am currently gearing up to hop into the ICY cold shower before heading to school.  I’m SO tired this morning that the cold shower might even be exactly what I need……I’ll report back later about that.

So, my friends, a few PSA’s from me to you:

  1.  If you have a house with a basement, check your homeowners insurance policy immediately.  Make sure you have sump failure coverage – it’s 100% worth it.  Oh how I’d love to replace all that we lost here.
  2. If you have State Farm, maybe consider looking into another insurance company.  So far their response (or lack there of) has been slow and unprofessional.  Not to mention, I KNOW we pay an arm and a leg for homeowners insurance.  We’ll be making calls to remedy that situation today.
  3. Get rid of any cardboard boxes you have in your basement.
  4. Consider putting any/all boxes and belongings UP on pallets in your basement.  One of our trusty plastic totes holding a Christmas tree had a crack & subsequently filled with water.  We’ll have to throw the tree away.
  5. Find your tribe – we are SO very thankful for the outreach of help & support we’ve received from friends and family.  For THAT we are truly blessed as we navigate through this nightmare.

On to school…..and a cold shower!

xoxo – Jamie

P.S.  See you tonight at class Rachel Cochran.  I’m DYING for a workout.  It’s going to be a very grumpy Ms. Jamie at school today.  #life


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