Back to School: Day 3


Good Morning & Happy Friday!!!!  I woke up extra early this morning so that I could get this blog post done before school.  I’m not sure how I’m awake, however, considering these Olympics are keeping me up so much later than I’d normally be now that I’ve started work!  See these bags under my eyes?  I blame Michael Phelps!  But seriously, though……we’re going into day 3 of “Back to School” week for all 3 of us!  A 3rd grader, 1st grader & a back-to-full-time-working Mommy!  How are we doing?  So far, so good I’m happy to report!  While my duties at the school as the building substitute have been random & flexible, I was quickly reminded that I am working with some GREAT teachers and administrators!  Of course, since my kiddies go to this school, I’m biased, but they are all handling the first week like champs!

Honestly, I am just pretty darn happy about…….

1.  Being busy.  Staying home is great (when your kids are home), but being in this house every day, all day by myself just wasn’t for me.  I like the busy.

2.  Being in the same building as my kiddies each day.  I mean, what parent hasn’t wanted to be a fly on the wall?  It’s almost THAT good, just less invasive!

3.  Feeling useful.  Not that I’m not “useful” at home (we all know I’m very useful for cooking, cleaning, bed-making and laundry), but having some “different” responsibilities sure does feel good.  Plus, I like to think that what I do & how I interact with those kiddies makes a difference.

4.  Less snacking!  Haha!  I swear I will end up dropping a few pounds on the “no time to eat” teacher diet!  I’ve barely finished my salad at lunch the past 2 days & there’s virtually no time for snacks in between.  Good-bye summertime “picking” all day!

5.  Real clothes!  I had gotten stuck in a rut with my summertime uniform (tank, boyfriend denim shorts, flips or gladiators), and once it cools down a bit here, I know I’m going to enjoy sporting some of the new(er) “back to school” clothes I’ve purchased!  Thank you Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, Francesca’s (for my perfect first day dress) & Old Navy!

All in all….we are good & might start getting into a routine next week as I start actually subbing in the absence of a teacher (what teacher is absent the first week?)  Mac & Park are both loving their new teachers, embracing new experiences and making new friends.  They also love that Mommy is at school with them & really do great about keeping things “professional” while we’re there.  They know that I have a job to do & really respect that.  I’m so proud of them!

We’re OH-bound for the weekend, so after school we’re packing up & rushing to Cleveland for my cousin’s wedding reception.  I’m excited about seeing family & spending a couple of days (in a hotel) with my brother, wonderful sis-in-law, niece & my mom.  I know we’ll definitely make some great memories (as usual) together!  Wish us luck as we trek there & back, then try to jump into a full week of school next week!  I know it’s going to be tough, but……family first!

Hope everyone has a GREAT Friday!

xoxo – Jamie



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