Holiday World 2016


Good Morning!!!  First off, I’m shocked that I was able to wake up before 6am on my own.  Watching the Olympics is going to be the death of me – especially since it’s official – I HAVE A NEW JOB!  Starting on Wednesday I’ll be going to school EVERY DAY with my kiddies as the permanent substitute teacher at, get this, THEIR school!  Yep, this Mama’s going back to work, full-time & it couldn’t be more perfect!  When both of my babies were in school full-time last year nothing made me happier than to see them, even little glimpses, during the day.  As is everything orchestrated by God, I reached out at just the right time about the position & was hired only a few days later!  While this does bring a great deal of change to our week(s), I can’t help but think it could be any more of a perfect situation!  I can’t wait!

That all said….let’s rewind a little bit, shall we?  The day AFTER I was hired,  we hopped in the car with my mom (Mimi) & headed on a fun-filled adventure to Holiday World!  We took the kiddies two years ago & never quite got back there last summer as we had hoped (Disney & St. Pete were last summer’s vacations!)  The kiddies were excited about the park AND doing one of their favorite things……staying in a hotel!  Mac is particularly comfortable in hotels & upon checking into the Holiday Inn Express in Tell City (accommodations near Holiday World are very limited….google it!), he hopped in bed with his iPad & was happy as a clam:


The lounging only lasted so long because we needed to find someplace for dinner – you  know, to fuel up for our big day at the park the next day!  When I said accommodations were limited in this area….I’ll also include dining options, too!  Fortunately, however, we found a menu for the Tell City Pour Haus in our hotel room & decided to check it out!   It ended up being super cute & probably the most “modern” restaurant in Tell City!  We had a great meal – Mac feasted on steak, Park enjoyed spaghetti with meatballs, Mimi had ribs & I ordered a salad and helped both my mom & Mac with their food!  It was super fun!
IMG_7662After dinner we came back to the hotel & let the kiddies swim for a bit before bed.  They were SO excited about the next day!  Bright & early on Thursday we woke up and you know I immediately headed down to check out our breakfast options and the most important…..COFFEE!!!!  Another favorite thing about Holiday Inn Express for the kiddies is – free breakfast bar!  While I’m just pretty excited about unlimited coffee (which was decent too), they are pumped about the MANY breakfast options we don’t typically have here at home (cinnamon rolls, cereals, biscuits…..)!!!  Shortly after enough coffee & breakfast, we packed things up & headed to the park (it was about 25 minutes away from our hotel).  Google Maps got us there quickly & parking, checking in was a breeze!  One thing we love about Holiday World is the easy access to very spacious (and clean) lockers.  The lockers are operated by wristbands & come in super handy when you are storing swim stuff for the water park.  Upon entering, we quickly rushed to the water park side (Splashin’ Safari) to put away our swim items before checking out the regular park.  Two years ago Mac got a dose of roller coasters & he’s been a HUGE fan ever since!  He quickly dragged me onto our first ride called The Journey.  It was INTENSE!  I thought maybe it would have scared him, but he LOVED it!  We quickly went through the rest of the rides (little sis wasn’t fond of anything too aggressive), then quickly grabbed lunch as a thunderstorm passed through the area (perfect timing)!  After lunch – it was time for the water park!  Admittedly water parks are NOT my favorite thing.  If you know me, you also know this about me!  Thankfully, however, this water park is pretty awesome & actually makes me reconsider my feelings about people walking around in bare feet & various types of swim suits!  Haha!  There are TONS of slides, play areas & even a wave pool (which the kiddies LOVED)!  We had a blast & spent the rest of the day at the water park!  After closing down the water park, we quickly changed (well….kind of…..) and headed out the park.  In fact, check out the kiddies PRE water park (above) and now POST water park (below):
IMG_7688It was a SUPER fun day at Holiday World!  If you are here in Indy or the surrounding area(s), I highly recommend this park!  It’s incredibly clean, well-kept and safe.  The drinks and sunscreen stations are FREE & helps to keep everyone hydrated (smart move!) and protected.  The drive from Indy is a pleasant 3 hours & you pass the outlets in Edinburgh (bonus)!!!  As usual, we had an amazing time with Mimi & made memories we’ll all cherish forever!  I’d say it was a pretty amazing way to cap off summer!


I hope everyone has a GREAT Monday!  More back to school shopping (after the gym) is going down here!  This gal needs a first day outfit & my little guy  needs some shoes!!!

xoxo – Jamie


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