Change is coming…

With the kiddies heading back to school next week & getting back to my little side gig of substitute teaching, change is coming!  No more (week)days at the pool, no more sleeping until 10am, no more 9:15am workouts, no more thrown together lunches…..we’re back to alarms, schedules, meal prepping, early morning or late day workouts, and getting our outfits set out the night before. Yep, it might be brutal, but this mama loves organization and a clean house!


While I know I’ll regret being as excited as I am about summer (break) ending, I am definitely looking forward to what the new school year will bring for both myself & my kiddies!  When I started substitute teaching last year (my first year of being home w/out kiddies since my youngest started all day kindergarten), I had no idea how much I would enjoy being in the schools with little people!  What was even better, too, was being AT my kid’s school and catching a glimpse of them here and there in the hallways!  I love being close to them & also feeling like I am “in the loop” of what’s going on at school. Being in the schools, working with little people made me realize a few things:

1.  Teachers are highly undervalued and underpaid.  What they do every single day with our kids is HARD.

2.  Shoveling down a lunch in 30 minutes (at a desk….that’s not yours) is difficult and messy.

3.  School lighting is the absolute worst.  Don’t even bother looking in a mirror while you’re in school – it’s truly frightening.

4.  Kids say the FUNNIEST things.

5.  Kids just want to be praised and accepted.

6.  There’s not enough access to coffee in schools (for teachers).  I think teachers would be ALOT happier if they had the option of having a Keurig in their rooms OR a 2pm coffee cart that came down the hallways.

7.  Kindergarten “lunch” is really brunch & 4th grade lunch is at the point of starvation for me.

8.  Recess duty is for the birds!  Probably my least favorite part of the day, but SO important for those kiddies to burn energy!

9.  Involved administrators make for a happy, well-functioning environment.

10.  Kids like to make & give gifts – I received some of the cutest tributes last year.  My fave?  The friendship bracelet with beads that spelled out “MT” for Mrs. Thompson, of course!

I say – bring on the alarm, backpacks, packed lunches & my beloved “recess” coat – – Mrs. Thompson (and these iPad-loving kiddies) are READY for a great school year!

xoxo – Jamie



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