Four Things Friday

Hey guys!  TGIF!  We’re down to ONE full week before my kiddies go back to school & as much as I love my children…..the 10th of August can’t come fast enough!  Can I get an “Amen!” from my fellow moms?  We were up and out the door early this morning for dentist appointments… even earlier than if we would have gone to the gym!  What was I thinking?  Both kids were moving like sloths UNTIL I mentioned hitting Dunkin’ on the way home, of course!  I had only gotten down one cup of coffee before we left, so another one post-dentist (and pre-grocery store) was essential!

Since we’ve grocery-shopped, prepped & eaten lunch, brought our neighbor’s guinea pigs over (we’re pet sitting while they are away this weekend), cleaned, did laundry, baked brownies & I’m just now sitting back down (and considering another cup of coffee)!  I came up with a quickie list of four things I’m loving lately.  These kinds of posts from fellow bloggers are always my favorites because I LOVE hearing about “stuff” other people like!  I mean, who doesn’t like referrals?

  1.  Scivation Xtend BCAA’s – I decided to add this amino acid supplement because I felt like I was having a hard time recovering from workouts.  A friend of mine who lifts HEAVY & OFTEN swears by this brand & suggested I give it a whirl.  With zero sugar & zero calories, I figured “why the heck not?” and started drinking a scoop while I work out.  At first I didn’t notice a huge difference, just better hydration & the benefit of added electrolytes. Now, however, I am amazed by how GOOD I feel going into a workout the day AFTER a tough workout.  I mean, I used to DREAD multiple days of lifting because I knew the fatigue would be heavy & my weight load would be weak(er).  Since I added this, however, I’ve had little fatigue & can go for multiple days of heavy lifting.  I REALLY like it.  I love the Mango Nectar, but may switch to the Blue Raspberry once this is out.  This doesn’t taste fake or weird – it’s refreshing & really delicious.
  2. Rose’  (La Ferme Julien)- Am I seriously the LAST one on the bandwagon about Rose’?  From the looks of the last two issues of my Food & Wine, I think this is 100% the case!  How lame!  I picked up this bottle (mostly because I liked the simple label & price….being honest) from Trader Joe’s last week & enjoyed a glass with dinner throughout the week.  It is DELICIOUS – crisp, light & perfect!  It’s pretty much the perfect summertime wine!  (Shhhhh…..don’t tell Chardonnay I said this!)
  3. Loreal Sublime Bronze Self Tanner – I use this stuff YEAR ROUND!  It is the best AFFORDABLE self-tanner because it’s TINTED and STREAK-FREE!  I mix mine with face and/or body lotion & it works like a charm!  I’ve never noticed an odd smell like other self-tanners have been known to produce & the color is perfection.  I try to stock up on this whenever Target blesses me with a Cartwheel because I just use it THAT much.  If you’re looking for a good, affordable self-tanner – hurry out & try this one!  You won’t be sorry!
  4. Old Navy Distressed Denim Boyfriend Shorts – I seriously wear these at least 5x a week.  Before we went to the Indy 500 back in May I had it in my head that I NEEDED cute, short, distressed denim shorts to wear to the race.  I could NOT spend a fortune, nor did I believe that I had to spend a fortune on such small cuts of denim, so I decided to check out Old Navy.  Low & behold – I walked in, there they were – a table full of them for 50% off!  Skeptical I grabbed 2 sizes & headed to the dressing room, only to find that they fit blissfully & I NEEDED at least 2 pairs at that price ($12).  They’ve been the best purchase of the summer as I’ve worn them on repeat…..great with tanks, tees, flips, gladiators, and even wedges.  You cannot go wrong with these shorts!  Head into your local Old Navy & hunt them down this weekend since I see that the website has VERY limited sizes!

4 things

Hope you enjoyed my “four things!”  We are due to have a very small Friday Night Pizza crowd due to golf club outings, so I’m looking forward to a quiet night with my little family here.  Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!  Oh, and to my fellow mommy friends – hang in there!   Back to school is JUST around the corner!

xoxo – Jamie


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